7 months ago

No sales yet!


My shop is: techdealshop.com

I started this shop about a week ago, I tried to do it as customer friendly as possible but I am getting no sales. I promote my products through instagram influencers and facebook ads. I do not know what else I need to do. I am thinking of giving up but I really want to make this. Any advice on how to get sales or how to bring more traffic to my site will be appreciated.

7 months ago

Hey Pavlos,

From the start you're already at a disdavantage because you seem to be competing with brands like Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

Also the site is to plain from a design perspective.

Too many third party apps, that dont gel cohesively. One popped that said Pavlos recently purchased....nobody follows those especially if they cant be verified.

Why is there a Messenger Icon on the site??

Think you should invest in a premium theme and work your way up. You're going to have to convince people to buy an MPOW product from you rather than Amazon.



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shivamverma Member
7 months ago

Hi Pavlos, i too agree that you need to get a proper design, after all your products like phone covers will sell only if you have good designs, same goes with the look of your store. Plus you also need to get a good logo to make better impact on customers with your branding. Add a contact us page with information or query box for customers to reach you. You are missing the social media activity, and a presence on twitter and pinterest. Your refund policy page is very plain, you need to put some design in the text and make it attractive. Some of your products dont have great description, work on them. Now most important, without marketing your store you wont get any traffic. One way is to increase your sales channels. Sell on multiple marketplaces. Contact CEDCOMMERCE for more.