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POOR SALES This post is outdated

I have been running Asian FanMale for over a year here. Poor sales having better luck with ebay. Why? Have a great site www.asianfanmale.com. great product. I average 40 to a 100 people coming to the site daily and no sales. Beginning to this Shopify is just a waste of time and money. Let me know what you think of the site and how to improve.

Giving this another 6 months and then will just close and cut my lost.


Thank you


Max Shopify Employee
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Hi, Danny!

This is Max from the Shopify Team. 

First, I'd like to point out that you have fairly good SEO, high ranking in Google when searching Asian Fanmale and Asian Fan male on my device the results are right at the top. That's awesome for bringing more views to your site.

At first glance the copy looks consistent but you might find that this post about product descriptions is of interest to you; 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell.

The overall design is something that I would encourage you to consider. The main logo and background colour don't seem cohesive with each other or the content of your site. For example, have you considered creating a different colour scheme for your store? Is there a stronger or more relatable aesthetic that you could inject into your shop?

I'd also suggest playing around with some new theme options. Are there any that spark you interest or add the the look and feel of your site? Check out this doc for some help adding and previewing themes.

Increased usability improves engagement and results in more sales. Consider the impact of your navigation/ menu. Think of who your customers are and how they navigate your shop. Is there a way to make this easier? Think, better search options, dropdown menuscollections.

The look and then function of your site leads me to merchandising. Are there certain buyers that would be more attracted to certain styles or themes within your site? Does the homepage entice someone to continue browsing? I'd suggest taking a look at some other retailers to see if you could make your homepage more dynamic. What draws you in? What makes you shop once place more than another? If your Online Store's homepage was a storefront window, would this draw a passerby in off the street?

Product photos are another thing that could help impact the overall user experience and look of your shop. For example, creating consistent sizes and cropping at the same scale could help emphasize the product rahter than having your eyes dart around the screen.  

We have a lot of info on product photography available. I think these resources could be a great start for you;

Lastly I'd suggest reading this blog post for some more ideas on how to improve your store - 6 Ways You Can Make Your Website More Trustworthy. Adding some of these trust indicators on your site will ultimately help improve conversions!

Lots of information to digest, but I hope it helps point you in the right direction toward improving! If you have any more questions please feel free to send us a message or reach out in this thread for some more diverse opinions!


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Thank you for your insite.....I will look at all the information you have provided and from there we will see what happens

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Seperate from the pack and elevate your brand by using your own on-model photography

that is when your audience takes you seriously, and listen to this:

no matter what the product, your customer decides on what he thinks > what others think about your site and products.

Also get a good web designer and use an up to date template such as AVADA


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