Alice Member
7 months ago

I'm about to start using Shopify selling clothes. Any suggestion?

Hi guys,

I'm a fashion designer and going to sell my own stuff. I have my stuff already. The biggest problem is that I know too little things about selling online, so I think I will go for small first. I'm here for some suggestion about themes, store setup, what theme should I use for my store? Marketing on Facebook & Instagram..., how many money should I spend?

Thanks so much

John Smith Member
7 months ago

Setup your store with the best theme then go for marketing.There is no money limit but if you have a little budget you can gun FB ads campaign.

Moa Member
7 months ago

Having your own product designs is great and ideal becuase you are unique. Agree quality images important especially for fashion. If you have a designer's eye you can take great ones with your mobile and there are loads of really good editing tools.

Be careful to research first thoroughly before setting up your theme, apps and ads. When you're new often you get approached from other businesses wanting to help but eseentially they want your money. Just be discerning.

You will get many people suggesting ways to get fast traffic but beware this is not always targeted traffic. You need targeted traffic; people who are interested in your product and potential buyers.

Social media marrketing is not enough on its own and depends on your products. Facebook and Instagram may not always get the sales you want but will get good exposure at the least. Also depends how good your ads and message are. Advertising offline is good too.

With Shopify apps, you can't have them all and so many will be recommended to you. Take care to research them well, trial free ones first to stay within your budget or it can get very expensive.

Would definitely suggest to do paid google advertising without a doubt but again take care to learn the basics first so you don't burn though your budget. 

Don't expect immediate results but persevere.

Good luck!

shivamverma Member
7 months ago

Selecting a store theme will depend on what type of items you are going to sell, chic wear, accesories, men fashion, etc. the theme should match with the mindset of your customers. Dont make it too gaudy. You can easily set up your store on Shopify without any technical expertise and if needed you can xchoose you install apps as per your need. Marketing is toughest part. Many options, like Influencer Marketing - You must be having network of designers and models, make use of them. If you can get a coverage of your store with design in any of magazine it would be better. Word of mouth will work good if you have a botique collection. Invest in SEO in nominal terms, just to get at least first or second page, though i must not discourage but internet is flooded with fashion websites. For paid ads, use carousal ads on facebook. lastly if you want to increase sales channels contact CEDCOMMERCE.

7 months ago

I agree with the folks - Influencers Marketing for clothing works..

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Wesley Member
4 months ago

To start with your online selling, you need to be equipped with relevant tools and business intelligence. Catalog management, image optimization and unique product descriptions will lead to better conversion rates. For my ecommerce store I had partnered with springbord, their experts were of great support in managing my business which enhanced traffic and improved sales.