9 days ago

Pop Up Size Chart Not Working in Debut


Let me start by saying I'm not experienced at coding, amateur at best. I am using the Debut theme and am trying to get the magnific popup size chart to work on my site. I've gotten as far as getting the button to appear where and how I want it, but when I click on the button, it adds #size-chart to the URL instead of bringing up the size chart pop up. I've added the codes per instructions to product-template.liquid, theme.scss.liquid, vendor.js, product.liquid, and a couple of other pages, but nothing seems to change.

Before I post a ton of code that may not be of any help, can anyone give me direction on why I'm getting the #size-chart on the URL and no pop up? Will post code if you'll direct me to what you need.

Thanks in advance! I've been pulling my hair out for days trying to figure this out.

sean orfila Shopify Partner sean-orfila.com
9 days ago

look for console errors in devtools, you'll want to sort those out first... if you want to share the page I can take a quick look on my end...