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Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

Jul 15 2017 by Loft Curtains
No Selling yet

Excuse me, i want to asking for senior help, is it my website have alot problem to solve? i try alot products but still no selling.. thanks.. www.ipandorabox.com

Today by infraitshop
What on earth do i do now?

H Everyone! So, i have had my website live now for 10 days with facebook ads running at $5 dollars per day for engagment and page likes. I have had in total 71 likes with paer page like average around $0.54. I have had 35 views on my page with no sales are add to carts. Now are them results average or are they way to low?  Also, i am a little loss now, I have no idea what to do next! i wa...

Yesterday by Kraken42
Non US citizen selling china supllier stuff for in the US

Hello, So im a EU citizen looking to dropshipping from china to US, do i need anything ? Or if, someone from EU could tell me about selling here.. Thanks.

Yesterday by Ged
Fast-Track Your Success With 1-On-1 Coaching

Good ideas but no progress? Need guidance to make sense of it all?  My name is Koen West from 21Brands.com and I'm offering you an opportunity to super-charge your results with 1-on-1 Skype coaching.  Do you want to start your own online store? Not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure how to turn your ideas into reality? Are you putting things off? Do you feel l...

Jul 22 2017 by Jason
Is it possible to sell other people's services on Shopify?

Suppose I want a business where people who want to mow lawns to make money can indicate that they are available to mow a lawn on Monday at 3pm. And then someone who wants their lawn mowed can book them.

Jul 25 2017 by Daniel Shchyokin@hotmail.com
Need Help for My Shop

  hello :) I opened the store before a month ago, I read a lot and I'm working on getting the sales done. I started working advertisements on Facebook and spending $ 10 a day, I targeted people from the USA who are buying glasses, and I have about 40 visits in the store per day, but I still did not have any sales. Can anyone enter my store and tell me what else I need to do to attract cus...

Jul 25 2017 by Fouad
Facebook disables our ad accounts

Hi there, I am new to Shopify and the ecommerce business. I first created a business manager with my only Facebook profile I had. Then I created a Facebook page in a bsiness manager account there and posted some content which turned to be the wrong ones. So I had to creat a new Facebook profile just for business. The same, created a new page in a new business manager and added a new...

Jul 24 2017 by William Lindner
how to expand marketing to more countries

hello, my website https://www.onlinemarkat.com/ is mainly serving the middle east area and i am thinking of expanding my market, i am planning to start selling to USA and Russia because i am sure that peopel there would love to buy my elegant items but i dont have any idea how to start, what is the best marketing channels and techniques? how can i get some analytics about people there? i kno...

Jul 23 2017 by escapeamazon.com
targeting other instagram and facebook pages followers

hello,   is there anyway to target other instagram or facebbok pages followers in instagram and facebook ads? i know that i can advertise for an open group on facebook, but i am asking about pages 

Jul 23 2017 by onlinemarkat
If you add your own product to cart, will it show up as an add to cart i...

Hey everyone,  So I was adjusting my site today, and I added a product to cart and was checking out to see what everything looks like. My dashboard shows me that we got 1 add to cart and 0 reached checkout. Was that 1 add to cart me? I'm just wondering because can't someone just spam add their own stuff to cart every day and make their site look better than it is i.e. when trying to se...

Jul 23 2017 by Alice S

Hello All, Can anyone please advise if I need to apply for a business license, DBA and Sales Tax? I'm from the Philippines but I just moved here in Missouri City, Texas and working full time with my current employer. As a part time business, I have just set up my shopify account and is almost ready to roll in a month. However, I have in my head that I'm still quite confused - whether i...

Jul 22 2017 by Glenn Sanchez
Another store

can I run another store under the same login or do I have to create seperate account?

Jul 22 2017 by Aaron B
High site traffic but no sales

Ok hey guys I  have been running my store (www.uniquesassyme.com) for exactly 3 months today and ive been advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Google, as well as being very active on social media including Instgram and Pinterest with well over 500 followers but no sales!!! I have not gotten one sale online but make sales in person! I have revamped my site over 4 times in 3 months thinking mayb...

Jul 21 2017 by Sam Winter
Payment Gateway for Pakistan (excluding 2checkout)

I just want to know which payment gateway will be best if i use to access and take care of my store from Pakistan. 2Checkout BitPay Coinbase GoCoin NETbilling But i am going not to use 2checkout. Thank You all in advance. tariq.icp@gmail.com

Jul 21 2017 by Tariq Ali
Should I start with or without LLC ?

Hello everyone, I wish I could start building my shop.. But there's only one issue which terrifies me each time I'm thinking about it. I went through courses and I basically know everything I need to know to get started dropshipping with Aliexpress (using oberlo and all that). However, if I was just a guy without any assets on my name I probably wouldn't be scared to start shopify store w...

Jul 21 2017 by Matan
10 days in 7 days ad out with facebook but no sales.

Hi everyone,  I am seeking some advice. My shopify site has been live for arounnd 10 days, I put an ad on facebook 7 days a go but no sales at all. During this time I have even dropped prices to be competitive with others in the market. My site is www.ladybitz.com, for the experts out there could you tell me if it is something I am doing wrong or am I just being impatient?   Thanks ...

Jul 21 2017 by Emergy
noob: How to handle fullfillment like this?

Hi Client can order from multiple suppliers... How to process orders from different suppliers. At least I'm looking for (maybe an app?) who break down these orders into list which can be sent to supplier this list contain who the supplier should send items to and what item to send One way is that keep a separate system on my local computer, with all customers and a products in it's...

Jul 21 2017 by Awen
Is dropshipping still viable?

Hi! i have a full time job in the health care field. Given that I'm off work half of the time - thanks to rotating, 12 hour shifts - I'm looking to do something to supplement my income. I took a digital marketing course over the fall. Since then, I've been researching drop shipping. I'm wondering if it's still possible to make a profit in such a crowded field. How much time and money can ...

Jul 21 2017 by Marco Rodriguez
Domain decision

Hello,  I am building a personalised pet gift online store I have both of the following domains registered and I want to know which one you think is better. Please be honest as i really appreciate it. petprezzies.com petprezzie.com    

Jul 21 2017 by PetPrezzies