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Free Webinar: How to Quickly Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business g6

Every week, Shopify hosts a free workshop that walks you through how to setup your online store, step-by-step, using dropshipping to fulfill orders. You’ll learn how to find awesome products you can quickly import into your store and begin selling immediately. Can’t make it? Register to get the recording after the event goes live. Register here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/3030582-free-webi...

Apr 26 2017 by Harish
Large amount of Visits; Little Sales

So in the year i have been open i have amassed 207,428 visits.  I have had a total of 4 sales. Any advise on how to get a better conversion rate?

Jun 25 2018 by Sofie
Duplicate store to another language? (Multilanguage)

Hi, I want to feature my store in danish and english without using paid apps.  The plan is to dublicate the store I already have, and translate it into danish. Then somehow make it accesable through www.WEBSITE.com/da, and link that somewhere on the original page. My question is: How do I dublicate my store?

Oct 17 2017 by studio 131
Need input on my brands name

Hi! Im trying to come up with a name for my clothing brand and i need some input. If you have time to spare, could you please take a look on https://goo.gl/forms/DelyLAVB9WnHBDRG3 The basic idea is that it will be a streetwear brand. If you have any good names im up for suggestions, please let me know if you have any!

Today by Morgan
how to Build my E-commerce ranking?

hi Everyone!        i started a new e-commerce business. i need help to build my ranking.

Yesterday by Akanksha Singh
Tons of Traffic but Very few conversions

Hello All, I have just recently started my Shopify store and have been adding products and running ads on two different platforms. I have been getting a lot of traffic but very few conversions. Can you look at my site and see if there is something wrong I am not catching? www.Vettora.com I am new to Shopify but I am not new to  ecommerce or dropshipping. I would love some advice on my sit...

Today by Nick
Remote Pop Up Shop!

Hello, We are trying to look for team that can take our merchendise and do pop up shows around the country for us. We used to do this ourselves and we no longer have the time to do it. I was wondering if anyone knows of a company that offers such service, where we ship them the merchendise and they do a POP up shop for a period of time.   Thank You

Yesterday by Rockpapercopy
Good Traffic but no sales :(, please HELP

Hello, I have lauched my e-commerce like a week ago, the traffic is good, the ads are running but there are no sales yet.  All advices that you may have are more than welcomed.  Thanks a lot in advance.  website: www.feelyourbody-shop.com (I mainly focus on leggings and sets), the website is originally in French.  Gilles

Sep 17 2018 by Gilles Chaspierre
How to add 'add to cart' button on collection for each product on brokle...

Hi, I'm new to shopify. I would like to know how do I add 'add to cart' button on collections for each of the product for brokleyne, debut and supply theme please and when the user clicks on the button, it should add that product to the cart without asking the user to check out. I found a few post related to add to cart, but with those solutions, when I click on add to cart button, it red...

Sep 15 2018 by lost kitten
Need consignment software

I own watchfinder.ca we sell pre-owned watches sometimes people want to leave it on consignment  I like a system that's already built into my Shopify backend as app any idea tracking of goods  how many customers wants  and what did it sell for  and disclosure on the bottom

Sep 14 2018 by consignment.software

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Aug 27 2018 by vir1 Admin
Mail Chimp Pop Up

Hi,  I have recently set up a mail chimp pop up subscription form for my website. www.bluebellabbey.co.uk  and it is not working, I have not added any code to my site as I can't find where to add it and MailChimp is not providing me with any code?  Can anyone help me out?  Many thanks,  

Aug 27 2018 by Parker
How to send/recieve customers' data safely

We're building the 'Support' project for Merchants and got a question about how to get customers' info and actually display their personal info to customers... The question I'd like you to ask about The ability for Customers to view all their tickets - whether we can take/provide their info if they're registered. To determine whether the customer is registered or not there's 'if' in Liqui...

Sep 13 2018 by Max Polukarov

Dear All I have Canopy theme, and i need to hide the author from my blog posts. How can i do that? Could ypu please help me? Thank you in advance!! Best regards Evangelia www.secretcloset.com.cy

Sep 13 2018 by Evangelia Vroullidou

Dear All I have Canopy theme, and i need to hide the author from my blog posts. How can i do that? Could you please help me? Thank you in advance!! Best regards Evangelia www.secretcloset.com.cy

Sep 13 2018 by Evangelia Vroullidou
Have Facebook business account. Tried getting a Instagram Bus Account th...

Does anybody know why my online homebrewing store that is approved by Facebook got rejected by Instagram? That makes no sense and how do I appeal the decision? Thank you, Tom Wood Woody's Home Brew

Sep 12 2018 by Ayah Collective

Hi, i have had some sales i my store, no I want to collect the money. I setup a paypal account a few days ago but haven’t received a payment. How can I collect my money? Thanks.

Aug 16 2018 by Mass Koupons
Shopify Supply Theme Add to Cart Button on Collection Page

I am using Supply theme in shopify and customized it to have a add to cart button on the collection page. The issue is that this collection page redirects to the cart url and we want it to open a pop up? Any Ideas?

Sep 12 2018 by Daniyal
Why shopify is favorite?

Tell your answer about Why shopify is favorite? From: Your Ghostwriter

Sep 12 2018 by sahiltaivas
How do I go about doing this ?

Hello everyone My name is Sterling, and I'm looking into becoming a dropshipping supplier for online retail stores. I currently have access to over 2000 different skews in the kitchen and culinary accessories area.  But how do I go about doing that ? Where does one start, can I convert a shipify store to support such platform ? Any leads, suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Sep 11 2018 by Ash