vimal Member
6 months ago

Shopify For Services This post is outdated

Hi , I was trying to build a travel website using shopify and i found that there are very less resources .Unlike products when buying a service , the user needs to know more details and also the admin needs to know more details too .The backend process too is completely different , so an entirely different dashboard is needed .

If there is anybody here who managed to build a store which sells "services/travel website" , Please help me with some resource/advise?

Ann Shopify Employee
6 months ago

Hey Vimal, 

I'm Ann, from the team here at Shopify :)

It can definitely take a bit more work in order to set up Shopify to work as a travel website other than an online store that sells physical items. However, it's definitely doable! We actually have a great blog post here, that goes over lots of different non-physical things that people sell, and their tips on it. As for adding some of the extra features or needs you would need, that completely depends on your own requirements, so in this case, I would recommend reaching out to our support team directly. We can walk you through apps, or customizations that will help! To do that just head here :) 

Have a great one,

6 months ago

Hi Vimal,

I used to work in a Travel eCommerce and see that a Travel Website need a lot of elements that a Shopify theme does not support (calender, check-in & check-out date, room-available alert, room/tour detail...).

I think you can use Shopify page builder like our PageFly© Page Builder to build a landing page with all of those elements. We are running Beta Program to collect feedback from users. So that the first 100 users can install it for free.

Hope it helps you :)