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Need help with facebook adds

Hello guys,

I had an good ad which had like 200 orders in 10 days (via Facebook), then my supplier suddenly stopped delivering so i had to look for another one that offered the same product, i imported the product with Oberlo and copied the original ad and it is online now for like 24 hours and i only have got like 2/3 orders. I got like 250 visitors a day, how is this possible i don't make any sales anymore.

Furthermore i really can use some help with the retargetting on audience in Facebook, my ads are killing me at the moment financially. I have like 6 running now with each 10 euros as budget. I already have installed the facebook pixel in my theme.liquid. And @shopify admin what do you think of my website? what can i adjust more?

P.S. i'm runnng my store only in the Netherlands, so no international company.