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Merging customer accounts g8

I've been asking for this feature to be added for years and the need keeps growing... any chance we can see this in 2018? I have numerous customers who change their email address and then come back to shop and end up creating a new account...the software does not give them the option to update their own email address and they almost always contact me after the fact and my hands are tied. Reflec...

Dec 4 2018 by Mountain Madness Soap Co.
Changing the URL on a collection to navigate to a page rather than all p...

Hi, I really like the look of the venture theme but was wondering if I could change the url for one of my collections links on the homepage to not navigate to all products within a collection and click through to a different page? Essentially I would keep the featured products but change one of my collections click through URL on the homepage, is this possible? You will be of massive help...

Dec 5 2018 by Marlo

Is there any type of software that helps with product or niche research? 

Dec 5 2018 by Honey Syed
Missing Pinterest Sales Channel?

I want to add a Pinterest sales channel, but Pinterest isn't listed as a sales channel that I can add. Does anyone know why that would be? I'm trying to add my Shopify products to my Pinterest business account.

Dec 5 2018 by Peter
E Gift Card Variants aren't working

Hello, I am really lost. I have a gift card option for a website, using the Shopify Gift Cards. On the back end of the store, the variants are set up and in place, but on the front end, the variants are not visible, and there is only the option for the lowest amount ($10). I checked the product code but can't seem to find anything hiding the variants. Any ideas? Here is the site URL ht...

Dec 5 2018 by Nick
No sales for this month...

Hi everyone, Anyone of you experienced having sales the previous months then no sales at all in the current month? Not specifically this month. Well, I have 6 abandoned carts for this month. (according to Google analytics) I just thought they are saving it for the holidays (Black Friday) but resulted to no sales at all.  I did tried making a test checkout before and it's working. I also r...

Nov 28 2018 by Everyday Moda
Cart Volume Discount Tier

Looking to run a holiday promotion on our shopify store with the following metrics;   Spend $50 get 10% Off Spend $85 get 15% Off Spend $100 get 20% Off   Looking for an app that can; Automate cart value and automatically apply discount Schedule tiered cart discounts to run for a specific period of time   Would love to know if you have a solution.

Nov 22 2018 by Freddie
Sync inventory to supplier

is there anyway to auto update your current inventory levels of one or more suppliers? Are any ways to do this without incurring a monthly fee? 

Jul 28 2016 by Cian H
How to show the featured image in blog post

Hey guys,  I'm using the debut theme for my new shopify store. How can I show the featured image in my blog posts? It's only showing up as a preview image on my start page as well as on my blog page, but not inside the blog post. The image is probably hide by default. Thanks.

Dec 5 2018 by Nick
Fixed Header Navigation Bar on Mobile view

Hello Guys , I really need your help, I want the Header Navigation Bar on mobile version of my store to be fixed/sticky , *The header is already sticky in Pc version , but not in the Mobile version .  Which code can do it ?  And where should I put it in the theme code? Thank you very much ! 

Dec 4 2018 by Tom707
SSL Cert Errors Prevent Users from Accessing Storefront

Hi, I purchased a custom domain a few days ago, but this morning I started getting an SSL Cert error (quoted below and picture is here: https://ibb.co/7yNQRBc). How do I fix this? I thought all Shopify sites innately had SSL enabled and there wasn't any configuration reqiured by the end users (ie: myself). How do I fix this? This is a critical issue since it's preventing users from access...

Dec 4 2018 by Peter
Rich text editor - alternatives

The rich text editor is really not great (as mentioned by many others). I'd like to create more appealing blog posts. Nothing too fancy but I want to be able to wrap text around images, place images freely etc. Could anyonea recommend a simple and robust app? Thank you! Winfried (www.blanda-beauty.com) 

Dec 4 2018 by Charles Wecker
How can I be successful at dropshipping?

My site is live for 2 weeks now. I want to ask for your help. My site is based on dropshipping. Could you help me how can I make my site site better? Are the prices good or to high? What the site is missing? Could you give me some tips how can I be successful at dropshipping?  Thank you for the answers! www.pearlofgaming.com

Dec 4 2018 by Dániel Madarász
Disable hover zoom in effect - Help!!

Hello, I'm using Narrative theme and i'd really like to disable the hover zoom effect for the image gallery at the bottom of the product page.  I'm okay with having zoom with the featured/top image.  I've been searching for hours and i couldn't find the code. Any help is appreciated! Here's my website: https://casebubble.com/   Best Regards

Dec 4 2018 by Don
Search filter does not work

Good, I have a small problem with the configuration of my store. I have already created the products, but I can not activate the product filter, to be able to search through the filters. I would need to be able to activate the filters and thus be able to facilitate the search for the users that enter the site.

Dec 4 2018 by Nick
**URGENT** Brooklyn theme -

hello,   Need some urgent help, how do you change the order of the "current" price and the "compare at" price? I would like to have the current price on the left and the compare at price on the right. Please see the pictures below for an example:   How it looks now (Before):   How I want it to look (After): Can someone please help???

Dec 4 2018 by Hugo
CBD and where we stand in 2018

Hey, So there's a lot of rumours on the web about shopify ostracizing CBD and hemp products. I run other stores but am now moving forward with a passion project and want to market Hemp-derived CBD (not marijuana-derived CBD) which is legal at the federal level in the U S and approved by the FDA as such.  I understand the 3rd party shopping cart platform but will shopify turn around and sh...

Dec 3 2018 by BCMSWEST
Fake store ripped me and my brother in law off

This seems to be a topic that comes up quite often, and with no way to actually contact Shopify customer support as an actual customer, I'm forced to write it a forum, hoping to get answers to my issue.  My brother-in-law and I both recently made a purchase from a store called Cdb-shop that was linked to Shopify. Neither of us have received any information regarding shipping for our purchase...

Dec 3 2018 by Peter Greenan
Header customization for Supply theme

Hello! I found in another topics great example of header customization for Supply theme. I will be very pleased for assistance in code editing to make something similar for my website. I'm interested in these elements: http://prntscr.com/lq0nz2 Great thanks in advance!  

Dec 3 2018 by Alina Liubchanka
Discount box is not showing in my shopify store when visiting on Phone

Hi! My customers couldn't find the discount box to apply the code on the Phone. However it shows on desktops. I also had a similiar problem which was editing the cart. I followed a instruction i found on the forum and was able to fix it and now its showing the edit cart option on the Phone. But couldn't find any solution for this current problem. So please some one guide me through it. What ch...

Dec 3 2018 by Ava