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changing my plan from a basic to profesional

Hi i have currently got a store with you on the basic plan which i have had for 1 year and I would like to upgrade it to the professional plan but seing as i have just paid the past month for it i was wondering if  i upgrade now would i be charged for this month as the basic and one month for the professional.

Oct 7 2014 by Massaad
Ebay Sellers in Australia - Shopify needs you!

Hello, We're looking to speak with a handful of Australian based merchants currently selling their Shopify products on Ebay in order to test an integration between Shopify and Ebay. Please email brennan at shopify if you are interested.Thank you! 

May 26 2014 by vince Hansimikali
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Sep 30 2013 by Francois Chagnon
Liquid error: Expected handle to be a String but got NilClass

On every page below the navigation bar this error appears: Liquid error: Expected handle to be a String but got NilClassAny help on how to fix this would be much appreciated!Thanks,Diandrawww.lielandlentz.com

Feb 27 2014 by Jamie

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Apr 1 2013 by Jamie
how much money are you making with your ecommerce?

Hello, You don't necesarely need to tell us what the website is, but I just want to get an idea of how well or bad you guys are doing out there, and what I can expect with my site. As for me, I just launched my website yesterday that sells keyboards, and im still waiting for my first sale! 

May 14 2014 by Daniyar Boranbayev
Google Product Search Will be Replaced with Paid Inclusion Model

This just sucks. Coming soon, if you want to be listed in Googles shopping results, formerly Google Product Search it will cost you. http://searchengineland.com/google-product-search-to-become-google-shopping-use-pay-to-play-model-122959 Google Product Search is getting a new name, Google Shopping, and a new business model where only merchants that pay will be listed. It’s the first time Go...

Jun 11 2012 by HunkyBill
6 Reasons why your Ecommerce site shouldn't be like Amazon

After having a few conversations recently with various people about wanting to do stuff like Amazon I thought I'd give my reasoning at to why this isn't a good idea. So if you're thinking of having a new ecommerce site (hopefully using Shopify) here's a my take on why your site shouldn't be like Amazon.

Mar 18 2010 by jonathanbriggs
Just launched now what..?

Dear shopify members, I have just launched the following site; www.laportegna.es Online store for well travelled people. I  would like to ask some incredibly elementary/basic questions  regarding the next steps that I should take to promote the web online. I am aware that shopify is SEO friendly (even though I am not sure what this means). Some friends have told me to; Invest money o...

May 19 2010 by noefresh