Cindy Member
8 months ago

Hide/show variants according to customer tags This post is outdated

Hi! I'd like the ability to hide or show certain variants based on customer tags (for wholesale purposes). I know I can do this with the Locksmith app, but I'd like to avoid the $30/month cost if possible since we're already going to be paying a high monthly fee to offer different pricing on variants. Is there a way to code this in to the product.liquid files?

We will have customers in at least four different categories and we want them to see different variants of the same product. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help.

Matt Shopify Employee
8 months ago

Hi Cindy!

To be completely honest, using Locksmith will be the easiest and most reliable way of accomplishing this. That doesn't mean it's the only way though!

So another way would be to follow the guide shown in this video right here. Keep in mind that this isn't a Shopify supported guide and it's possible that this may not be compatible with your theme. The last alternative would be to hire a developer to write some custom code for this type of functionality. A developer can be hired right here.