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Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

Aug 3 2017 by daver44
How do I add a discounted item to my store?

A supplier agreed to give me their items with discounted prices. How exactly do I add the item in order to use thath discount from AliExpress?

Yesterday by Stefan M
I am an Indian and I want to buy Basic shopify plan. But i use ICICI de...

I am an Indian and I want to buy Basic shopify plan. But i use ICICI  debit card But Not working it always says invalid password?? Help please

Yesterday by jadu
How to design landing pages

Good morning everybody, Quick question, I am doing a few marketing campaings and would like to desing a landing page specific to said campaings. Is this possible? If so, how? Thank you in advance, Sam 

Yesterday by Darren S
Venture Theme unable to add quanity to check out page.

Hi - I am using Venture theme and I am unable to add quantity to the check out page. But, if I try to add quantity from my collection page, it lets me do so. I need help.   Thanks, Mae

Yesterday by Darren S
Please Give Feedback On My Site

Hello, We are a custom printing and gifts website and have recently launched through shopify. I have been having low traffic/sales, and was wondering how I can optimize my site for better results not only on the marketing side but also on the sales side. Any ideas on how to effectively create a sales funnel, or any site layout advice would be much appreciated. Getting around 70 visits/per da...

Nov 17 2017 by Leo Kuyumciyan
Is there any Ray-Ban seller or sunglasses sellers here?

It's noticed that the Ray-Ban images in Ebay are very poor in quality. I have created photography website to selll Ray-Ban image stock , it's very cheap , only 2 usd per image. If the model is not available in my web, I am able to shoot Ray-Ban at incredible price as low as 7 usd per image. Website is just finished, I am now adding my product portfolio. https://eyewear-photography.com ...

Nov 17 2017 by JoeN
Newbie Needs Help

Hello eveyone, I just started doing drop shipping a couple days ago. Here's my store: www.wildlychoice.com. Please come have a look and tell me what you think. I got around 50 visitors today (it's the third day since it's open btw), and around 20 for the first and second day.  I'm not really sure what to do next. Should I spend money on Facebook ads, Intagram or what should I do now? Shou...

Nov 15 2017 by Akanksha
Need help!

I have put ads out on Facebook and adwords, but have seen a drop in traffic in the last few days, I have a quite specific ad campaign. I'm also in a pretty good niche. I would be glad if anyone could help me.   The website www.thepethabitatstore.com Thanks in advance!

Jul 8 2017 by Meg K
How AI Is Making eCommerce Smarter

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues revving up, penetrating a broad spectrum of areas, uncovering new value for banking, healthcare, and sports. eCommerce doesn’t stay on the sidelines, providing shoppers with a seamless user experience and granting retailers lucrative opportunities. That’s why it stands to reason that 42% of retail and eCommerce players pilot, apply, or expand their AI p...

Nov 17 2017 by Yana Yelina
LOTS of traffic but NO sales

Hello ecommerce community! My name is Dillon and I own a candle business. This past year I have been really focusing on Facebook marketing. I've taken courses and have done a lot of research online. I have become very good at it and even have my own little marketing business. Whoever, it isn't working for my candle business. I've sent over 3,000 quality leads to my website and still have not go...

Nov 16 2017 by Dillon Kiley
Let's start a dropshipping mastermind group

Dropshipping stores are a unique type of store with its own set of problems. i would like to start a mastermind group for like minded dropshippers so we can brainstorm solutions and help each other grow. i don't really want consultants or educators that are trying to mine for new customers. This group is for actual users only. i don't pretend to have any answers myself. I will help fac...

Nov 16 2017 by Kerry Allan
shopify Support / Feedback Group

welcome to Shopify Support / Feedback Group, This Group is a user-friendly group that is made to help people who are new to Shopify to get helpful tips or feedback about their store. Please Note this is not run by the Official Staff of Shopify but all posts will need to be approved by any of the admin(s) before it's shared with the Public. They will be in fact 0 tolerance to any member that has...

Nov 12 2017 by nathan Smiddy
No Sales?? What am I doing wrong?

I have not made any sales yet and I am very surprised. I have tried many marketing strategies to drive traffic to the site; Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, SEO, collaborating with self influencers, promoting my brand in person to my customer demographic, utilizing shopify marketing apps, and a flash sale. I am now coming here to ask for help. If you were the average consumer and you came across my...

Oct 13 2017 by sanpetersan
What do I need to do for building my e-commerce store ?

I'm reaching out here to know about things that are need to be done before building an e-commerce store. As now platforms for making an online store are pitching up though being a beginner i dont have much of experience in this area. it would really be helpful for me to start a store online if anyone has some resourceful information to share regarding this kindly give your feedback.   tha...

Nov 2 2017 by Daniel
Need help :(

Hi everyone,  I launched my shopify store 4 months ago. After adding 35 products on my website, I started to run facebook ads..  I am getting likes, shares and comments but only generated only 2 sales in three months and I've been loosing money paying facebook for my ads.  I am wondering if what I am doing wrong or if there's something wrong with my website. You're advise will be mu...

Aug 10 2017 by Karan Jassar
Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Everyone, about two months ago I set up my first online store thru Shopify. I have not had many sales though and the ones I am getting seem fishy from high risk countries. I have been learning all of this on the fly I have spent lots of money on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest Ads, Google Adwords/Bing etc.  Is there something I am missing, something I should be doing that I am not? Is there ...

Jul 29 2017 by Stacey Brazen
I really need a mentor, please!

Hey everyone! I've been running my Shopify store for about 2 weeks now. But it's taken longer to get the store open etc. So far we've gotten about 40 hits a day, 3 orders (all fraud). It's really starting to get me down. I've been working really hard on my store (12hr per day 5 days a week), I'm so determined to make a successful store... but the truth is I'm hacking away at trees but I m...

Jul 11 2017 by SunilG
cant get any sales...

hi i started  a store a week ago, i opened a facebook page for my store, doing some ads, got a thousands of likes, got somthing like 150 visitors to my store a day, but i cant get any orders... i dont know what im doing wrong...  please help... https://fashiongentleman.com/ i did engagement and convesion  ads.. plz help.. thanks 

Jul 11 2017 by amit
No sales yet, only 2 fraudulent orders.

Hi everyone, My store is www.gameflix.co.uk Please help. We get around 40 visitors a day, for 2 weeks. We've only had 2 orders and they've turned out both to be fraudulent. Please help I don't know what to do.

Jul 28 2017 by Ryan Donovan