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Ongoing updates to App Store search rankings

You may have noticed some changes to the ordering of apps in our category pages and app search results in the Shopify App Store. We’ve been in the process of rolling out ongoing improvements to our algorithms that will help merchants easily find high quality apps that best fit their business.  It is important to note that these changes apply to both your existing app listing and the enhanced...

Feb 12 2018 by Tony Bui
Live Chat App: WhereEver Chat

Hello, Does anyone know anything about this app? looks new with no reviews, but I like the video feature. https://apps.shopify.com/wherever-chat I'm also looking for good chat apps that allow me to input html text in canned messages, any other reccomendations would be great!    

Oct 18 2018 by Alia Makarem
Disadvantage of new App Store for new apps

I think it is al little bit unfair for new apps to be discovered since there is no something like "new and noteworthy" section now. Instead of it you have a trending apps section but for new app it is impossible to go in trending apps section because apps in trending section already have a lot of installs and reviews. I afraid my app will get lost there. When I check analytics I see only 1 v...

Oct 15 2018 by Ann
Built in Customer Service App?

Hello. I was wondering if there was any sort of built-in customer service app for a ticketing system. We currently use Freshdesk but I'd really rather have my customer service/orders team working on ONE platform, not all over the place.  So I'd prefer them to stay on Shopify and manage all incoming order queries there that could then possibly be linked to the customers' orders.  Is ...

Sep 25 2018 by Nick
A general question regarding the new img_url tag in Shopify

Hi All I am just asking a simple query regarding the img_url new parameters, perhaps someone already asked and answered this type of topic in past, but I am not find anything regarding then I will be asking here again.. This is the older method to pass the size in img_url, that may be removed in future because of it is already deprecated. To get a medium: {% if collection.image %}{{ c...

Sep 12 2018 by onkar
When will the new app store be launched? When new apps will be approved?

1. When will the new app store be launched? Shopify said Summer 2018. Anyone knows when exactly? 2. Also, the app submission/approval delays have been terrible last few weeks/months. Anyone knows when it will be back to normal (used to be 2-3 weeks delay, now it seems it's more like 2-3 months delay). 

Sep 7 2018 by gautham
Brooklyn Theme - How to add a second Shop Now Button to the main Slider

Hi  Can someone please help me with coding to create a second button on the Brooklyn Theme main Slider, so I can have a Button for Men & Button for Women instead of shop now? WIth thanks & Regards  Aziz

Aug 31 2018 by mani
How to get Order details from API (php program sample)

Good morning. In order to get order details from API. I saw the page  'https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/orders/order' I can understand that ,      Retrieve all orders GET /admin/orders.json But I would like to see program sample (PHP) to get the order detail. Would you please give me advice about where (URL) to get the sample program.  

Aug 9 2018 by Prabhat
admin/collections.json api is not working

hello to @all I'm trying to fetch data from mystore into ionic application. admin/products.json     works fine admin/orders.json         works fine admin/customer.json     works fine admin/collections.json   Not working      error    ```GET http://localhost:8100/api/admin/collections.json 404 (Not Found)``` but it works in the browser.  

Aug 2 2018 by zia
How detect visitor location???

 Hi all,  I want to detect visitor location, for respective countries, open the desired subdomain(language) and currency. Help me to find any solutions?

Aug 9 2018 by saisaanvi
WrapItSmart. The best app for gift wrapping

Hi everyone. I want to introduce a new app from App Developer Group. WrapItSmart solution, which gives your customers all features for products wrapping. Please share your views on the project. Thank you.  

Jul 13 2018 by Ben
Sendtinel. A new shopify app. Products rebates and back to stock alerts ...

We are happy to announce our new Shopify app: Sendtinel, hoping to change email alerts and marketing for all Shopify merchants with products rebates and back to stock alerts per product/variant, plus custom email campaigns. We have a free plan. Please, can you try the app and provide some feedback ? Shopify app store: https://apps.shopify.com/sendtinel Landing page: https://sendtinel.com

Jun 28 2018 by Yenier
can I add more than one account to instagram or facebook apps sales cha...

can I add more than one account to instagram or facebook  apps sales channels

Jun 21 2018 by drm
[META] Shouldn't this forum be locked to official update posts?

As the title suggests. I subscribed to this forum to receive notifications of app store updates, but I'm receiving notifications from people needing support requests. Please consider locking this area of the forums to official posts only. Thanks!

Jun 19 2018 by Chris