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Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

Jan 5 2017 by Corey Ferreira
What is basic to start a E-commerce Business?

happy new year all. in this new year, i am looking for start a new e-commerce business. this is very important me to start a successful eCommerce business. I read some blog and article about Ecommerce solution. But I need some very good idea about my business. and need some killer idea to drive visitor on my Ecommerce Website. hope i get some very good idea from this forum. 

Today by TRYFA
Sourcing from China(Alibaba)

greetings So I have been in contact with a few suppliers on Alibaba regarding purchasing a few products that are related to a niche market that I want to sell into.  After searching through a few suppliers I found one that looks very professional and have been trading on Alibaba for about 8 years.   They make the same product that alot of the other suppliers do.  The difference is the ...

Yesterday by meibo
The #1 conversion killer

You are trying to sell in a market where the only sense the buyers are using is sight. What should be in your checklist to make sure your images are looking sharp! : High quality images - sharp, focused, large images sell best. Multiple images - show your product from different angles and possibly in use Colorful - draws the eye and stimulates the mind White background - gives co...

Yesterday by Jesse Glover
How to add order date to order confirmation email ?

I´ve added following code to the order confirmation template but non will work. {{created_at}} {{order.created_at}} {{order.created_at | date: "%a, %b %d, %y" }} What code should I insert in order to show the order date? Thanks  

Yesterday by Anders
Geo location - how to show customers a navigation route to my products w...

Hi  All my products in my shopify store have geo-coordinates and are placed on different adresses.  I would like my website to be able to: Show a navigation route from my customers current geo-location to the product on my shopify website, that are closest to my customers geo-location. I would also like the customer to be able to buy the closest product (add to basket)   I believ...

Jan 22 2017 by Anders
ecommerce issue

I am based in Calgary, Alberta and my ecommerce business model is :- I will build and operate a website in Asia. Once people start buying from my website, I will have the order processed from retailers in the U.S . When I have considerable orders as in 10-20 orders, I will have them shipped overseas (I assume it will be once a week in the beginning) .  The problem I am facing at th...

Jan 22 2017 by JimKurby
Supply Theme Multi-Column Dropdown

I'd like to be able to create dropdown lists for the header menus. Has anyone been able create a multi-column dropdown for the Supply theme at all? I've search all the forums but none seems to apply to said theme. Hope someone can help. Thank you.

Jan 21 2017 by RepublicsFury
Move a button's location - Supply Theme

I've been trying to move a button but can't figure out how. I've tried several methods to no avail. Here's the code:   </head>   <body id="{{ page_title | handle }}" class="{% if customer %}customer-logged-in {% endif %}template-{{ template | replace: '.', ' ' | truncatewords: 1, '' | handle }}" >   {% section 'header' %}   <button type="button" style="text-align: cen...

Jan 21 2017 by RepublicsFury
eShop for Coaching

Hi! So I will start offering my clients group coaching products. I want to do that on my facebook page with Shopify for facebook. The process is very simple: - group product - limited number of people (only 25 people can buy certain product) - after purchase I would like to be able to send them the link (link in universal for 1 group) to our facebook closed group How could I do th...

Jan 21 2017 by Mihael Matlievski
Please help it has been 3 months I haven't run my store except spending ...

All of my pixels have been installed. However, I can never "Place Order" a Website Conversion ad or any other type of ad. Facebook keeps saying this: Your ad may not be optimized for conversions because we haven't received any activity from the conversion you selected at all or in more than 14 days. We found 1 error. The content you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be...

Jan 20 2017 by Dung
Custom URL paths

This has been brought up plenty of times on this forum, but Shopify, you seriously need to address the issue. When will we be able to customize our own URL paths? This is a HUGE factor in SEO, and one where Shopify has dropped the ball BIG TIME. To me, this seems like an incredibly easy fix. For example, take a look at one of my blog posts: https://www.nurserytreewholesalers.com/blogs/nur...

Jan 20 2017 by Tim Habenicht
Business Name Ideas

Hello my name is Kieran and I own a web design buisness. I am looking to rebrand and to do so I need some buisness name ideas, preferibly one word but any length can work. If you have any ideas for a buisness name for my web design company please comment it below, all suggestions are appreciated!

Jan 19 2017 by Essential Oils UK
why my post doesn't show up on forum?

I just created a forum discussion and after publishing that I'm not able to find it any where on the forum. I can see the post on my profile, but when click on it,then it just redirecting to the forum main page. Just wanna know what is the problem exactly? Thanks in advance :)

Sep 26 2016 by Serena Nicole
Product Photos

Hello all,    After adding up my costs for the year I realise I spend too much money hiring people to take photos. This is a really important part of our business as we sell high value products but I am looking to optimise this and probably ony rely on experts for our lifestyle hosts.   That said I have bought a camera and want to start taking the day to day product photography. Doe...

Jan 18 2017 by carpenter jim
Need a good looking store built for cheap? - $49

Are you struggling to build a good looking site? Can't afford a premium theme?  My goal is to help begginers! Hi, My name is Josh and I build beautiful looking websites with an awesome premium theme for super cheap!  I've built over 50 websites in the past few months and enjoy helping newbies get started as i wish someone would have done with me when I was just starting. I also know...

Jan 17 2017 by Bryan Kiser
FREE Shopify Store Setup!

Hey, We're members of the shopify partner program. We setup and build shopify stores for you. We're going to be doing the first 10 for FREE. That's right - no cost to you. Just pay for your shopify plan and domain, and we'll help you setup the rest. Incase you're wondering why we're doing this: We have our own shopify businesses - www.livewithspirit.store & www.diapertohome.com but ou...

Jan 17 2017 by Bryan Kiser
Enabling Chat Option on my Store

Hi; I am trying to enable the chat option on my store, the customers who drive into the website, I should have an opportunity to chat with them. Challenge: Once i enable the chat option it gets enabled on the CART button available on site. Any recommendations for chat softwares anyone using with good feedback. Thanks

Jan 16 2017 by Jon
Watch Me Build a Successful Business from Scratch Right in front of Your...

Sorry for the super infomercial-y title to this post. I'm trying to measure interest in a new project I'm mulling over. Hit reply to this thread and let me know what you think. ### Rose Traylor is one of my favorite people (somewhere just behind my awesome parents). You’ve never heard of her before, but she is the number one popcorn chef in the world. According to anyone who has had the g...

Jan 16 2017 by Chris Jones
User maintain product at cart page

I have an doubt and explain with example. User A, logged into the site and added the 3 ( Ball, bat and pen) products in Cart page and then logged out form the site. Few days later, the Same User A, logged into the site using other devices or browser( Not same browser). On that case we need to display the same 3 ( Ball, bat and pen) products in Cart page. How to implement this process t...

Jan 10 2017 by William M