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My first e-commerce foray - seeking advice

Hello everyone! I will be soon launching a side business that will sell gourmet/premium coffee. We are now finalizing the branding/packaging and expect to be operational in the summer. We will launch with either 1 or 2 products at first (as we'll be focusing on a high-value niche), and will react/grow from there. I am here to seek advice on tools and resources: * I will need an ecomme...

Mar 31 2018 by Ann
Need help with facebook adds

Hello guys, I had an good ad which had like 200 orders in 10 days (via Facebook), then my supplier suddenly stopped delivering so i had to look for another one that offered the same product, i imported the product with Oberlo and copied the original ad and it is online now for like 24 hours and i only have got like 2/3 orders. I got like 250 visitors a day, how is this possible i don't make ...

Mar 14 2018 by Bryan
No sales yet!

Hello, My shop is: techdealshop.com I started this shop about a week ago, I tried to do it as customer friendly as possible but I am getting no sales. I promote my products through instagram influencers and facebook ads. I do not know what else I need to do. I am thinking of giving up but I really want to make this. Any advice on how to get sales or how to bring more traffic to my site wi...

May 22 2018 by shivamverma
How to gain more consistent sales

Hi, I am really wanting to help gain better conversions and get more consistent sales! This week I've had nothing yet last week I had a good week. If you can take a look at my site offer any suggestions or apps that may be useful! I use google ads, insta/ facebook marketing but would also like to grow the organic traffic so as im not wasting all my money on adds! Any help would be much appre...

Sep 28 2018 by Wesley
Help Going Banana's!! Loads of Traffic 20,748 post engagements for a thr...

Hi I've had no training whatsoever in e-commerce and started all of this about 3 weeks ago. I have been trying Free Plus Shipping (FPS) offers and I have had many Likes, comments, shares etc and loads of visitors to my shopify store each day (596 this week), but only 2 sales totalling $11.00 . I've had a number of ad's do very well and one that went almost viral, it was an FPS it had 20,748 pos...

Apr 29 2017 by Kenneth
Black Friday are Cyber Monday is coming. Tips, tricks, apps and strategy?

Hello everyone, This morning I’ve just had the meeting with my boss and he asked about preparation to BFCM promotion. I’m pretty sure that everyone is doing the preparation for this promotion. Any tips, tricks, apps or strategy for BFCM? Let’s share them here! Btw, I’ve just browsed Shopify blog and found this article with some ideas about BFCM.  

Oct 24 2017 by Jason
Show vendor in list view on category pages in Debut theme

Hey guys, we're using the list view on category pages in Debut theme. Somehow when we activate that customers can see the vendor, it is only shown in mobile view and not in desktop view, does anybody know how to fix it?  Thank you so much!

Dec 6 2018 by Jenny Adamczak
HTML Coding in Product Title crashes cart page

Hey guys, we wanted to show our product titles in different sections and font sizes etc. (example: acáo Quitte-Zitrone <br> <font size="3">12 x 250ml</font> <br> <font size="2">zzgl. Pfand</font>), so we used HTML coding which works fine. We just saw that the new titles seem to crash our cart page in Debut theme (see pictures: 1. picture: before HTML codin...

Dec 6 2018 by Halil Kabaca
Incorporating a LLC in a low-tax state

Hi everyone, I am looking to set up a shopify store and register an LLC. However, I am totally confused by all of the information available out there about where to incorporate. My permanent address in the US is in NY, but I live overseas. I am wondering if I should incorporate in my permanent address state (NY, which is "high tax") or in a lower taxed state like Wyoming or Delaware. There i...

Dec 6 2018 by palcal
Does Shopify offer Job Posting Apps

Please let me know if there is an apps to post jobs, update, manage, control and if shopify offers this product. Thanks

Dec 5 2018 by Paul L. Newton
Adsense not working on blog posts

Hi guys, Do you know how I can add adsense correctly to my blog posts. I have read all the discussions available here but nothing seems to work. The adsense code has been injected on the theme.liquid, plus article.liquid plus teplate-article section but still nothing. It only works on the homepage. Do I need to do something else in adsense? The code seems to be firing exactly everywher...

Dec 5 2018 by thecrossroad
I received 1500 website views today

Hi, I usually receive around 50-100 website views per day. Today I suddenly saw on my dashboard that I've had 1500 website views so far and still counting! Could someone tell me if they have encountered anything similar. Is it a bot of a kind doing this? It is messing up with all my statistics. I need help SHOPIFY!  

Dec 5 2018 by Ash
Changing the URL on a collection to navigate to a page rather than all p...

Hi, I really like the look of the venture theme but was wondering if I could change the url for one of my collections links on the homepage to not navigate to all products within a collection and click through to a different page? Essentially I would keep the featured products but change one of my collections click through URL on the homepage, is this possible? You will be of massive help...

Dec 5 2018 by Marlo

Is there any type of software that helps with product or niche research? 

Dec 5 2018 by Honey Syed
Missing Pinterest Sales Channel?

I want to add a Pinterest sales channel, but Pinterest isn't listed as a sales channel that I can add. Does anyone know why that would be? I'm trying to add my Shopify products to my Pinterest business account.

Dec 5 2018 by Peter
E Gift Card Variants aren't working

Hello, I am really lost. I have a gift card option for a website, using the Shopify Gift Cards. On the back end of the store, the variants are set up and in place, but on the front end, the variants are not visible, and there is only the option for the lowest amount ($10). I checked the product code but can't seem to find anything hiding the variants. Any ideas? Here is the site URL ht...

Dec 5 2018 by Nick
How to show the featured image in blog post

Hey guys,  I'm using the debut theme for my new shopify store. How can I show the featured image in my blog posts? It's only showing up as a preview image on my start page as well as on my blog page, but not inside the blog post. The image is probably hide by default. Thanks.

Dec 5 2018 by Nick
Fixed Header Navigation Bar on Mobile view

Hello Guys , I really need your help, I want the Header Navigation Bar on mobile version of my store to be fixed/sticky , *The header is already sticky in Pc version , but not in the Mobile version .  Which code can do it ?  And where should I put it in the theme code? Thank you very much ! 

Dec 4 2018 by Tom707
SSL Cert Errors Prevent Users from Accessing Storefront

Hi, I purchased a custom domain a few days ago, but this morning I started getting an SSL Cert error (quoted below and picture is here: https://ibb.co/7yNQRBc). How do I fix this? I thought all Shopify sites innately had SSL enabled and there wasn't any configuration reqiured by the end users (ie: myself). How do I fix this? This is a critical issue since it's preventing users from access...

Dec 4 2018 by Peter
Rich text editor - alternatives

The rich text editor is really not great (as mentioned by many others). I'd like to create more appealing blog posts. Nothing too fancy but I want to be able to wrap text around images, place images freely etc. Could anyonea recommend a simple and robust app? Thank you! Winfried (www.blanda-beauty.com) 

Dec 4 2018 by Charles Wecker