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Problems with starting up Online Store - Bella Notte Bed Linens

Good day.My name is Sean Gunnell. I work for a bed linen company named Bella Notte, located out of Novato, CA. I am starting up our Shopify page, which is connected with our Warehouse's Outlet store, and I have run into a few speed bumps. I am new to Shopify, and I hope someone can help walk me through the situations listed below.We are selling samples and discontinued items from our store - wh...

Jul 24 2013 by Dylan Blanchard
Developer Needed

We have a wholesale company and just launched www.rexdist.comWe set up the customer registration :sign up form but we can only get only email, first name, last name for the registration. Would like to buy code to have all the info we have listed on our sign up page to show up in the right place. The note location can only take one value. Here is the code {% layout settings.customer_layout %}&lt...

Jul 15 2013 by Justin Millington
Disallow Chinese Characters in Shipping Address

Does anyone know how to do this? I'm getting orders from Asia in Chinese characters and USPS requires a translation. Is there a way for me to force the customer to provide the address in english characters, or is there an app that automatically translates it?ヴェルアズール桜台202練馬区東京都176-0011  Japan

Jul 10 2013 by Neal Saunders
What is the best way to go about pre orders?

Pre orders are becoming a big part of our business. Customers pay 50% deposit for the item and then the balance once it comes into stock. There is no firm way about displaying these items as a pre-order that I have found, is anyone else in the same boat? At the moment we have a 'pre order' tab but the items price is displayed at 50% the full retail and once you click into that product you can ...

Aug 9 2012 by Suzy Allman
Multiple Item Discount

I would like to offer my customers a discount of 5% if someone orders two or more of one item. Currently, I create a one time use discount code and provide it to the customer. I would like it to be automatic when they checkout. Is there a way to do this?

Aug 23 2012 by SeanDawes
How to require to have a note text field filled in?

I have added a note at the shopping cart at the end right before the payment, I would like to require customers to fill this in before they can go on to pay. Does anyone know what I have to do or how I have to edit the code to have this work? This is a necessity otherwise my shop wouldn't work.

Aug 15 2012 by Herman
possible to completely customizer appearance with css and javascript?

Hi, I'm wondering 1) is it possible to create a totally new appearance using css shopify store? I want to be able to customize everything about the appearance.2) Also, is it possible to add javascript and javascript frameworks to a Shopify store to add more behavior?

Sep 8 2013 by Kris Lapenskie
Adding custom fields to product

Hi to all, i am new on shopify and trying to add custom fields in cart form of product to collect some extra information from user. i followed instructions give on this URL http://wiki.shopify.com/The_shop-owner_guide_to_product_customization_in_Shopify#What.27s_the_work_involved_here.3F and create a new template for product but when i fill the form and click on Add to Cart button, an error mes...

Sep 4 2013 by Christopher Seal
Help!~the loading time of the website is too long....

It actually spend 3-5seconds to complete loading....it was too slow for customer. I have checked in some site-speed testing website and they report that the blocking time of the image is too long. Can anyone give me any solution to solve this issue...please help~

Sep 5 2013 by Patrick Attenborough
Blurry Logo?

It's resizing the image for some reason and it's coming out extremely blurry.  The image is saved in Illustrator in PNG format and it looks absolutely perfect in Illustrator but when I upload it through Theme Settings it comes out pixelated.  I have access to the theme template if that changes anything any help would be very much appreciated..

Sep 30 2013 by Eric Whittington

Has Anyone with a custom site containing sub-collections had any issues within the last month?  Pages are appearing in google search that do not exist among several problems. 

Jul 2 2013 by Christine Forte
Single variant dropdown vs. multi-option default

CoverMe posed essentially the question I want to get answered as well... How do I display a product variant as a single drop down, e.g., Select [ color / size / fit ] versus the new Shopify standard of multiple drops per product option. The problem for my customer is that while the Shopify default solution prevents displaying a "Sold Out" or "Unavailable" product on page load (see Auto-selecti...

Aug 4 2012 by Timothy Stone
Setting up google analytics e commerce tracking

I 'm trying to set up google e commerce tracking for my website. I am following google's manual but I have some questions:1. Do I have to have SKU codes for each product to be able to install e commerce tracking ?2. What am I going to write for order ID number ?Thanks.. 

Oct 31 2013 by meltem
Moving your logo down so it is in line with the index bar.

I am using minimal theme and currently trying to move my logo so its lining up with my index/tool bar. I am also trying to find out how I can add two images into the 1 product in shop as I would like to have a front and back image of the one product. Thanks

Aug 28 2013 by Alexandra Dash
My shop is not showing online?

OK, I completed all the steps to open my shop and I checked it by simply typing in the url and the screen says "this shop is opening soon".  I also clicked on a link I had on a pin on pinterest and it does the same thing.  What do I need to do to get my shop online?  I completed all the steps, including picking a payment plan and entering in my credit card info.

Jul 1 2013 by Leighanne
collection.next_product & collection.previous_product does not work

Following code does not work within product.liquid{% if collection %} {% if collection.previous_product %} {{ '« Previous Product' | link_to: collection.previous_product }} {% endif %} {% if collection.next_product %} {% if collection.previous_product %} | {% endif %} {{ 'Next Product »' | link_to: collection.next_product }} {%...

Jul 7 2013 by Ashish
How to move Search and Cart to Navigation??

I am playing with the Minimal (music) template and would like to move the Search and the Cart info from the top Toolbar (Search bar) are down into the Navigation section.  My site can be viewed here:  http://rcardsonline.myshopify.com/I was able to move the Search function down into the Navigation Menu by adding the code to the bottom of the dropdown.liquid file: </li> {% endif %} ...

Jun 26 2013 by Randy N
Panda penalty

Hi,About a year ago we launched our danish website www.tanktop.dk. After a month we came up on google as number 3-4 and our sales has been going alright since. However, about a month ago everything kind of stopped. We have been trying to figure out what it is, and it seems like we have been given a Panda Penalty from google, because it's not possible to find us on google search if you search fo...

Oct 28 2013 by Jeppe Otten
i m intrested in this shopify but i don't have any product

I am a computer engineering student so i can help with making of softwares ......or provide srevices related to computers. HOW SHOULD I MAKE A START ???

Oct 28 2013 by Samuel Caleb
viewing my website on Google

I have just launched my website www.fitbodsclothing.com however when I search for my website on Google this is what I see: FitBods Clothing. Will be opening soon... Enter store using password: Are you the store owner? log in here or change your password settings. This store is ... When you click on the link it takes you to my website. How do I remove "this store will be opening soon.....Any hel...

Oct 28 2013 by kate sorensen