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Need help with a few things. This post is outdated

Hello, I recently opened my store, www.fyeahshirts.com - I am trying to do the following:

Make my collections appear on my home page - most important. I just added long sleeves and soon I'll be adding hoodies and more, I would like my collections to appear on the home page in the order of my choosing linking to all items in that collection rather than every single item in my store displayin on the home page.

I would also like to remove to "you might also like" section from individual product pages.

Lastly, I just changed the number of items to display in each row from 3 to 2 but now they display way too big. I would like them to display at the same size they were before but still in rows of 2.

Thank you.

8 months ago

Hi Bill, 

Shopify expert here, visited your site and would love to assist you for all the updations you are looking for in your site.

Let me know if you still looking for the same - anjani@softgrid.in

Best Regards,
Anjani :)



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8 months ago

@Anjani - this isn't a job board post. If you want to help, the expectation would be that you do it here. Shopify Experts shouldn't be trying to solicit work outside of the job board.

@Bill - was this supposed to go into the Job Board. I can move it there if that's the case.

If you're just looking for free forum help that's always helpful to make clear. It would also be useful to know the theme in use to save the forum members guessing. A common approach for listing collections in a set order is to use a menu (linklist). The menu would like to each collection you want to show, and in the specific order you need. The code would then loop over that list showing the collections. Some related info on that here: 



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8 months ago

I was looking for free help but I was able to figure it out over the last few days. This thread can be deleted. Thanks.