April 25, 2017

Making a advanced multi column menu

Hi there,

Please check the menu in the gearbest.com Or please check this link. It is a screenshot of the menu.


I want to make a menu like this. Things I need

1. when moving the curser in the each category

it must show the sub categories

and sub items

and a photo according to each category.

Is this possible?  How can I do it?



Alice S Shopify Employee
April 27, 2017

Hey, Lakshitha!

Thanks for reaching out to us, my name is Alice and I'm a part of the Guru Team!

Just to add to the previous post about getting this hard coded into the theme, there are also Apps which we would suggest to create these Multi-Level drop down menus!

Mega Menu, which lets you create amazing menus with submenus in a matter of minutes, and increase your sales by allowing your customers to navigate with ease through your menus and discover your products.
Bacon Mega Menu which has a really easy to build a menu that gives your customers access to your collections and sub-collections, which has different layout options, specific colour choices, and mobile options, you can make this menu fit right in with your theme.

These would just be two such apps which would allow for the kind of menu which you describe in your post! :-)  Hopefully this will be of use to you, and if you need anything else our super support team are here for you 24-7! :-)

Have an awesome day!