January 12, 2017

Header/Banner This post is outdated

I'm fairly new At this But I was Wondering How I can Add A header Or banner To my Site Just Like This One Used In This Store 3rdshop.com

David McGurrin Shopify Employee
Last edited January 12, 2017

Hey Moyo,

David here, Shopify Guru!

It's a great idea to add a header banner to your store to let visitors know about deals you are running and they can be setup through the use of apps! You can check out the banner apps in our App Store - the Hextom Free Shipping app or the Hextom Quick Announcement app are both good options and they are free to use too :)

To get a more detailed banner like the one on that store you will likely need to have this coded in so you can check out the Shopify Experts such as Hey Carson.

Header banners are also included in many premium themes as well as the Debut and Venture free themes so you could check them out too!

I hope that's okay and if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us at support@shopify.com.

David Mc | Shopify Guru