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Advice on my site please


I would like some advice please on my website. I am so discourgage right now I am not sure what I'm doing wromg. I usually run ads on facebook but it doesn't look like I am getting the amount of traffic that I should. Also the sale is very low, the very small pourcentage that I get is from me doing my own posts on facenook. Please help! Thank you in Advance.


Josie owner of Odyssey Collection.

5 months ago

Hello Josie, 

Loved the inception of your business. From my browsing experience on your site, i noticed some things that you may fix. 

1. There are two email addresses at contact us page but not mentioned which to use for what reason.

2. I get the promo code for 15 percent discount after staying more than 3 minutes when average time for browsing of a person in one site is 30 seconds.

3. I can see that you have 4 different backgrounds for you product images; using one single background would give more professional vibe. As an Image procession professional that is what I am sure of.

4. Increase your presence in different social media platforms (now you are only in facebook)

5. Bot in the site is in offline mode- that may create a sense of weak customer support. 

Here is blog link that may help you to run your social campaigns more efficiently: https://blog.bufferapp.com/social-media-campaigns

If you need assistance with your product images, you can reach us at https://apps.shopify.com/cutoutwiz

There are free processing for 10 images for you. 

Thanks- Kaoser

Rhonda Todd Member
5 months ago

Google ads are great if you do them right. What have you tried so far?