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Discount Code and Automatic Discounts not working

Hi, I just made a new shopify store and added discount codes and automatic discounts. I'm aware that discount codes cannot be used when automatic discounts are applied, so I tested them separately (one enabled one disabled)   For Discount Codes, when I enter it in the checkout section, it says 'Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered'. I read other posts about clearin...

Nov 16 2018 by Philip
How can I take advantage of holiday season to boost sales for my e-comme...

With the holiday shopping season around the corner, I would like to know how I can take full advantage of this to boost sales for my e-commerce store. Any help on the matter would be useful.   Thanks, Andrew

Nov 16 2018 by janetwats90
'Buy A Set of 2' Button?

Hi All,  I would like the option, on some of my product pages, to have a button with the option to 'Buy A Set of 2', 'Buy A Set of 3', or 'Buy a Set of 6', etc. I saw this availabe on Crate and Barrel's website recently, see it here.  Any way to add this to my Supply theme website? Thank you! Amy 

Yesterday by Patrick Shallis
Shopify Collection and Product URL's SEO Question

We are looking into migrating from a small shopping cart platform to shopify.  But what concerns me is that it seems that all the pages will need to have either "product" or "collections" ?  is this correct?   none of our existing pages have these urls so that means it will be a massive 301 redirect for all these pages which will fo course cause a negative seo hit across the board.  who know...

Yesterday by Lizzy
Best Subscription App?

Hello, I plan to start a subscription based store, where customers can choose different types of boxes to order every month (similar to any subscription box services out there). I done my research but now I'm stuck on these 2 different apps. https://apps.shopify.com/recurring-orders Bold Subscription, $20 a month https://apps.shopify.com/subscription-payments Subscriptions by rechar...

Dec 11 2018 by Sunny
Can't view my site behind corporate firewall, SSL issue?

I'm still in the early stages of setting up my site (haven't even added a product).  Mostly just testing the theme and learning  the functionality.  I can view almost every Shopify site except mine.  I'm getting my domain through a third party.  Do I need to do something with an SSL certificate? Any help is greatly appreciated. store address:  http://UpScaleYourBathroom.com

Dec 11 2018 by Peter
First Shopify Store, needs help please.

Hi everyone,   I just started out doing Shopify , I have some questions that I hope that you may help me with.   1. After a customer have made an order, do I fulfil it on Shopify first right away or do I order through oberlo(auto carting in aliexpress)? Or do I only fulfil the order after customer have received the product?   2. Do I make the purchase using my own money or is the...

Dec 11 2018 by Jamie D
How to find a store of more than 3 year?

Hi, I want to find some stores that are created more than three years ago. 

Dec 11 2018 by Ted
How to change Catalog heading?

Hi there, I am trying to change the heading "Catalog" to say "Collections" on this page: https://dare-mockingbird-website.myshopify.com/admin/themes/35328000064/editor#/collections I have been into the code and found this section: <header class="section-header text-center">   <h1>{{ 'collections.general.catalog_title' | t }}</h1>   But when I change it to: ...

Dec 11 2018 by Ted
Need help and some suggestion of my store

Hi! I just started a new online store last month. I alreay have few sales (about 1 every 2-3 days). However, the traffic and the add-to-cart rate is still very low. I would like to have some suggestion and anything I can improve on my website.  https://musicthemestore.com/ Thank you very much. :)    Sincerely,  Ashley H  

May 17 2018 by Katerina
1100 Visits in 2 days but no sales yet

Hi I have tried everything. I have a lot of visitors ( I get 1100 visits in 2 days from fb ads), I have received Congrats from Shopify for this, but no sales yet my shop: https://techs.market Can you give me your opinion? Let me know what you think I can change/do/improve to get sales Thank you to all.  

May 25 2018 by Kevin Simonson - CEO Metric Digital
Traffic but no Sales

Hi, first of all, im new here, so im not sure wether i posted my question in the right category (move me if i`m wrong) Anyways, i am promoting 2 products atm:  https://bit.ly/2juxiHR &  https://bit.ly/2IiJM48 using FB Ads, im getting a lot of videoviews and engagement even have about 40% organic traffic from shares but still little sales. (lots of link clicks too) this is my FB Site: ...

May 16 2018 by Alex
I have a lot of traffic but no sales !

I need your help about because I am so confused...I have a lot of traffic in my store but no sales! My shop based in Greece but the whole site is made and edited in English, I have a currency selector too and I cannot understand why I haven’t sales yet ! Please check my shop and tell me if you would buy! What am I doing wrong ? http://lets-boho.com

May 9 2018 by Jack
I'm about to start using Shopify selling clothes. Any suggestion?

Hi guys, I'm a fashion designer and going to sell my own stuff. I have my stuff already. The biggest problem is that I know too little things about selling online, so I think I will go for small first. I'm here for some suggestion about themes, store setup, what theme should I use for my store? Marketing on Facebook & Instagram..., how many money should I spend? Thanks so much

Aug 6 2018 by Wesley
Can someone give me some tips!

Hi all, I'm new to eccommerce so be gentle lol I have started my dropshipping business and created a site selling Woman's Linderie, However it's been a week since opened and I have no sales nor Traffic (other than Friends on Facebook) I have done all the follwing thus far. Created a Google Search Console > added all my various http,https,www etc > Added my sitemap.xml to all v...

May 9 2018 by Jack
I spent more than 500 $ and still not even one single sale !

Hi everyone, I've just opened my ecommerce store for personalized jewelry www.world-jewelry.com I spent lot of time writting product descriptions...bought a 180$ theme; put more than 500$ in facebook ads & google ads but not even one single sale ! I'm somehow frustrated, I don't know what is wrong in my website; I tried promotions...put free shipping..free gift box...but still no s...

May 10 2018 by Yooki
How to get more viewers

Hi! I have been reading the forums non-stop lately and decided to jump in to ask a question.   I see a lot of post with people mentioning they have hundreds and even thousands of viewers but no sales! I have had sales since I opened last week but my views are really low. In total I have had 248 visitors and 260 visits. Although shopify says my traffic is in the top 16% of stores that laun...

May 16 2018 by Javier P
Getting Traffics but no sales: NEED FEEDBACK!!

Having problen on traffic conversion since we launched our store. please provide suitable and effective feedback https://www.besthimalaya.com/ Thank you

May 9 2018 by Jack
300 visitors, no sale?

first of all, I know this is going to be a long and hard road. I am not complaining that I did not make a sale in my FIRST week. I would just like to know what I can do to improve my conversions! I have spent around $60 on instagram influencer and this person brought me 300 visitors from three different pages with 250k,150k and 100k follower page. (Still have 2 more days to go) I would really a...

Oct 24 2018 by Denise Branson
Why Am i Not Making sales

Hi First this is a Great forum i wish i new about earlier Thumbs up for DEVs so i started my ecommerce store for like 5 Months now. i get from 50 - 100 traffic daily but No conversion and i also run paid ads. my store link is https://www.arewastore.com

May 16 2018 by Jack