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Stay up to date with the Storefront API changes

Hey All! Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work improving the Storefront API to enable you to build custom storefronts on Shopify’s platform. The following changes are all available in the Storefront API, and we are continuously updating the JS Buy SDK and Mobile Buy SDKs to include these new changes. Check out our documentation for additional information.   New Features ...

Dec 7 2018 by Mark Lau
[LAUNCH] New Plus Partner Sandbox Stores

Edit: 22/05/18: I've passed along all the feedback to the relevant teams, thanks all! Hi Partners! Shopify Plus Partners can now create Shopify Plus Sandbox Stores. These stores are a sandbox store that includes most of the features that are available on the Shopify Plus plan, so you can learn how to build on Shopify Plus and create demos for prospective merchants.   Key feature...

May 24 2018 by Andrew Evershed
Shopify is Deprecating its Support of TLS 1.0 and 1.1

Update June 1st 5:10pm EDT Update; We will be extending the deadline, TLS 1.0 and 1.1 should be able to connect again.  I will share more information when I have a specific date.  However, this date will be before June 30th 2018, as that is the global deprecation date, after which you will not be PCI Compliant. The extended deadline is June 20th, 2018.  Hey All,   As part...

Sep 27 2018 by yusef
POS SDK now supports applying discount codes

Hey All!   With the latest update partners can call setDiscount with a discount code created in Admin -> Discounts as an Edit Cart action for merchants who have Shopify POS Android v3.1.3 and POS iOS v5.2.1 installed. Learn more about it here.   We encourage you to try setting cart discounts with a code. We’d love to hear your feedback and how you’ll use this in your app. If you ...

Nov 20 2018 by Ryan O
[Bug fix] Billing API: Double billing charges on reinstall

Prior to November 5th, 2018, if a merchant were to install an app with a RecurringApplicationCharge, uninstall it and then reinstall, all within a 30 day window, there may be overlapping billing days for the app. As a result, the merchant could be subject to paying twice for the same app.   We’ve addressed this bug with our most recent update to the Billing API described below: When th...

Nov 18 2018 by Code Black Belt
Upcoming changes to SmartCollection API

Shopify currently requires that products within smart collections be sorted either manually or automatically. Manual sorting means that all products are sorted manually into the required display order. Automatic sorting enables products to be sorted automatically (for example, alphabetically or chronologically). Beginning in mid October, it will be possible to sort some products manually wit...

Nov 7 2018 by Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie
[Deprecated Notice] inventory_quantity and inventory_policy fields in JS...

As of Dec 5th 2017, inventory_quantity and inventory_policy fields accessed through a json Liquid filter are deprecated. The json filter will not output those fields for shops created after Dec 5th. If you want to consume inventory information about a product, you can leverage variant.inventory_quantity and variant.inventory_policy. We recommend using that information behind a setting that the ...

Nov 1 2018 by yaya
New 'json_string' value type for Metafield object

The Metafield object has been updated with a new 'json_string' value type. This makes it easy to store arbitrary structured data within the Shopify platform and access it inside Liquid templates. Notably, when accessing the value of 'json_string' value type metafields, the data is deserialized to an iterable hash or array.   See more examples:

Oct 27 2018 by RustyDev
Order API Address Validation Updates

Hey Shopify Developers, There are some changes today to how addresses are validated when importing Orders through the Order API. Shipping and billing addresses are now being validated to ensure the presence of the following fields: Customer last name (last_name) First address line (address1) City Country If the address validation fails, the order will still be created but...

Oct 25 2018 by developer8971
Upcoming change to ProductVariants default parameters

Hey all, When creating a new ProductVariant, there are going to be some changes to the defaults when not specified. inventory_quantity now defaults to 0 inventory_management now defaults to shopify The change to inventory_quantity is live, the change to inventory_management will come next week.  Please respond with any comments or questions. Cheers, Shopify Apps Team

Oct 25 2018 by Steve
Cancelling an already cancelled fulfillment will return HTTP 200

Hey All,   Currently if you cancel a fulfillment that already is marked "status": "cancelled" you will receive a 422 HTTP Error response with the message "errors": "An error occurred, please try again".  We’re shipping a change so that this action will instead return an HTTP 200 response.  This will bring fulfillments in line with the orders endpoint where attempting to cancel an already ...

Oct 19 2018 by Ryan O
New Dynamic Checkout feature.

Update 18/04/2018: Thanks for all the questions and comments, I will pass them along to the Checkout team! Hey All, On April 3rd 2018, we are releasing a new Dynamic Checkout feature.  This feature will be available to all merchants when they upgrade to the latest version of their theme. Dynamic Checkout adds a liquid filter to the product form tag to render a payment button on the...

Oct 19 2018 by Juha
vendor and fulfillment_service now set implicitly on Order create

Team, Today we deployed a fix to the Orders API that ensures a more intuitive experience around vendor and fulfillment_service. Prior to this fix, when creating an Order with a product variant id, the vendor and fulfillment_service had to be set explcitly in the request. If not set explicitly, vendor would default to NULL ignoring any existing vendor for the Product and fulfillment_servic...

Oct 14 2018 by WMD
Upcoming change to Order API line item quantity validation

On Thursday October 25th, Shopify will introduce validation to line item quantity which prevents the creation of line items with 0 quantity. This means that orders created via the Order API must have a line item quantity greater than or equal to 1. If an app attempts to create a line item with a quantity of 0 the Order API will return a status of `422` with the error message `Quantity must b...

Sep 28 2018 by HunkyBill
Breaking change to Safari — ITP 2.0

Safari is expected to release a new version of its Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) 2.0 in Safari on September 24th with macOS 10.14 Mojave. Unlike earlier versions, ITP 2.0 immediately partitions cookies after a user interaction occurs on the top level domain (TLD). The previous general cookie access window of 24 hours after user interaction has been removed. This means that if your Sh...

Sep 24 2018 by QnavWhat
[GDPR] - Receiving a Customer Redaction Request

Hey All, just wanted to share a quick update from the team.   In May, we shared communications regarding the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and what it means for merchants and developers on our platform. One key aspect of the GDPR is that individuals now have the right to request access to their personal data and/or have their personal data deleted. To...

Sep 20 2018 by NexusMedia
New parameter in the PriceRule API: Allocation Limit

Hi Devs! We’re adding a highly requested new parameter to the PriceRule API - allocation_limit. This new parameter represents the number of times the discount can be applied to the cart, if eligible. This additional parameter will only be available for Buy X Get Y discount types.   For example: a “Buy 1 Hat Get 1 Hat For Free” discount can be applied 2 times on a cart having more than 4 h...

Sep 17 2018 by ryantimalbert
Changes to discount_codes on the Orders API

The discount_codes property in the Orders API has been traditionally used for creating manual discounts. The specified amount is not inherently calculated for line items or shipping lines, rather it is applied at the order level. The  code property is used as the discount description without any expected discount code lookup being performed. Hence, the actual discount code.usage_count does not ...

Sep 13 2018 by Chris
Storefront Checkout API, error messages localized for shop locale

Hey Shopify Developers, Error messages returned by the Storefront Checkout API will now be localized to the shop’s locale. For example, if the shop locale is set to ES-MX, error messages will now be presented in Spanish.  The value for code will remain the same, so you can continue to use this attribute for error recovery in your business logic. Cheers!

Sep 12 2018 by Jamie D.
Loading storefront in iFrame, X-Frame-Options

UPDATE: This change has been temporarily reverted in order to allow apps to migrate away from an iFrame-based solution. We're putting this change back into production on October 16th. Merchant security remains a top priority for all of us, and this change is an important part of that security. The solution based on frame_tokens is being retired internally in the near future, so we won't be o...

Sep 10 2018 by Tyler