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5 months ago

Product Ingredients Order This post is outdated

Hello, We have a theme and have unique product ingredients for each product.  We are currently using the tag functionality on the product page to add the ingredients to the product page.  See screen shot below. The ingredients are being displayed in alphabetical order when they have to be in th order of amount if each ingredient contained in the product (it's a government requirement).  It should be in this order:  

Ingredients: Isomalt, Dextrin (Dietary Fiber), Xylitol, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Malic Acid, Black Carrot, Purple Carrot, Chokeberry

We are stuck as to what to do next.  Do any of you have any advise for how to resolve?   Thank you. 



5 months ago

Not really with tags. However, variants can be put in any order at the product level.  Maybe you could add an option of Ingredients and add the ingredients as variants and put them in the order that you want.  You would have to code to display them differently when assigned to a product (i.e. you wouldn't want them to show up in a dropdown for example). This is not fully thought out just an idea.