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Ask A Guru: Why Am I Not Making Sales? g8

Starting a new business online can be intimidating—and one of the most disheartening challenges you can run into is when you’ve done your research, poured days and weeks of work into your online store, and you’re still not seeing the traffic or the sales that you’d like. Don’t give up. There’s no one secret to creating a successful business, but we have a ton of fantastic resources to sha...

Today by Kevin Simonson - CEO Metric Digital
Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business g5

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

May 13 2018 by mytimeishere19
Which app works for you? g12

Hello, there fellow entrepreneurs :) I am quite curious to find out which 5 apps are working for you? We have launched our store on Shopify 2 years ago. Still, we can't lift it off the ground. I do two other jobs to support my online business. We did try many apps. Read tons of Shopify blog post of "How easy people are quitting their jobs and make fortunes using those 10 useful apps" Toda...

Feb 28 2018 by jinikim
Shopify now has SSL!

Hey everyone! If you're interested in learning about our new SSL certificates for all stores. check out our post here: https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussion/t/shopify-now-has-ssl-323119 As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post in the thread or reach out to our support at 1-888-746-7439 or support@shopify.com. - Alex

Oct 4 2017 by Peter Godbolt
Problem in importing products

Hi! Needed some help in importing a CSV file to my Shopify store. Though I have uploaded successfully a CSV product file with the same process to another Shopify store, I am not being able to do so for this store. I am getting the following error. Please fix the following errors: Line 2-4: Option value provided for unknown options. A part of the format products that I want to imp...

Today by Maris
Form builder

Hi,  I am looking for a form builder that can build forms that are capable of presubmitting multiple instances of a form and then submitting them all at once.   Click here for an example.  Does any one know of an app that has this capability?  I am open to any ideas! Thanks!    

Today by Ariana
How to create a "Free just pay shipping" promotion for one item??

If anyone could help me with this, I'd REALLY appreciate it!!!!  I've been working on this all day (actually for weeks lol) but can't seem to figure it out. I'm trying to set up a promotion on my store for just one item that sells for $0, but the customer just has to pay shipping. I have hundreds of other products in my jewelry store.  My products don't go by weight for shipping, but inst...

Today by able2
Advice Needed

Hey guys looking for a little advice I have an online ladies clothing store I get ALOT of traffic but only 3 sales in the 2 months I’ve been open, I’m building my following on Instagram slowly but have seen a lot of stores selling what I do and quicker delivery (they buy it wholesale) not dropshipping I’ve now found some lovely items that I can see not everyone is selling only a few but these a...

Today by Zoe
What is a typical conversation rate from views to clicks to sales?

Hi, I am just getting started on Shopify and I recently launched my store. So far with my ads, I am getting a views/clicks ratio of just under 2% using google adwords. I have yet to launch any facebook or instagram ad campaigns. Is it normal for this ratio to be so low or is there anything else I should be doing?  

May 22 2018 by Erotyx
Traffic but no Sales

Hi, first of all, im new here, so im not sure wether i posted my question in the right category (move me if i`m wrong) Anyways, i am promoting 2 products atm:  https://bit.ly/2juxiHR &  https://bit.ly/2IiJM48 using FB Ads, im getting a lot of videoviews and engagement even have about 40% organic traffic from shares but still little sales. (lots of link clicks too) this is my FB Site: ...

May 16 2018 by Alex
1100 Visits in 2 days but no sales yet

Hi I have tried everything. I have a lot of visitors ( I get 1100 visits in 2 days from fb ads), I have received Congrats from Shopify for this, but no sales yet my shop: https://techs.market Can you give me your opinion? Let me know what you think I can change/do/improve to get sales Thank you to all.  

Today by Kevin Simonson - CEO Metric Digital
E-commerce - international shipping

Hi - Can anyone point me to resources where I can learn about international shipping requirements? We are a skincare company, we are aware of HS tax codes and import tax / duties, and our 3PL has the ability to ship internationally seamlessly. But I'm curious if there are any additional regulations - with local FDA, sanitary departments, labelling, etc - that we need to adhere to before enablin...

May 20 2018 by HL
No sales yet!

Hello, My shop is: techdealshop.com I started this shop about a week ago, I tried to do it as customer friendly as possible but I am getting no sales. I promote my products through instagram influencers and facebook ads. I do not know what else I need to do. I am thinking of giving up but I really want to make this. Any advice on how to get sales or how to bring more traffic to my site wi...

May 22 2018 by shivamverma
Not getting any sales first two weeks.

Hello people! I was so excited about lunching my store,but i have expirianced trouble with  getting sales. Mainly I advertise on Facebook and Instagram, but I am confused about the ads. When I make worldwide well targeted campaign ad, I have great amount of traffic but no sales. And when I make US campaign I have very very low almost none ad clicks and non sales. My question to you ...

Today by nikitha
Shopify map section bugged

Hi everyone ,  I don't know what happened with my map on my website ; it was working fine but it suddently became all white ( not even with the photo placeholder , which mean that the API key is correct). I tried to restore the map.liquid to original version , delete/add the section but It's still blank ... Any clue ?   Thank you very much

Today by Jason
can i make a new 14-day trial store?

i just closed my store and want to make a new store i made my first store just to practice on how to make a store and send traffic. i now want to make another store, can i make a new 14-day trial under a different email address? i know that i can just rename the first store to make a new store but i do not want to be charge for the basic plan yet until i finally have a store that i am ...

Feb 18 2017 by Gene
Content of the fullfilment service email

Hello everyone , All the product that i'm going to sell are made in a workshop and I need to notify them when I got an order.  They are not quite web-friendly so I decided to choose to send a Email for each order. I used the    " Active dropshipping and fulfillment services" from the shipping section. Could I know please what is the content of this email please ?   Thaks

Today by LucasL
cookie-less YouTube video

Hi, In compliance with the GDPR regulations, could you consider implementing support for the URLs for YouTube's privacy mode? This is a mode that lets you embed videos without YouTube setting cookies on your visitor's PC until after the visitor starts playing the video. If the regular YouTube link looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAMWdvo71ls and the embed version looks li...

Today by Leo Filhol
Would you like to help us with this 1 question?

Have you ever wished that someone had told you the must-have things before you launched your store? Well here is a chance for you to help others out! Launching a new store can be overwhelming. And more often than not, merchants forget a few essential things before they unveil the curtains of their store. We all know how first impressions stay forever. Therefore it becomes essential to make s...

Today by Pravya Pravin
EMPIRE THEME: Inner Content Container is covering my Background image. N...

Hello everyone,                         I've been struggling for a couple months (just recently discovered this forum) to add a full page background image to my Contact Us page. The issue I was having was that the default theme's background color was covering everything except a small area around my imported JotForm. I think it may have something to do with the default Container margin and p...

Today by Adrian Jones