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about "myshopify.com" ranking on google This post is outdated

hey everyone

i have a question

do you ever see some domain from shopify ranked on first page at google? 

i mean using the "myshopify.com" domain, i just find it when i'm really hunting my shopify competitors but aside this, seems like its blacklisted or something.. or they prefer to put only ".com" sites on first pages

5 months ago

Google ranks indivdual pages, based on that page's authority for a particular query. Google does not block subdomains on shopify.com, but in order for your particular domain to rank (ie: myshop.shopify.com), you have to build up a lot of authority relative to your competitors competing on the same keywords.

For instance, if you are selling 'gold brittany spears watches', you first need content that is relevant to that query. However, there are many other sites/pages on the web that might be selling 'gold brittany spears watches' , so Google has to make a decision on what page to rank - yours or the thousands of others out there.

The way Google does this is based on the authority of your page, which is primarily made up based on the number of links you have from other pages on the web pointing to your page. If you can outpace your competitors, your site will rank, regardless of the doman name. 

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