6 months ago

Tracking one-time vs recurring purchases


I was wondering if it's possible to track one-time vs. recurring purchases through Shopify's reports. For certain products in our store we have a one-time or a monthly version that customers can choose. However I don't see a dimension in the reporting interface that distinguishes if the sale was a single purchase or a recurring monthly purchase, it simply displays one number (the price).

If it's not possible to track this, would monthly purchases re-appear in each month's sales report? For example if someone bought a product that has a recurring monthly $50 price, and it shows up as simply $50 in this month's report, would it still show up as another $50 in next month's report with same transaction ID?

6 months ago

As long as new order is created every month then yes monthly purchases would re-appear in each month's report.

You may want to check out our app Better Reports. It has lots of built-in reports, including one that shows first-time vs returning customer orders.