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April 03, 2013

Registered Customers vs Guest Checkouts This post is outdated

I have been browsing a lot of the featured Shopify stores and noticed something, all (or most of them) have either guest check out only, or, in the case of those that have the option to log in, do no allow new accounts to be created.

What are yours thoughts on registered customers vs guest checkout?

Brad Shopify Employee www.shopify.com
April 03, 2013

It really depends on the situation, but any barrier to entry between your customers and the checkout process is going to filter out some percentage of people, so minimizing the number of clicks, and the number of hoops they have to jump through to buy your product (or service, or whatever), is usually a good idea.

I find that most shops do pretty well with customer accounts being optional, since it leaves it open for people who want to go that route after their first purchase (or before if you create a signup page), but doesn't force anyone who doesn't want to deal with it to break the flow of their order.

If you don't think you'll get a lot of repeat customers, it might even make sense to turn customer accounts off completely and just use guest checkout to save them the extra click of choosing guest checkout altogether, but that's a judgement call based on the products/service/etc and the type of customers you think are likely to buy from you.

Brad Leclerc - Shopify Guru - brad.leclerc@shopify.com
May 23, 2013

One way to combine the two method may be a newsletter type system. Rather than force them to log in or create a new account, a simple checkbox during the checkout process may do the trick since they will likely already be entering their email anyway. I'd just want to be careful not to spam their inbox with a newsletter every day. 

Just my $0.02,