August 04, 2016

.com VS .com.au This post is outdated

Hi, i have secured the .com AND the .com.au names for my business. It is a business selling active wear. I am Australian based but would also like to appeal to an international market. So which domain should i use? (for my shopify site). I have heard that if your business is Aust based it's best to use the .com.au as it will show up higher in SEO and instill local confidence, but i dont want to alienate a potential USA or Europe market by using my .com.au
As an alternative, is it possible to direct all .com google searches to my .com.au site automatically? Eg i notice Lorna Jane do this. If you put lornajane.com into a google search it automatically directs you to lornajane.com.au  How do i do this? Is it easy? Cheap?

Thanks so much for your advice.

August 04, 2016

If you choose domain name 2 achieved both goals in Aust and both the US and the Americas again, you should choose the best domain name .com because .com is an international domain name should be easy to achieve the 2 position best destination

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Candace, the power of ecommerce comes from being global. If you will be offering worldwide shipping, you should definitely go with .com. Also, contrary to com.au, .com is a top level domain (TLD) and it is considered a more powerful one when it comes to SEO. IMHO, an ecommerce company should operate on a .com domain,  no matter what. 

Here's a short article about this topic on our blog: https://blog.botego.com/should-i-use-a-com-domain-or-my-country-code-top-level-domain-53cc74fe3e9e#.jjhf58ibc

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If you use com.au you will instantly limit your audience to Australia. Search engines like Google won't rank you very well outside Australia. So that's another vote for .com. 

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9 months ago

I am shooting for an Australian men's designer with a .com domain and  suggest using .com as a sure bet.


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