9 days ago

Changing Title Size in Catalog and Product Page

Just like the title, I'm trying to change the font-size in both the catalog and the product description pages, but I can't seem to find the code that controls it.

9 days ago

Hi Joshua,

If you would like to change the font size for the title in your catalog page look for the code with the following: (it should be within collection-template) 

<h1 class="section-header--title section-header--left h1">Products</h1>

Once you find it simply replace it with this code: (I set the font size to 30px which enlarged it, to change to the size you want simply delete "30" and put the size you'd like)  :D

<h1 class="section-header--title section-header--left h1" style="font-size: 30px;">Products</h1>


For the Product Description page, find the code with the following: (should be within product-template)

<h1 class="h2" itemprop="name">1 1/4" dia. U-Bolt</h1>

We're going to do the same thing as we did to the previous, so replace with this code: (remember to put the size you like just delete the 30 I put and add the number you''d like)

<h1 class="h2" itemprop="name" style="font-size: 30px;">1 1/4" dia. U-Bolt</h1>


So, if you notice the only change we were doing was adding this small code:

style="font-size: 30px;"


I hope this proves to be helpful! (:

9 days ago

I tried your suggestions, but I'm using the Supply theme, and it doesn't have a collection-template section; the closest I have are collection-template.liquid and collection-list-template.liquid.  I tried adding the font-size style to the proper sections in both and it made no change on the page.