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Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

Aug 3 2017 by daver44
Help with bulk upload

Hi My store is growing but I need help to get all products uploaded. I get daily updated csv and xml files from my supplier but I have it difficult to get them uploaded. I have some 1700 in total. Like my supplier I would like to import all products, then update on a daily basis automatic somehow but I can't find apps or anything that would accept the files.  Direct to Shopify I get al...

Today by Friedmett
Slow traffic no sales.

Hey guys, I am the owner of my own swimwear brand K Bella Swim and had been open my e-commerce shop about 8 months. I believe my swimwear has beautiful styles, great quality but almost no sales. My overage page view is very low about 80-100 people per day and it's not enough. I am trying to run ads on Facebook, Instagram but it never brings any sales feel like money goes to the black hall. I...

Today by Katya Shay
Great Traffic! No Sales

Hello,   My shop has been open for a little more than a month and I am driving great traffic to my shop.  I even got a notification from shopify saying my store was in the top 5% of stores that opened in the same week.  I have done as much as I believe is possible.  Added good products with good pictures, urgency, social proof and quick payment gateways.  Yet I am still not converting sal...

Yesterday by Doseday
Changing Menu text, can't figure it out

I'm using the theme venture, I believe I found out where to change it, instead of saying Menu I'd like for it to say Main Menu, every time I add Main before Menu it says something along the lines of translation lost. If this is in the wrong seciton please move, thank you in advance.         <div id="StickNavWrapper">     <div id="StickyBar" class="sticky">       <na...

Yesterday by Kasimir
No Sales, Am I targeting right people?

Hi!  I opened my store ultra-cat.com a month ago and I am running ads on google, facebook and bing. So far. 0 sale, 0 conversation. I am also trying to build my Instagram commmunity. My store is a unique revamped vintage brand that sells unique, one of a kind vintage clothing, that we revamp to look extremely modern. I would really appreciate if you can give me some feedback or advice how...

Jan 17 2018 by Xenia Curdova
Error when advancing to checkout - site not live yet.

Hello, I'm currently getting this error when i'm trying to advance to the checkout for my site (site in development, not live yet) Issue with page redirect Close modal It looks like this page is redirecting to a page that isn't compatible with this editor. To ensure that your redirect doesn't interfere with the editing experience, replacewindow.location.href = with window.top.locati...

Jan 16 2018 by Kerry Shaw
Drop-shipping delivery issue

I have in issue with my dropshipping store to do with shipping.  In my store, I have chosen to upload products with e-packet shipping, I now have a full sore and my website up and running. I have been playing around with my shipping options to find what would work best for my products and so on... I've decided to do my shipping rates based on weight. However, now I have realized that not all...

Jan 16 2018 by Aj
Track a product by batch code

We have a website called www.3bee.co.nz built with Shopify and running well. On the website visitors can buy Honey. Each jar of honey has a batch number. The batch number refers to information about when the honey was harvested, the location, the date is was harvested and more. Each batch number might feature on several thousand jars of honey and there might be 30 unique batch numbers each year...

Jan 15 2018 by Shaun Heath
Traffic is coming in but I'm not converting...

Hey, We have a great product I use it myself a lot, We are doing campaigns on Facebook and sending people to buy our product in the website, we used to have another website which is www.promodestinos.com but we wanted to try Shopify out. I was reading more forums about my topic of other people having the same issue and we are now working on adding more pages so the customer feels more comfor...

Jan 11 2018 by Ramon De Jesus He...
How did you get into eCommerce and what's been your best learning resour...

Hi all,    Am new here and have just started getting into Shopify. I've been running my own business to fair profitability for a while and have been trying to integrate eCommerce strategies - in the midst of my current attempts, I thought it would be interesting to ask:  What got you into eCommerce, and what's been your best learning resource?  Not only is it always intriguing to he...

Dec 23 2017 by SebastianMx
Canadian Business Considering Selling in US, is it worth it?

Hi everyone. I sell new and quality second hand maternity clothing and nursing apparel. Currently I am only selling in Canada, and that was my plan all along. I've noticed that some days as much as 50% of my traffic is coming from the US. I am considering expanding my business to sell in the US. What should I be taking into acount, or considering when making the decision to sell across th...

Jan 14 2018 by ITSGEORGE

I am looking for entrepreneurs. The ideal potential partner is someone who is ready to build a business — someone whose best years are ahead of them. I am looking for entrepreneurs with the right mix of experience, drive, creativity, and cultural fit. In return, i will provide funding,  tools, and resources to help my partners reach new heights of success. I am willing to invest upto $200 Milli...

Jan 14 2018 by shahbaz
Why no sales ?

I have not made any sales yet and I'm surprised. Soooo I'm coming here for help. if you were the average consumer, and you came to my website, what would prompt you to buy something from it? That or what am I doing wrong? what is making you not want to buy from it? Be honest. Say what you please, I won't take offense.  Thank you Friends,Khalil This is my website:www.samurai-pet.online

Jan 14 2018 by Newlifenewbegin
.com VS .com.au

Hi, i have secured the .com AND the .com.au names for my business. It is a business selling active wear. I am Australian based but would also like to appeal to an international market. So which domain should i use? (for my shopify site). I have heard that if your business is Aust based it's best to use the .com.au as it will show up higher in SEO and instill local confidence, but i dont want to...

Jan 14 2018 by George Prodromou
Marketer looking for someone with a store to collaborate with

I am looking for someone to partner with who currently owns an online store. I am an experienced marketer who can generate traffic and sales for your online store. My role will be getting traffic and sales for the online store and the store owner will manage the store. If you are interested contact my email. crypto781@gmail.com

Jan 13 2018 by Nathan
Drop-shipping with stripe ?

I am fairly new to Shopify and I'm at the point of going live with my first store. I have chosen Stripe and PayPal as my payment methods due to the various advice coming from online resources. Now that I have set up both my payment accounts with these providers I have received further information saying that Stripe does not allow dropshipping? Does anyone on here still use Stripe? I would like ...

Jan 13 2018 by Aj
Need someone to help me set up a store that sells music / digital files

Hi everyone, I'm a newbee here :) I want to set up a store that sell digital music tracks and full digital albums. In the future, we would sell physical CD's also. I need someone to help me with this, especially on how to organise the products, how to preview tracks, how to buy a single track within an album, ect. Pls, somebody that has experience with digital preview and download. ...

Jan 12 2018 by Single Music
Investor/Business Builder/Advisor

I invest in small businesses, I build businesses and I advise businesses at every level.  Need an investment? Help? Advice?  Email me. g@emgigroup.com     

Nov 27 2016 by G at EMGI Group
Survey on B2C Cross Border eCommerce

Hello, This survey is to gain your thoughts, as a consumer, on what will influence consumer purchasing intentions when buying products from online stores situated in another country. Your responses contribute to the enhancement of academic knowledge in consumer behaviour within the context of cross-border B2C e-commerce. Share your thoughts by 29 January 2018, 12:00pm (Greenwich Mean Time...

Jan 12 2018 by Nick