5 months ago

Adding Blog Posts to the Main Page This post is outdated

Hey Guys,


So i want to make my webpage to look more interesting and trustfully with blog posts on my main page, let`s say last two posts. So it will be header of post, picture and some text, with clicking on that it will redirect already to own blog built inside shopify platform.


Cause i have already slidehero at my BROOKLYN theme, suggested products etc by Personalizer - Targeted Recommendations by LimeSpot and some Reviews by YotPo. 


What do you think overall of the layot and info at the main page? I want to remove Blog from footer and add it to the main landing page and then remove reviews and istead put it into the upper footer.


Thanks for your help guys.


Sincerely Yours,

Ruslan Kolotogin

Sincerely Yours, Ruslan Kolotogin www.modalooks.com @modalooksofficial