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June 29, 2016

Customizing Embedded/Buy Button Templates? This post is outdated

I've made some minor customization to the Shopify Template, New Standard and the show up fine at the *.myshopify.com store, but they do not show up when I embed the shop in WordPress pages using the Buy Button code.

Specifically, Check Out / Cart fields (like notes, extra fields added)

The documentation seemed fuzzy on points like this and chat help sort of shrugged and punted me to the Forums.Any good guides or references on how to do this?  It is kind of a show stopper for stores that are deciding between Shopify and WooCommerce.  


Rob Shopify Employee
June 29, 2016


Rob here with the Guru team.

The customization aspect of the Buy Button is limited.  It won't carry forward any customizations to the theme itself.  The Buy Button and the Online store are two completely different things and channels and the buy button embeds itself externally as you know but is strictly a link to the checkout.  Ideally we like to encourage our merchants to build their shop from our templates which are first rate and have a ton of customization options.  The Buy Button is an option to allow those who have external web sites that really like Shopify's checkout system.

With any luck moving forward, we will see the Buy Button become more customizable and it's something we could consider as a feature request moving forward!  Let me see if it's a feature request out there at the moment and add you to the list, if not, I'll make one for us.

I imagine when the Guru sent you to the forums they were hoping an expert or developer could shed some light but this is just a restriction of the Buy Button.

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Rob Shopify Guru
June 30, 2016

ITSWP Shopify, if you need button customization consider also just using permacart links though this may not be useful if your on the shopify lite plan and the workflow is very different. As for extra fields that's even more complicated.

Chat may have directed you here thinking you could explore more advanced options for off-store customization.

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