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Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

Jun 15 2017 by ttf236
Link Exchange

Hi guys, Looks like everybody is having similar problems. One of them is SEO. There are thousands of Shopify stores and in my opinion Shopify is failing about supporting our businesses. Anyways, that is another topic.  We should start exchanging backlinks, and help each other out. Please write your website here and what your website is about. Please don't forget that you don't want to lin...

Today by Authenturkish

We offer our financial instrument- lease BG/SBLC for such business covering Aviation, real estate development, oil and gas, bio tech, heavy construction involving dams, irrigation scheme, Hospitality, Foods industry, telecoms, laboratory etc. For further details contact us with the below information.... Contact : Mr. Kuo Chung Email: kuo.mandate72@gmail.com Skype ID: kuo.mandate72

Today by kuo chung
Taking prices off Portfolio collection

Hiya, I've just recently started selling on Shopify and I've sectioned each of my items into different collections. I've made a collection named "Portfolio" and just realised all my items on there have prices on! Do you know how I can get rid of the prices so its just the photos as obviously there not for sale, only in this collection though? Please help! Thanks Hayley

Yesterday by Hayley Rutterford
What are apps that you NEED from Shopify app store

Hello! My name is Mark Skjerven and I am owner of clothingdiscounted.com  And I am slightly new to shopify have been using it for 3 months about and I was just wondering what apps are the best and an absoulute a need for any shopify store. Let me know what you think thank you so much!! -Mark Skjerven  

Yesterday by Rock Paper Copy
Need Help Getting Sales!

Hello all, I made this shopify store selling drones and drone accessories about a month ago. I am starting to get worried because I havent gotten any sales and Im not getting much traffic either. I am using facebook ads to drive targeted traffic to my website at 5$ per day. Im only getting about 10-15 visits per day. My website uses dropshipping using Oberlo. Can anybody please help me build...

Yesterday by Rock Paper Copy
Warning if you sell pre-owned Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Rolex, etc. and Con...

After spending thousands of dollars building and promoting our site here on Shopify I was notified by a "risk" officer from Shopify that they are requiring me to receive letter of authorization to sell my authentic pre-owned "name brand" products or my Shopify payment gateway will be removed. Shopify can then charge you 2% on everything you sell since you will be required to use a third party g...

Yesterday by David
4 Months And Only 2 Sales, Advice?

G'day everyone,  I've been chopping and changing a lot throughout my time on shopify (different styles/niches) but currently I'm trying to target "party people". I've spent around $500 on Facebook ads alone, I try operate on $5 a day but just can't seem to pull enough traffic. Worked a tad on SEO but I believe it still needs work. Haven't really put enough time into learning how adwords real...

Jun 18 2017 by Sam Phillips-Turner

I have had my ecommerce jewelry store for 3 years now. I get no traffic, no sales. Maybe a few visitors here and there form time to time when I run FB and Instagram ads. I do newsletters, instagram marketing but nothing leads to sales. I installed a few apps that people suggested but still no activity. Could you please give me some ideas where the problem is? www.lilaclabel.com

Jun 26 2017 by True Talon
The good, the bad and the ugly!

Hi fellow entrepeneurs, I am not getting any sales from my website but am getting sales from selling consignment at yoga studios. Would you take a look at my website please? I would love a fresh set of eyes to review what I am doing right, what I can improve and what I should stop doing. Site is live from Sept. 2016 and only two online sales. Thank you so much.

Jun 24 2017 by Irene
Facebook or Instagram? Please give us some feedback

We've launched our store recently, and would like to have your valuabe advices. www.heelcatch.com We have tried facebook ads but didn't get too many people actually clicking and coming to our store. Now we're thinking, maybe Instagram marketing through influencers would be better suited marketing strategy for us, as facebook didn't do much for us.  So the questions are: Marketing &a...

Jun 21 2017 by ryann
Hiring a Shopify Expert

Has anyone ever hired a Shopify expert and what has been you thought on working with an expert. Where they able to bring some positive results to your site... 

Jun 15 2017 by Jarrett
We opened this eCommerce website in Shopify hoping to sell, but..

We opened this eCommerce website on Shopify hoping to sell, but so far no sell. Here is the address www.beautibathe.com We have almost 600 Instagram followers and some viewers to our website. We haven't sold even one item so far. Could you please take a look at my website and let me know your opinion? I appreciate it in advance.

Jun 15 2017 by Jarrett
Is somebody doing dropshipping from AMAZON into SHOPIFY store?

Hi all, My question is about importing from Amazon to Shopify. Not to popular topic as I can see. So... I just want to ask, if you use apps like "Zonify", for droppshipping to import products from Amazon to Shopify? Does work well? I'm thinking to start a new store and to use this method as the shipping will be much much faster if I will dropsip from USA to USA!  Personaly the shipping...

Jun 26 2017 by Dan
Support for Small Ecommerce Stores.

Hi everyone, I have created a Facebook group for people that want to support small busimess ventures, specificaly those who have small ecommerce stores.  Lots of people support the small business movement but have no idea which website are a small business. The small business support has been restricted to the idea of shopping locally, I want to change that.  You are all welcome to join t...

Jun 26 2017 by Dusty12

Hello, Maybe I am missing the answer but I don't see a direct answer just people giving links to articles I already read.  I live in  TX and right now I am only doing online so I just need to know what to check.  I need to collect in TX only is my understanding.  Do I check caluculate taxes automatically or leave it unchecked? If left unchecked will it automatically charge taxes in TX? Th...

Jun 24 2017 by Carla
How to get my first sale?

Hello, I started my first store selling t-shirts. I'm about a couple of weeks in, but how do I get my first sale? I'm using facebook advertising, but nothing is working so far. Do you guys have any ideas? Thanks! My website is blurtees.com.

Jun 24 2017 by Irene
I'm spending lots of money on ads and have a 0.5% conversion rate PLEASE...

Hello, I've opened my shop less than a week ago and I've seen some success but not nearly what I'd like to see. I've purchased ads through facebook and instagram and also paid for instagram accounts with a large female following to advertise my website. I have over 1500 visits but only 8 sales. That's less than 1% conversion. Obviously there's something wrong with my website that I don't see if...

Jun 24 2017 by Josh Atwell
New Sunglasses Website Please let me know what you think

We just create our frist ecommerce business. We choose to sell sunglasses because it is easy to sell. As we just pu online our store could you please tell us how to optimize it and how get more traffic ? Thanks very much for your help and suggestions (the website is in french, but you can change the language at the bottom of the page)

Jun 24 2017 by Meg K
Need consignment software

I own watchfinder.ca we sell pre-owned watches sometimes people want to leave it on consignment  I like a system that's already built into my Shopify backend as app any idea tracking of goods  how many customers wants  and what did it sell for  and disclosure on the bottom

Jun 23 2017 by David