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0 Sales / +8000$ lost Help This post is outdated


I have a Dropshipping Store ( www.watch-selection.com ) which sales watches, I'm doing Facebook Ads and I post every 1 or 2 days on social networks, but I still have 0 sales.

I've watched analytics on Google and on Hotjar, and people put the product in their cart but quit the website or abandon it some hours later. I don't really know how to solve this problem and adapt my store :/

Am I missing something?

Here are some statistics about my store:

  • Online unique visitors this month: 2.45k
  • Daily unique average visitors: 400
  • Bounce Rate: 48%
  • Product Views: 1800
  • Products Abandoned / Cart: 180
  • Lost Revenue: 8400$
6 months ago

I finally made my first sale today :)

Chambrèy Member
6 months ago

You don't have a refund or shipping policy listed. Do you accept returns? How do you ship and how long does it take? customers need these questions answered and won't stick around to search for it

6 months ago

Hi, Charles! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your website looks great and I love the color theme you have; very elegant and subtle. I agree with the comment above; you need to add trust signals: about us page, shipping & returns policy, a blog and contact details. People want to know who they are buying from, and especially with watches, the provenance and trusted source play a major role for buyers.

Make sure to improve your customer journey with internal links and related items on the product page.

Invest in good cart abandonment app, so the customers who left the checkout too early, will receive reminder emails with their order details, prompting them to come back and complete the purchase. Ecommerce experts agree that this alone can recover 67% of the lost revenue.

Work on getting more traffic to your website [relevant and targeted traffic], in order to improve sales. Be active in the discussion boards related to your niche, join Facebook groups, Twitter chats etc. Post daily on social media and engage with your audience. It’s a daily activity, so make sure to allocate a time daily doing this.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback :) 

I have a "About", "Privacy Policy" and "30 Days Guarantee" sections at the bottom of each page on my website, but maybe it isn't very relevant, maybe I should put something more visual with a little description on my home page.

I also have a abandonned cart app, I didn't used it very well initially. But now it's good.

I'm also working on social medias but not enough for attracting much people, I will work on this point too. I used facebook ads too, and the most weird thing is that the sale I've made was from a country that I haven't targeted.

I will work on it and hope to improve my website and my sales! :)

6 months ago

Hi Charles:

I would put more information in the main menu, such as collections, about us, shipping info...

This way the main information is a lot more accesible!

(And congratulations for your first sale)



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Okay, thanks for the advice :)