5 days ago

Sales and website appearance.

I would like to know how make my website have more rows than columns. I would for it be more left to write than top to bottom. I created my own as I didn't find one suitable for my products and wanted one that is unique.

Also, could I get soem assistance on how to dirve more traffic to my site and generate sales. I am a technical person, an engineer among other things and am not too crafty with marketing/advertising. Currently, I have free page on face book and also advertise on my personal fb page. My advertising budget is limited to word of mouth.

Website is https://eddies-heirloom-woodworks.myshopify.com.


2 days ago

Hi Eddie,

Welcome, Let's hope I can help out a bit :)

You're in a very Niche market, so let's see how good I really am :D

So, let's start off with your website, and I'm going to be brutally honest here.

Your pictures are lovely, they show off your pens in the exact way I would expect them too, they show the detail and everything someone whos looking to buy one would be interested in seeing. 

Unfortunately, the website doesn't do the images any favours, let me explain:

  1. The font you have chosen looks like the right font for your brand, its a sort of old-style that's got some heritage to it, I really like it. However, in white against a wooden background, it just doesn't work. 
  2. The wooden background might not be the best choice. As a creative mind, we will always see things from a different perspective, but coming from a web design standpoint, graphical backgrounds are not usually a good choice, unless kept simple and in the background, Now what do I mean? I mean it shouldn't draw the user away from the content, away from the product, unfortunately, yours does.
  3. Another point would be to not offer so many different products. I know it sounds counter-intuitive (More products is more choice = More sales) but with something that a client will be choosing from their heart (Especially with the higher prices) a huge selection just makes you look like a craft shop, and not the brand you need to be.

My Recommendations:

  • Clean up the background
  • See how it affects the font if it still doesn't look "popping" then change the fint or the text colour.
  • Offer maybe 6-12 pens.
  • Using your other stock of pens, offer a special pen of the month maybe? that will be available for a set period at a special price. maybe use this as a chance to upsell?

Feel Free to email me at: alfie@acrylicagency.com if you would like to go over this in more detail, and have fast site updates! I can put together a site template for you if you wanted too!



2 days ago

Hello Alfie.

Thanks for the quick response.

Nothing 'brutal' about your evaluation andsuggestions. I'ts what I need to know.

What sort of background/theme do you suggest?