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Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

Yesterday by Harish
Don't Make Your Users Wait - Double Your Site Speed

If your website is loading slow and unsecure, 10XCDN in India can fix it with their superfast CDN services. They helped me in improve my website load speed and enhance user experience. They ensure reduce latency, stream images and videos more quickly. I am glad to tie up with this organisation. know more about them on http://10xcdn.com/

Today by Santhiya
Hi,looking for a partner to build a luxury men accessories business with!

Hi,am enny a serial entreprenuer,over the years i have built diffirent retail businesses,my recent business was www.mycelebritylooks.com which i sold couple of months ago,right now am in the process of building luxury men accessories which will consist of men Rose gold,Gold,Black stoned bracelets,bangles (wristgame),croc phone cases(iphone6,6s,6plus,7),similar to anil arjandas jewellries. Pl...

Dec 23 2016 by Enny
Looking for Investor Partner any part of the world

Hi,am Enny,am an entreprenuer and have created few ecommerce businesses on shopify my recent succuful Fashion Ecommecrce business on shopify is www.mycelebritylooks.com which i recently sold about a month ago. Right now am in the process of starting up a clothing production business(which means all clothing styles will be produced by my team instead of sourcing from other manufactuers and ou...

Nov 11 2016 by Enny
Getting traffic to my website

Was just wondering if there are any other tips and tricks to get traffic to the site. Because I am selling vaping products, www.cloudvapinguk.co.uk, I cant use anaior ads, on facebook google etc. So all of my marketing is manual and I am doing the usual stufok, instagram, youtube channel, blogs etc etc So far I have had 6 sales and the site was launched about 6 weeks ago. Currently I am getting...

Apr 25 2017 by jackannarichart
How to devlivery goods from my amazon stock to buyer

My goods is in Amazon warhouse,  so , how i could delivery goods by amazon if my shopify sold,     It is uergently and very important problem,     Any one know , please help us.

Yesterday by Alice S
Can you please review my store?

Good day, my name is Jack and I'm the owner and co-founder of The Gentlemen's Lounge, a high quality men's grooming, skin care, and accessories hub. We have been up for about 2 months and recently made our first sale. I am really excited that somebody found our site trustworthy enough to make a purchase, and they were willing to shell out over $100 on it. Lately, we've had a pretty steady fl...

Yesterday by Meg K
Need USA dropshippers for clothing.

Hello! I am writing on this form because I am having much difficulty with finding a USA dropshipper. A reliable one that isn't a huge business like amazon, but is there for you when you need them . Currently I am using a chinese company and it is frustrating because of the shipping time (30 days standard) . The prices aren't that bad. around $10-15 per clothing/dress. But I would just like t...

Yesterday by Meg K
Making a advanced multi column menu

Hi there, Please check the menu in the gearbest.com Or please check this link. It is a screenshot of the menu. https://goo.gl/MZ7sF4 I want to make a menu like this. Things I need 1. when moving the curser in the each category it must show the sub categories and sub items and a photo according to each category. Is this possible?  How can I do it? Thanks, Lakshitha.

Apr 25 2017 by Bryan
Review my store :)

Hello i am new store owner i would gratful if you can spend few minutes to  review my store and point me where i need to put more work www.alleyshirts.com   Thank you Klim Bondaev C.E.O

Apr 25 2017 by Klim Bonadaev
500 visitors a day but no sales

Hi everyone, Can anyone give me tips and advice, I'm getting a lot of visitors but ZERO sales. It has been 10 days now since I opened the store and I have tried FB, Instagram and Google Ads but no avail !! this is my store : https://hiphopbright.com  Is there anything wrong with the store ? Please help and thank you

Apr 25 2017 by EvenMagic_Jewelry
i got scammed by a web developer

i posted this in stores for sale forum but wanted to post it here aswel incase i could help save somebody from being scamed like i was.    I got scammed from a Web site builder on shopify I am new to ecommerce and shopify in general and needed help building a website. I posted on this forum ealier asking if somebody could help me build a website and somebody from shopifystores@yandex.C...

Apr 25 2017 by Meg K
No Sales Yet. Need Advice.

Hi all. I recently opened my online store (about 2 weeks ago) and have been advertising using Google Adwords for about $10 a day. I've tried advertising on Facebook but every time I buy an add I get a message saying my account has been disabled for 72 hours for security reasons (super frustrating). I have had an average of 20 clicks per day but no sales yet so I need advice from someone who has...

Apr 24 2017 by NeatShift
Looking for buyers of parallel imported shoes

Hi, Anyone interested at parallel import of branded shoes?

Apr 24 2017 by AngusW
[technology] Shopify & Ruby on Rails

Hello, We've recently completed a demo website (built with Ruby on Rails) for an ecommerce service (www.thegoodgift.co). We now wish to turn it into a viable eCommerce website in order to properly test the viability of our idea (we haven't launched nor started operations yet), and we're thinking of using Shopify. Is it possible to articulate a Ruby on Rails back end for some specific cust...

Apr 19 2017 by françois
Looking for feedback and ideas

Good Morning.  I opened an online store called Stone Field Shaving Company.  I'm based in Winnipeg, MB Canada and I specialize in men's wet shaving products.  In addtion to some of the classic supplies, I also have some unique products.  i have a proprietary line of pre-shave oil, shaving cream and body soap.  I also have a line of razors and brushes made for me in Canada as well as mugs and bo...

Apr 19 2017 by Ambiw
Would you buy something from my website?

Hello!  My name is mark and i'm 16 years old and I just have a simple question would you buy from my website? I have had sales but it's slowing down a bit actually and I was wondering if you would buy something or tell me why you wouldn't buy something or what do I have to fix?? clothingdiscounted.com Thank you!  Mark

Apr 19 2017 by markskj14
New on shopify - need help

HI to all Recently I am opened a store on shopify platform. For now, I am selling only one personal branded item. The visitors on my website are those who clicked on the "shop now" Butten on my Facebook ad, but something is not working, I am had a 72 visitors on my website but none of them Made a purchase. It does not make any sense something is defiantly wrong I will be very happy if som...

Apr 19 2017 by Shiva
Affiliate Commission Plus Top Performer Award

I'm looking for ways to motivate my affiliates to bring in more sales and I thought that perhaps by offering a Top Performer Award, I might be able to drive up sales by capitalizing on people's competitive nature. My game plan is to offer an affiliate that outperforms the rest a travel incentive during the promo period. I intend to run the promotion for one year to allow affliates ample time to...

Apr 19 2017 by Book Trotters
Facebook disables our ad accounts

Hi there, I am new to Shopify and the ecommerce business. I first created a business manager with my only Facebook profile I had. Then I created a Facebook page in a bsiness manager account there and posted some content which turned to be the wrong ones. So I had to creat a new Facebook profile just for business. The same, created a new page in a new business manager and added a new...

Apr 18 2017 by William Lindner