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How to change Catalog heading?

Hi there, I am trying to change the heading "Catalog" to say "Collections" on this page: https://dare-mockingbird-website.myshopify.com/admin/themes/35328000064/editor#/collections I have been into the code and found this section: <header class="section-header text-center">   <h1>{{ 'collections.general.catalog_title' | t }}</h1>   But when I change it to: ...

Today by Natalie Jessup
Best Subscription App?

Hello, I plan to start a subscription based store, where customers can choose different types of boxes to order every month (similar to any subscription box services out there). I done my research but now I'm stuck on these 2 different apps. https://apps.shopify.com/recurring-orders Bold Subscription, $20 a month https://apps.shopify.com/subscription-payments Subscriptions by rechar...

Today by Lavencci
How to solve "Content Security Policy" issue with store.

Hi, I have quick view functionality implemented on my collection page, But when i am trying to clicl on view button and load product page URl in i-frame it's give me error like: 'ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'none''. this problem with frame-ancestors 'none' if here we get "frame-ancestors '*' then issue solve but don't know how to do ...

Dec 7 2018 by Jasoliya Brijesh
[SHOPIFY STORE DISCUSSION] Do You Require A Custom Email Address? + Tran...

EMAILS: Email marketing is a crucial part of a business. Whether it be sending out a monthly newsletter or order confirmations, do you really require having a custom business email address when starting out? (e.g. shopify@support.com). Most new shopify store owners don't want to pay a lot for a custom mail address, such as $6 a month or so, since the money adds up and can generally be put...

Dec 7 2018 by Abhi
Sales Tax- Where does it go and what do I do?

I made a mock sale on my website to see what the process is like and when I received the pay out from my order the sales tax was not included. I use stripe for payments and I was under the impression I would receive the money for taxes paid and then pay the taxes normally like I do with my business. Where did the tax money go to? Does stripe pay the sales taxes in for me? Any information will b...

Dec 7 2018 by travismag
reducing the title

Hi how do I reduce the title on product I am publishing with Amazon ?   Thanks, Josie Coak

Dec 6 2018 by timeandmotion.ca
Incorporating a LLC in a low-tax state

Hi everyone, I am looking to set up a shopify store and register an LLC. However, I am totally confused by all of the information available out there about where to incorporate. My permanent address in the US is in NY, but I live overseas. I am wondering if I should incorporate in my permanent address state (NY, which is "high tax") or in a lower taxed state like Wyoming or Delaware. There i...

Dec 6 2018 by palcal
Header customization for Supply theme

Hello! I found in another topics great example of header customization for Supply theme. I will be very pleased for assistance in code editing to make something similar for my website. I'm interested in these elements: http://prntscr.com/lq0nz2 Great thanks in advance!  

Dec 3 2018 by Alina Liubchanka
Custom Embroidery on Products I Supply

Seems like there are lots of options for custom embroidery on a product offered by the embroidery house - is there a supplier who can provide custom embroidery on products that I will provide from another supplier, with them then being shipped on to the consumer? Thanks!  

Dec 2 2018 by LoriDudley
Best/Most seamless web to print plugin and best theme to pair with.

Hi, so I'm a first-time poster here. I'm looking to offer my Socks thru a custom site allowing for one-offs. I make socks and am set up perfectly for this from a fulfillment standpoint, so using printful or something wouldn't suit my needs.  I see a few diff. web to print plugins, with the one seeming like the best choice being: QSTomizer I'm just looking at selling customized socks wi...

Nov 30 2018 by Dads Printing
Background Image in header and body???

Hello! I am trying to switch over to Shopify from my current webhost. But I would like to keep the all over background image currently on my website (http://1800wigtakeout.com). I know it’s possible bc this Shopify hosted website does it:  http://www.wigsandgrace.com Can anyone here help me please? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you! 

Nov 30 2018 by WigTakeout
Products posting CSV file Up to date B2B

Hello, I dropship IT hardware for business/b2b. I was wondering how companies with enormous stock does products posting on B2B ecommerce marketplaces like alibaba or Tradekey. How can a company post a lot of products without losing too much time. I heard something about CSV file but I was wondering how to keep that CSV file up to date without manual work on my end? Thank you!

Nov 29 2018 by Stefan Beltman
Mobile clicks on preview images of blog posts are not working properly

Hey guys, I'm using the Debut theme and there is an issue with the preview images of the blog posts on my start page. The page is not loading when I click on the preview image to read the blog post. Just a grey overlay is showing up. Please take a closer look at this video to understand what I mean: https://vimeo.com/303457715 The blog post is only loading when I double click on the image...

Nov 29 2018 by cbdextra
There is no Sorting fliter feature in Shopify Android Sdk

I am new here, I need to fetch Shopify website's sorting feature to show on my mobile. but Shopify SDK for Android is not providing it.  Here you can see the sorting features. I can make logic for these two categories (low to high price) and (high to low price) in my Android application but how to get featured, new and best-selling filters. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks

Nov 28 2018 by arslan khan
New "Critique My Story" Weekly FREE Webinar

RPC Academy is launching new weekly 100% FREE "Critique My Store" webinar. The first three people who post their store link below will receive a complete website critique free during the webinar. The next webinar date is: Monday 3rd December at 9 am EST. Post your URL below to secure your place and get free critique - only 3 spots available!  

Nov 27 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Shopify Collection and Product URL's SEO Question

We are looking into migrating from a small shopping cart platform to shopify.  But what concerns me is that it seems that all the pages will need to have either "product" or "collections" ?  is this correct?   none of our existing pages have these urls so that means it will be a massive 301 redirect for all these pages which will fo course cause a negative seo hit across the board.  who know...

Nov 26 2018 by stevecricso
Multiple Prices one product different sizes

Is there a shopify app or plugin that you can use a spreadsheet style pricing formula that I need for a roller shutter company. Prices are predefined entering a hight measurement  (1200h x 1800w = $501) Width measurement wich can reference to a price See below.               Width    800   1000  1200  1400  1600  1800 Height    1200    $345  $395  $420  $440  $463   $501               ...

Nov 22 2018 by EXALT
WeebHook "Send test notification" not getting any response

Hi there, I have created WebHook from admin section and added URL with event "Customer update". But, while i clicked on " Send test notification " nothing happened. I have created a TXT log file on call of this file and also try to send mail using mail function, but nothing happened. If i directly run the URL then i got mail and also txt log is generating. can you please help me ...

Nov 20 2018 by Akash

Hi guys, We want opportunity to introduce ourselves. We in Apps On Demand have develop shopify app "AOD Instant Checkout" for which you must looking for and will surely help you in sales increase by providing fully customized and animated "BUY IT NOW" button. Buy Now Button skips the cart and sends users direct to the Checkout page. This saves an extra step in the buying process, gives yo...

Nov 19 2018 by Matt
Button on top of page on Retina theme

Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me how to get the add to cart button on top of the page on de Retina theme? I tried it by using this post and video: https://screenshot.click/18-29-tvghr-68mqu.mp4 but i can't find it. I would like the same style as in the video. So first the price and than the button.  Thanks advance ;)

Nov 17 2018 by Nickster