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Need some advise on my online store

Hello everyone ! 
I recently launched my online store and I am happy with the whole experience. However after running a few ads, there are no conversions and not even any "add to cart". I understand this can be completely normal as I am still becoming familiar with the whole "facebook ad thing", so I'm not too worried at the moment. I'll just keep on trying !

But I just really wonder if my website is good enough... and if I didn't make any big mistakes while building my store without even noticing (I'm pretty new at this...) 
It is difficult to understand if I might have missed something or did something wrong.. So an objective point of view on my store would be reaaaally helpful ! Thank you so much for your time and advice ! :) 

My store : www.artandcrafteu.com 

Aria Shopify Employee
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Hi Anaïs,

Amanda here, I'm part of the Social Care team at Shopify. :)

I took a look at your store. It is beautiful, as is the jewellery you're selling! It's definitely a tough market to target your marketing to though. It's the sort of product that appeals to a wide variety of people, it would be difficult to narrow down their interests to target Facebook ads effectively. I'm curious, who you did target with your Facebook ads?

Although you are marketing globally, it might be a good idea to concentrate on your local market first. Do you sell at craft fairs or similar events? I would consider running a contest or offering online discounts to people who follow you on Social Media after seeing your jewellery in real life. I can see at the moment, you have 323 followers on Instagram and 126 on Facebook. I'd definitely work on growing that. It might be worth concentrating more on Instagram for a while. It's such a visual product you have that it lends itself well to this platform. Look for other Instagram accounts who are selling beautiful custom jewellery and like images posted by their followers. This will get you noticed and increase your own followers, giving you the perfect platform to market to without always spending money on advertising. Instagram is an artists dream. I would check out this video to help get you started with Instagram marketing.

I would read this blog post for some inspiration on building a brand around your product. In particular, pay attention to the part about telling your story. Bring your personality to your Instagram posts. Tell the story behind individual pieces. If they are all created by different people, feature the creators in blog posts on your store. Link to the blog posts on your Facebook page.

Consider using bloggers to help market your products. This post will point you in the right direction with that.

I can't say for certain why people are not converting after visiting your store. The only thing I can think of is that it's not the impulse purchase type of a product. For this reason, take advantage of Pinterest. I understand each individual piece you are selling is unique, however by encouraging people to Pin your products, it will remind them of your store to come back at a later date. I noticed on your product page, there is no way to quickly pin the product. If you navigate to a product page in your theme editor, you will be able to switch on social sharing:

Alt text

I would also create a Pinterest account for your business to use for marketing purposes. This blog post has great ideas on marketing through Pinterest.

Lucky Orange is an app that can provide some insight into why customers are not converting. It would be worth at least using the free trial. There's also the free Kit app which can re-target visitors to turn them into customers.

Finally, I'd check out our Podcasts for inspiration on building your brand.

I hope you find some of this useful. It takes a lot of work to get a business going but with a beautiful product like yours, I am confident you can make it a success.

Amanda G
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Aria, Social Care Guru, Shopify
8 days ago

I think your store is beautifule, Anais!! Few suggestions:

  1. Pix loading time is too slow..
  2. There is no clear CTA
  3. You may like to hire a few micro-influencers (I would say Instagram and Pinterest is more a suitable platform)..
Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template here: http://dearmishudad.com/influencer-agreement/)
Rhonda Todd Member
8 days ago

You have a nice store! Google ads are great if you do them right. What have you tried so far?

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Hey Amanda ! Thank you so much for all this precious advice ! 

I am very interested in knowing what you think about my Facebook Ad Strategy.. At the moment i'm running 3 different campaigns in order to test 3 different audiences :

- 1 audiance who's main intereset is fashion, specifically fashion brands that are similar to our style.
- 1 audience focused on "fashion moms" that like brands that are similar to our style. 
- 1 audiance focused on "Business women" who like jewelry and fashion brands similar to ours.

We try to keep our audiences small as adviced, but regardless it is still very diffucut to reach a satisfing "reach" and numbers of clicks one would expect from a campain. Do you have any adivise on how to optimize my Facebook Ads campaigns ? 

I surly don't want to spend all of my money in campaigns that aren't being effective so I'll make sure to look deeper on some other marketing technics like you mentioned (Micro influencers, cupons codes for costumers seeing our products in real life, social media, etc...)  

Thank you so much for your time Amanda ! :) 


Thank you DearMishuDad, It's so nice to see that people actually like my store ! ^^ hah I'll definitly look into your advice and try to fix these inperfections! 


Thank you Rohnda Todd ! 
Concerning AdWords I'm a bit skeptical, I understand that it is a very powerful tool but to me it seems as you have to spend sooooo much money on your ads in order for them to be effective! I tried once for my Home Decor Collections and I left like in order to have results I would have had to invest sooo much on this campaign ! 

Do you have any advise on how to run an effective AdWords campaign without having to invest ridiculous amounts of money ? There is probably something I am doing wrong.. I'd like to know what you mean by "when done right" ?

Thank you so much :) 

Aria Shopify Employee
7 days ago

Hi Anaïs,

Amanda again. :)

I think your Facebook advertising strategy is a great one. I would maybe run one at a time and take note of which one drives the most traffic with an identical budget. Another idea would be to use a video or slideshow instead of a still image for your advertising. A slideshow would be more cost-effective than an actual video but would still grab more attention than a still image. This blog post may give you inspiration for that. 

The ideas you came up with for your Facebook ads would work well for Instagram too and could be free if you're willing to put a bit of time in to grow your following. I mentioned the video in the last post but also check out How To Build A Massive Following On Instagram.

AdWords definitely would not have been my first thought. When people search for jewelry like this, they are more likely to go straight to a website to search than do a Google search. I feel you'll have more success when people can see your product and like it rather than relying on them searching for it. If you do decide to try it, familiarize yourself with SEO first. Check out the E-commerce SEO 101 Video Series. If you click on your Discounts menu in your admin and scroll to the bottom of the page, you should find a Google AdWords credit that you can use to try it out. This guide explains more about how that works.  

I hope this helps. :)

Amanda G
Social Care Guru

Aria, Social Care Guru, Shopify
2 days ago

Hi Anaïs, 

Just gone through you site. I must say you have a great collection. One thing I must say that there is a lot going on in your Home Page (so many things to read and extra large images to see).  It's best if you can reduce some of the written contents and zoom out the images used in animated slides. Another point I would like to add is using a pop up for "customer sign up" and mention you free shipping offer there. Last but not the least, you product images are not consistent (some are in professional white background and some are in grey background). I loved your product images more on Instagram. You can also increase the number of pins in Pinterest.

Just a note: For any product image retouching service you can find many application in shopify app store, we are one of them. Please reach us whenever you need any assistance regarding e-commerce photo retouching service. You can find us in the below link:


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Thanks- Kaoser