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Disperse 3rd party Payments

Hello! My store Goodbuys.Shop is looking to bring third party vendors on board to sell their products on our site. I was wondering if any one has done this and how the disbursement of revenue would work. Would I be looking to find an app to deal with this or are there ways I can accomplish this within Shopifys built in features. ANy advice or thoughts would be helpful! Thank you

Today by Ava
Building Shopify Store from UAE - how to get paid

Hello, I live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and am trying to build a Shopify store catering mainly to the North American market. However I have seem to run into a bit of a roadblock - how do i get paid? Apparently I cant withdraw from my PayPal personal account in the UAE - to do this i would have to change to a business account and link to a local bank account. However changing to a bus...

Today by Nick
Upload an image to all my products

Hi there, I would like to upload an image (30 day money back guarantee logo) into to all my products. Do you know how can I do this? Thanks in advance, Fabiana

Today by Intellect Outsource
Ability to Collect Emails AND Place Orders for Sold-out Products

We are expecting to run out of inventory within the next few months. We'd like to simultaneously collect email addresses and allow customers to place "pre-orders" (aka go throught the checkout flow) for our next production run. Is this possible? We found the article on collecting emails but looks like that turns off the ability to place orders. Just wondering if there is an app or easy way to d...

Yesterday by Katy
What are apps that you NEED from Shopify app store

Hello! My name is Mark Skjerven and I am owner of clothingdiscounted.com  And I am slightly new to shopify have been using it for 3 months about and I was just wondering what apps are the best and an absoulute a need for any shopify store. Let me know what you think thank you so much!! -Mark Skjerven  

Oct 10 2018 by Naana
Mailchimp pop-up

I am trying to delete the mailchimp popup from my site.  I can't find the code for it and when I try to click "remove" on mailchimp it still doesn't work. Any help?

Oct 11 2018 by JB
My website and shopify compatibility ?

I have a wordpress website in the the heath and fitness niche targeting obesity. Since launching I have benn getting almost all my traffic via facebook so I am looking to build a facebook fanpage or will shopify fill the bill better. I provide extensive information on my site and also have links to affliate programmes. Is there anybody who can help me in deciding how to tackle this dilemma. ...

Oct 6 2016 by piperdg148
When are going to have access to greater participation of the user to im...

The checkout is not very customizable and  we can only customize some small visual aspects.    

Oct 8 2018 by Susflam
Lingerie online shop

I want to ask a few questions for those who already have a underwear shop, it can be newly fresh online shop!! What prompted you to open an e-shop in the niche of a lingerie? What kind of adds you use for bigger sales, have they proven? What are the biggest minuses for creating an e-store brand for lingerie niche? What would you recommend for new entrepreneurs who want to sell lingerie on...

Oct 10 2018 by Shopifyhelp
Info Tabs for a mobile platform

In responding to critiques to Shopify stores it is strongly suggested to have Tabs on product pages to display product info, contact info, shipping, about us, refund policy, etc...  I can copy and past coding from Shopify tutorials which will add this capability to my store on a desktop platform but not on a mobile platform.  Since a majority of product purchases emanate from mobile traffic, ho...

Oct 10 2018 by Aerial Spirit
Feedback about my store product price

Ever since I have created my store on 3rd August 2018 & using Google Adword to advertise. I only manage to get only 1 sale, can someone kindly give me some comments or feedbacks about my store product price is it too high?  My store url: https://pckt168.com     Regards  Peter Chan

Oct 10 2018 by Marco Rodriguez
help!!how to get traffic and marketing adult (sex) toys store!

hi, guys i am sherry, our products just release a week ago, it has been difficult marketing our product as we sell sex toys, i have done couple ads with google adwards and get some traffic but not much. it has no sales yet, i am wondering if any of you could give us some suggestions, why this is no sales, does our website look reliable? product look decent and price good attractive? we are n...

Nov 24 2017 by Jacky risham
20k visitors in 5 months, 40 Sales...HELP

Please help me finding out what is wrong :(   liquidationzusa.com

Jan 5 2018 by The Jewelry Magazine
3 Months - 2500 visitors - 1 Sale - WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

http://www.premium-fiber.com Hi everyone, and sorry to bother you. I've seen that there are plenty of people with similar issues here, and lots of threads with some great information as well. However, I have "fixed" my page a few times after reading some other threads, but still without any success. I am about to shut down my shopify store or completely change the products I offer.  I'...

Dec 15 2017 by Znee
To know more about shopify

Hello, I would like to know more about shopfiy

Oct 4 2018 by Nick
A lot of traffic but not sold

Theres a lot of traffic daily, sometimes i reached more than 200 daily and never less than 100 a day. They point to the store and order very few any help would be greatly appriciated, Thank you so much in advance.

Oct 2 2018 by Nick
Sequence Tags on Menu are not filtering products as desired

Hello, I would need help setting up menus and categories. So what we thought to do is: - I create the basic collections: man, woman, clothing, shoes, bags, accessories - the "sub-collections" are created automatically with the feed then: sneakers, coats, t-shirts, jeans - to avoid duplicating the man / woman and man sale / woman sale collections, I use tags from the menus - then I c...

Oct 3 2018 by MCLABELS
To know more about

I want to know more about shopfy

Oct 3 2018 by Nick
Bottle Deposits & Environmental Fees

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with adding bottle deposits and environmental fees to some of the products I carry in my store. I'm located in Canada British Columbia and on every can of soda there is 5 cent fee (deposit). Also bottles of mineral water will have a 10 cent fee. We do not give back this deposit. The customer takes this to a recycling centre and gets their 5 or 1...

Aug 1 2018 by John. S
How long does it take ?

We have a small bridal wear buisness and sell around 200 products and we were wondering how long it would take to set up the shopify account. What is the time frame that it has toke other small buisnesses ? THANK CRISTIANO

Sep 24 2018 by Ann