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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Just Around the Corner! g6

Hey everyone, How are you preparing for BFCM coming up? I know that as an avid online shopper, I'm pretty stoked to be able to score some sweet deals and see what types of promotions everyone is running. Do you have any sort of deals you're running? Any questions about prepping for BFCM? Share them here! Be sure to take a look at this awesome 26-point checklist to prepare your business...

Nov 27 2016 by alexis jordan
Shopify now has SSL!

Hey everyone! If you're interested in learning about our new SSL certificates for all stores. check out our post here: https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussion/t/shopify-now-has-ssl-323119 As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post in the thread or reach out to our support at 1-888-746-7439 or support@shopify.com. - Alex

Oct 5 2016 by adrinalexander
[Free Webinar] How to Make Your Shopify Storefront More Social 

I wanted to pass along a friendly invitation for you to join me for Pixlee's webinar: "Making Your Shopify Storefront More Social" tomorrow Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 11:00am PDT.   This webinar will explain why your brand needs to connect social channels with its Shopify storefront and how to do it successfully. We will uncover best practices on merging the two and talk about how to boos...

Nov 30 2016 by Lexy
How do I get customers to buy from me?

Hi,  I recently opened up my online store called Eve Lawrence which is a women's clothing boutique and no one has bought anything expect for family and friends. I get about 1K visitors a week and people are adding items to their carts but aren;t making purchases. I am on Facebook and Instagram and getting great feedback also. How do I close the deal? I need help. I appreciate your feedback? ...

Yesterday by Sophie Gibson
Hello, a lot of unique visitors but no sales?

Hello everyone, I would like to ask why our online store(My brother and I): https://mymixnmatcha.com/ isn't getting any sales from a lot of unique traffic. Is there anything we can improve to close out the sale? We would really love your feedbacks. Today's traffic is 1399 and it keeps on increasing but still no sale. We're not sure what's keeping them from buying? Our products are high quali...

Yesterday by Sophie Gibson
Bye bye, dream!

Hi all, I have been running a kidswear shop with smaller, independent fashion brands for the last 4 years now and have been progressing slowly, but steady from the beginning. The thing is that it is going too slowly and we have been on the verge of closing many times and now we are completely at a dead end... In my opinion we have a beautiful and profesional looking shop, we have the best...

Yesterday by Maria Rose
Is an Axe Wielding Psychopath Scaring People Away?

I like this analogy: You are at a farmers’ market with the greatest tomato stand ever.  Your tomatoes are fantastic.  The table display is fantastic.  You have a great location.  There’s aren’t that many other tomato sellers.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of people at the farmers’ market.  You’ve been set up there for 3 weeks now… but not one person has bought a tomato.  Why?  Sounds li...

Yesterday by Andra Wing
Lack of sales is perplexing

We have a custom sand-carved glassware company that creates a very high-quality product. It's not your garden-variety etched glass. Each glass is deep carved by hand.  Anyway, I've done everything I can think in the areas of SEO, and PPC and Adwords. I think the design of the site looks pretty good and professional. Getting decent traffic but very low conversion rates and pitiful sales. N...

Yesterday by Eddie Williams
Next to no business

I have done everything thing I can think of to get business without going broke.  Instagram, Facebook, Wanelo and Pinterest.  I can't figure out what else I can do.  I even use kit but still barely any sales.  I thought Christmas would be great but I am a realist but did not expect next to no sales.  Please help?

Yesterday by Lia Monforte
Anyone else having sudden peak in sales now?

I am not talking about the BF and CM , it is passed. I am having  sharp increase in my sale, my guess is that maybe because people are buying for new year ? OR because I have changed my marketing and ads plan ?   I do not know how to relate, as I am running my store for 9 month about, never had new year experience. So, do you also have sharp increase in your sales at this moment ? My conv...

Yesterday by Jennifer Thibodeau
Help needed! Google not indexing site & Blocked Resources?!? Possible du...

Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone can help us? My brother and I set have a shopify site www.justclickkitchens.com which we started around 3 months ago and we have noticed that none of our pages are showing up in google searches. The only traffic we get is from twitter, facebook and pinterest. Please bear with us as neither of us are incredibly tech savvy which is why we chose shopify becasu...

Yesterday by fap_overnight
PageSpeed Insights

Hello, I need to do PageSpeed Insights in my store, i am seen some big problem in my store like: 1. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content 2. Properly formatting and compressing images can save many bytes of data. 3. Leverage browser caching 4. Compressing resources with gzip or deflate can reduce the number of bytes sent over the network. 3. Prioritize vi...

Yesterday by Volodymyr Padalko
Low conversion rate, what can i do?

Hi,   We started our business earlier in the year and have been trying to optimize our site for sales conversion and traffic. We have done some retails baby fairs and giveways during the year but nothing seems to be helping the online sales. We are now doing facebook advertising and google adwords. We are on instagram as well (@hellolittlebubba) We are getting around 200 vistors ...

Yesterday by RooJet_Scott
Another lack of sales. Experts please dvise

Hello People, www.alldesineeds.com lack of sales. Please advise how do i pitch, where do i pitch for a reasonable ROI? i have very basic no working knowledge of internet mktg. How do connect with beauty, health care bloggers?  Quick ways to ramp up. Thank you so much. Best Regards, poonam    

Yesterday by RooJet_Scott
How to promote E-commerce website . ??

Hii budys , I want to know that how to promote E-commerce website ....   Polythene Sheets 

Yesterday by RooJet_Scott
How to set up shipping on my store

I am really struggling to work out shipping functionality on my store. Can anyone help me set up shipping costs/zones? I installed the Australia Post app and believe this will work fine for small sized packages that are accepted by Australia Post. For larger packages that will be carried by a courier service and not Australia Post I don't understand how to set multiple shipping rates and zon...

Yesterday by Dave E
Payment processing of USA transaction in India

Hey I am running my store for USA customer..  As I have done with my shopify store.i want to set stripe payment gateway to get my USD transaction in my bank account in India.. I have already setup my PayPal .. please advice me to enable the $$ transaction in india. what are best payment gateway available which can accept the USD..  Waiting for the valuable answer's Thanks And regard...

Yesterday by Brian M
2nd Store

Can I add a second store with different biz name and new products under 1 account?

Yesterday by Brian M
Conversational E-Commerce

Thoughts and opinions on "Conversational E-Commerce". That being sales via chat. (messenger, what'sapp, line, messages, whatever one-to-one messaging) Opinions of Inviocing via chat? - What do we need/not need compared to traditional online invoicing? + More customer friendly and more in contact to ask detailed questions such as sizing, quality, material, etc. - Time consuming...

Yesterday by we8m457eR
Thousands of viewers in less then one month

Hello Readers,  I am happy to report that my store opened up on Nov.1st and I have received thousands of views in less then a month but no sales. I own an women's clothing boutique called Eve Lawrence. We are receving great feedback on Instagram and Facebook but still no sales. On an average, I receive 200 visitors a day and 1K or more a week. I would like feedback as to why no one is purcha...

Yesterday by Eve Lawrence