MattWoberts Shopify Partner
October 18, 2010

How to create a "vendor page" This post is outdated

First of all - Hello Shopify World! I've just recently signed up for shopify and will building a food-based shop over the next couple of weeks - looking forwards to getting stuck in!

One of my requirements that I'm not entirely sure about is the best way to accomplish "vendor/producer pages". The idea is that all the products we're selling come from a number of producers, and we need to have a specific page for each producer that contains a bio (description and image) of the producer, and then a list of all the products offered by the producer.

The easiest way I can think of doing this is to create a "page" for each producer, and in the underlying page template add some logic that will get all the products tagged to producer X. But, I can see a number of issues here:

  1. Theres only one page theme, so if I want to create different pages (e.g. a page about the site, a welcome, etc..) does that mean I can't create multiple themes for each "page"?
  2. Theres no way to control the producer page consistency for each producer, sicne it has to be done from the rich text editor. What I'd ideally want to do is create the html markup for the producer bio in the theme, and then just pull the relevant information from a page - kind of like a CMS. But I can't do this, can I?
  3. I need some way in the theme to tell which products to pull back. The only way I can think of to do this is to use the page title, and look for all products tagged to a producer with the same name.. will that work?

Hope that makes sense. Maybe theres an easier way to do this? I was looking at the "Private Applications", I'm a developer so coding is fine, but I don't think these would help me...

Any ideas?



Jamie Chief Officer of Funness shopify.com/plus
October 18, 2010

Hi Matt!

You're thinking this out in all the hard ways :)

Use smart collections based on the product.vendor field that is used when entering a product. The smart collection will grab all of their products. In each collection you have a collection description area that you can put all the relevant information for each producer in. If that's not enough you can (if you choose) make an alternate collection template for each smart "producer" collection.

Have you read the wiki on smart collections?: http://wiki.shopify.com/Help:Collections#Smart_collections


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MattWoberts Shopify Partner
October 18, 2010

I was hoping you'd say that :)

Thanks very much, it does look like the smart collections are going to be the way to get this done with minimal effort.