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Looking For Feedback On An Idea Simplifying E-commerce Analytics

I was helping someone with their google analytics and I made some reports for them. And it was kind of mind blowing. It was for selling these emoji leggings and we kind of guessed that this was for younger girls, but it turned out all of our buyers were much a lot older. Probably grandparents buying for their grand daughters. So, here I am, wondering if I could help out some more e-commer...

Today by NewToEComm
High traffic low sales

Dear All,   I kindly request your expertise on the webstore i created.  Please let me know your feedback and your thought as to why I am not doing any sales. Since the begining (10 days ago) I had around 1000 visitor to my store but only 11 added to cart and none reached check out. Have spend around 50$ in FB adds Please help me make this store sucessfull. I look forward to re...

Today by Andrea Gemmellaro
Need someone to help me set up a store that sells music / digital files

Hi everyone, I'm a newbee here :) I want to set up a store that sell digital music tracks and full digital albums. In the future, we would sell physical CD's also. I need someone to help me with this, especially on how to organise the products, how to preview tracks, how to buy a single track within an album, ect. Pls, somebody that has experience with digital preview and download. ...

Jan 12 2018 by Single Music
Lots of Traffic Minimal Sales- Advice would be Appreciated

Hi, I opened a new Shopify store one month ago. My store is targeted to a distinct audience, Canadians living in Northern locations. I am active on Facebook and learning about Instagram. I have had a lot of traffic (1800) and a fair amount of add to carts but have only made $1400 in Sales to 9 customers. Any advice on how to turn visits into more sales would be greatly appreciated.  The Canada ...

Yesterday by Northern Isle
Feedback on my store!

I would love some feedback on my store casadesante.com. Would really like to increase conversions. Any tips? Thanks!

Nov 27 2018 by jackyle
Changing the product title and price

How do you change the size of your prodcut titles and prices when looking at all your products on the products list? Also, how do you change the color of your product price when looking at all your products without changing anything elses color? Im using the minimal standard theme

Yesterday by Katy
Starting new store

Dear Shopify Experts, I am planning to start an online fashion store with own brand name, appreciate if you could help me to understand below concerns, 01). How to find quality dropshipping suppliers with private labeling and packaging option for Asia, USA and EU market ?  02). How to market my store out side from my current location (currently I am Malaysia) ? 03). Is it necessary ...

Yesterday by SPOORTI
Amazon Health Hub Health-care professionals think Amazon

Amazon Health Hub Life changing weight reduction may be defined in many instances. You will find all form of options to lose your unwanted weight, but the issue is: How powerful. Practically you will find tens of thousands of options to lose your weight easily, but are they actually helping people who are searching for it. So many overweight people are in to the practice of using all method o...

Yesterday by gbzhnakqopzm
Only one automatic discount can be active at a time. Select another date.

When i try setting up multiple automatic discounts on my store, it tells me i can only have 1 at a time. My goal is to be able to have automatic discount teirs to entice customers to buy multiple of one product at a time. How do i set more automatic discounts?

Nov 17 2018 by Jordan
What are apps that you NEED from Shopify app store

Hello! My name is Mark Skjerven and I am owner of clothingdiscounted.com  And I am slightly new to shopify have been using it for 3 months about and I was just wondering what apps are the best and an absoulute a need for any shopify store. Let me know what you think thank you so much!! -Mark Skjerven  

Nov 15 2018 by Kendyl Young
One-on-One Shopify Coaching over Skype

Hey guys,  If you are serious about your Shopify success, you might want to consider hiring a coach. I see many people here who struggle to make sales or want to give up because they're not seeing the results they want. A personal coach can help point out why you're failing and 1 simple adjustment could mean the difference between giving up or running a 6-figure business! Besides answerin...

Dec 11 2018 by 21 Brands


Feb 8 2018 by 21 Brands
Need Help

Hello everyone I'm Ant. I have been a passionate entrepreneur while beginning. I was thrill to set up an online store to design and retail clothing. I set up the website with 2 weeks. Then partnered with Printful T-Shirt company to fulfill orders after purchase. But the thing is I haven't made one sale. I have been with shopify almost two years and nothing has worked for me and my crew. I tried...

Apr 11 2018 by kevin
Have a huge facebook following (280k+)... how to find good product?

Hi everyone! My friend and I created a Facebook page in May to make it a "viral" website to generate money based off ad-clicks. It worked and now we're a big page, currently at 285k likes and 300k+ followers. We established ourselves as a brand that helps our readers stay confident and promote productivity and positivity through education.  Primarily, our audience is in the education + libra...

Apr 24 2018 by Theresa Randall
Remote Pop Up Shop!

Hello, We are trying to look for team that can take our merchendise and do pop up shows around the country for us. We used to do this ourselves and we no longer have the time to do it. I was wondering if anyone knows of a company that offers such service, where we ship them the merchendise and they do a POP up shop for a period of time.   Thank You

Sep 18 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Mail Chimp Pop Up

Hi,  I have recently set up a mail chimp pop up subscription form for my website. www.bluebellabbey.co.uk  and it is not working, I have not added any code to my site as I can't find where to add it and MailChimp is not providing me with any code?  Can anyone help me out?  Many thanks,  

Aug 27 2018 by Parker
Large amount of Visits; Little Sales

So in the year i have been open i have amassed 207,428 visits.  I have had a total of 4 sales. Any advise on how to get a better conversion rate?

Jun 25 2018 by Sofie
Duplicate store to another language? (Multilanguage)

Hi, I want to feature my store in danish and english without using paid apps.  The plan is to dublicate the store I already have, and translate it into danish. Then somehow make it accesable through www.WEBSITE.com/da, and link that somewhere on the original page. My question is: How do I dublicate my store?

Oct 17 2017 by studio 131
Heavy Traffic....No SALES!

Dear Shopify Owners,   My name is Nikki, I recently launched my online boutique (3 weeks ago to be exact). I have moderate to heavy traffic, but my sales doesn't equal to my traffic. I sold 5 items thus far. I'm very active and interact with people on Instagram all day and everybody seems to love my products by leaving wonderful comments about my products. Currently, I am running a few gi...

Nov 21 2018 by Flori Glitti
Uncertain about my business, please respond!

Hi! I'm making this topic because I'm not sure about my idea. It felt great for some days but now i don't know why I started being suspicious about it and I don't want to spend my time in vain.  So my idea was building a brand mainly for sports and also for streetwear (like nike does , but of course that's some distant goal). I thought that I should start with Print On Demand on Shopify sinc...

Feb 26 2018 by Siravi Kitchen