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navigation issue on home page - need help

Im using React theme and have no problems at all in Mobile. However -on a laptop or computer, when customers select a main menu item they see an almost blank screen reading 'No Products Found'. Potential buyers need to click on a tiny drop down menu way over on the right in order to see any products.  I have spent hours trying to fix this and cannot - any help would be greatly appreciated...

Nov 23 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Trying to not publish certain colors for a product

Hi everyone, I am trying to find how to not publish certain colors for a specific products. I know it is possible to not publish a certain product, but if I, for example, have 5 different colors for that product, is it possible to only not publish 2? Thanks for you help. Eve  

Nov 22 2018 by Eve P.
Why e-commerce need a native mobile app?

I would never download an app for a store that I don't use frequently. I have walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, and ASOS. Why would someone want your app as opposed to just visiting your site?

Nov 24 2018 by Paul L. Newton
How to change add to cart button?

Hi guys, someone can help me with how can i make a shaking add to cart button and timer on my store? i am using torbo theme. Thanks.

Nov 21 2018 by Mario
App that will convert existing product listings into products with variants

Hi, I'm trying to find an app that will take my existing listings and group them into products with variants. For example, I sell home decor and have a number of quilts with the same name but individual listings for twin, queen, king, etc. I would like to convert them to 1 main listing with the size options. I am trying to avoid doing it manually because I have upwards of 3000 items.  Thank ...

Nov 28 2018 by Nick
Stopping SPAM on the Contact Form

What is the most effective way to eliminate SPAM messages via the Contact Form?   I keep getting two or three "Please notify when" blank "becomes available" emails a day on the same product (see below).  The funny part is that the product is NOT out of stock and IS available to purchase.  If I set the publish date to some time in the future (unpublished), the spam emails start on another pro...

Nov 28 2018 by Jason
Product Export to PDF

Hello, We transferred over a large amount of products (>900) from another ecommerce platform and were looking to clean up some of the pictures and descriptions. I am looking to print out a list of our products to PDF, showing the following items: Product Image Name Price SKU Inventory Does anyone know a good app to use for this? I have stumbled across a few export apps,...

May 16 2018 by Jonathan
RSS Orders Feed into Slack

I'd like to link an RSS Feed of orders to an internal slack channel. Shopify tells me that my Orders RSS feed is here https://mystie.myshopify.com/admin/orders.rss If I use this URL in a browser it looks great. If, however, I use the RSS integration in Slack, Slack tells me. That doesn’t look like a valid RSS/Atom feed Slack allows me to authenticate but somehow it doesn't like what...

Aug 18 2017 by Jonathan
transferring existing site from woocommerce to shopify

Hello, I am transferring an existing woocommerce site over to shopify and would like to know what the best order of what needs to done should be. I have designed the site already being that I am in my trial period.  Since I own the site and am simply moving it over, I assume that I first need to point the site to shopify and then take my sitemap with all the 1000s of pages and begin en...

Sep 26 2017 by Dana Shai
Customer Account Dashboard

Hi guys  I have few questions, if any one guide will appriciate. 1.  My Account page: which means  customer dashboard has customer's information. ( name, address phone #, wishlist, newsletter order details).  Can these things customer can edit from his end? and can we design with all these function works through shopify? 2.  email verification -  Once customer register he will get veri...

Nov 27 2018 by Peter
New "Critique My Story" Weekly FREE Webinar

RPC Academy is launching new weekly 100% FREE "Critique My Store" webinar. The first three people who post their store link below will receive a complete website critique free during the webinar. The next webinar date is: Monday 3rd December at 9 am EST. Post your URL below to secure your place and get free critique - only 3 spots available!  

Nov 27 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Need help with possible fake store

I ordered something through moano and now when I try to look at my order it states that something went wrong and the shop is unavailable. 

Nov 20 2018 by Jason
I have 1 Shopify store. How do I add another and manage under one email?

I have one Shopify Store- How do I add another? Also can I manage the 2 domains under one email?

Nov 20 2018 by Jason
Considering Online Tea Store. Need advice!!!

I am interested in starting an online store specializing in specialty tea and tea accessories, however I am unsure about the market. One question I am having is how many people actually order tea online rather than cafe or physical stores. I already have a supplier lined up and have done some market analysis which proves to be promising but I am still unsure especially as a large organization l...

Nov 27 2018 by Jason
Shopify Collection and Product URL's SEO Question

We are looking into migrating from a small shopping cart platform to shopify.  But what concerns me is that it seems that all the pages will need to have either "product" or "collections" ?  is this correct?   none of our existing pages have these urls so that means it will be a massive 301 redirect for all these pages which will fo course cause a negative seo hit across the board.  who know...

Nov 26 2018 by stevecricso
Need Help Selling & Linking Up Affiliate Products Through My Shopify Store

I just created a shop for my boss which is only going to include items from a third party via affiliate links, but there is no plug-in, app, or other simple way to connect up my affiliate programs with Shopify. I have set up Affiliate Programs with Amazon, Etsy, and Uncommon Goods to share their products in exchange for a commission. So I need help linking up the items in my shop to these third...

Nov 26 2018 by LifeandHype
My shopify store got visitors but no subscriptions or sales

I built a shopify store few months ago. - made alot of facebook ads but no orders. - i change the niche and started google ads aside with facebook ads, i got a good number of visitors but no conversions either subscribtions or sales. any tips or edits i can do to solve the problem? thanks www.trendyyard.com

Nov 22 2018 by Trendyyard
Feedback and advice on my shopify store?

Hi guys, I am new to drop shipping, and i am getting some traffic, but no sales at all? It would mean A LOT if anyone could just quickly look through my store and point out anything i would need to improve on, what iv done well. and generally what i need to do I am using facebook ads, innstagram and facebook business page to improve traffic.. I havent touched SEO yet, is SEO worth it? ...

Nov 14 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Sales slowed down to very bottom.

Hello everyone, We have launched our eshop last month and half month was kind of amazing. High quantity of sales and so on.  However this month we are getting quite low sales even when we are doing the same advertising. Instagram influencers. Any tips and tricks why this could have happened? Shop is here: Shop

Nov 18 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Conversion rate problem

Hello, i have started a new store like 2 months ago : www.dollarpassion.com . My problem is that i can't increase my conversion rate. I've spent about 500$ on fb ads but all i got is about 100$ in revenue from sales and a lot of traffic that only visited my product and about 25% of it abandoned the cart. I spent a lot of time in looking at different ways on how to increase the conversion rat...

Oct 2 2018 by Karlie