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API Announcements Forum -- Subscribe to stay up to date about the API g5

In this forum we will post all official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Such as new features and endpoints, upcoming deprecations and changes or planned maintenance that might affect your app. We recommend subscribing to this forum to make sure you are always hear about the changes that might affect you apps in time. You can subscribe by clicking on the blue Subscribe button on thi...

Apr 4 2014 by Maarten van Grootel
New: API Credential Rotation

You can now generate a second shared secret with its own associated access tokens and migrate your app to use them before the original set of credentials is revoked. This means that you can rotate all of your app's credentials with zero downtime.Why would I do that?API credentials occasionally need to be changed from time to time when security flaws are discovered and/or when internal developme...

Apr 18 2016 by Jamie D.
[Deprecation] Important changes to ProductVariant, Refund and Fulfillmen...

Hey Devs, Shopify is preparing to release multi-location inventory features to all merchants this summer. All apps that create fulfillments or manage inventory will need to be updated by July 1st, 2018, to remain functional on shops that track inventory across multiple locations. Key dates July 1st, 2018 Apps will no longer be able to create fulfillments without specifying a loca...

Yesterday by Poul Poulsen
HTTP Webhooks being removed.

Hey all, In 2018 HTTP is a thing of the past, and over ~95% of you agree.  We are looking to reach 100% HTTPS by 2019.  Therefore we are going to start the deprecation of HTTP webhooks completely.  Here is what the timeline looks like:   On May 1st 2018, newly created apps will no longer be able to create HTTP webhooks. On July 1st 2018, all apps will no longer be able to create HTTP ...

Apr 24 2018 by John Stevens
Changes to discount_codes on the Orders API

The discount_codes property in the Orders API has been traditionally used for creating manual discounts. The specified amount is not inherently calculated for line items or shipping lines, rather it is applied at the order level. The  code property is used as the discount description without any expected discount code lookup being performed. Hence, the actual discount code.usage_count does not ...

Apr 24 2018 by HunkyBill
Price Rules API now supports bulk discount code creation

Hey everyone, We’re very excited to announce that as of September 28th, 2017, Shopify API supports bulk discount code creation. With the introduction of bulk discounts, we will allow a single price rule to be associated with multiple discount codes. Therefore, an app that wishes to create multiple discount codes for a single price rule can perform additional independent API calls for each di...

Apr 24 2018 by anaforejt
New Dynamic Checkout feature.

Update 18/04/2018: Thanks for all the questions and comments, I will pass them along to the Checkout team! Hey All, On April 3rd 2018, we are releasing a new Dynamic Checkout feature.  This feature will be available to all merchants when they upgrade to the latest version of their theme. Dynamic Checkout adds a liquid filter to the product form tag to render a payment button on the...

Apr 20 2018 by Lily Jiang
Customers now have a limit of 100 addresses

Hi Everyone, This change has been reverted for now.  This is not a permanent reversion, it will return in the future, but we've decided to put that on hold until after BFCM. Update 10/25/2017     Hey everyone, Effective immediately, we are adding a limit of 100 addresses per customer.  This will be implemented through a validation on customer address creation. Here are ...

Apr 18 2018 by Ryan O
Changes to the Order API Cancel endpoint

Hi all, On March 1st, Shopify will prevent cancellations of fulfilled or partially fulfilled orders.  Post-fulfillment order cancellations are rare and can lead to confusing fulfillment states and discrepancies in reporting. Thus, attempting to cancel a fulfilled or partially fulfilled order using the Orders API cancel endpoint will return an error. If you have any questions, concerns,...

Apr 13 2018 by Joseph Chan
Shop IDs now exceed 32-bit integer max value

Hey Developers! Back in 2013, Shopify started to transition its ID columns from 32-bit to 64-bit in order to handle the sheer amount of data we process. This post is a reminder of all the great advice from that thread, as recently generated shop IDs have exceeded the 32-bit threshold. We're excited to have reached this milestone, and wanted to give everyone a heads up. What this means for...

Apr 10 2018 by Wayne
New: quantity prerequisite parameter in the PriceRule API

Hey All, We're introducing a new prerequisite_quantity_range parameter on PriceRule! Help merchants move inventory with discounts that require a minimum quantity of items. For example, you can now create 20% off on products from specific collections when customer buys 3 items or more. This new property can be used with all discount types: percentage, fixed amount or free shipping discount...

Apr 6 2018 by Cam
Upcoming improvements to Webhooks

Update Jan 12th below: The de-bounce change is now live for all shops.  Please keep leaving your questions and concerns around this new improvement in this thread.  Feel free to share some stats as well. As for other webhook related issues; feel free to keep bringing them up as well, just note that these improvements are solely based on eliminating duplicates and do not alter the conten...

Mar 21 2018 by Ryan O
[Deprecated Notice] inventory_quantity and inventory_policy fields in JS...

As of Dec 5th 2017, inventory_quantity and inventory_policy fields accessed through a json Liquid filter are deprecated. The json filter will not output those fields for shops created after Dec 5th. If you want to consume inventory information about a product, you can leverage variant.inventory_quantity and variant.inventory_policy. We recommend using that information behind a setting that the ...

Apr 1 2018 by Gaurav
Order API Address Validation Updates

Hey Shopify Developers, There are some changes today to how addresses are validated when importing Orders through the Order API. Shipping and billing addresses are now being validated to ensure the presence of the following fields: Customer last name (last_name) First address line (address1) City Country If the address validation fails, the order will still be created but...

Mar 28 2018 by Charles Marsh
Changes to the Orders API 'name' filter

Hi All,   We have made some changes to the `name` filter in the orders API.   This is an undocumented parameter and as such is not supported, but we see there are apps using this filter to emulate the admin search.   As a result of our change, it is now a fuzzier search that may return more than one result.  If your code was using a filter for `name`, and could only handle an exact ...

Mar 20 2018 by Radek
[New Launch] Access Scope API

Today, we're launching the new Access Scope API which allows you to query a merchant's shop for the list of permissions associated to your app. GET /admin/oauth/access_scopes.json {   "access_scopes": [     {       "handle": "read_products"     },     {       "handle": "write_orders"     }   ] } Using this functionality you can easily manage scopes across your various user's...

Feb 27 2018 by Jamie D.
Issues with the Partner Dashboard

Hi Shopify Partners, You may be experiencing some issues with the Shopify Partner Dashboard. In particular, we are aware that in the “App History” log for each app, some payment details may not be appearing. We are actively working on a fix for these issues and will let you know when the issue has been resolved.   Cheers, Shopify Apps Team

Mar 6 2018 by Maris
Loading storefront in iFrame, X-Frame-Options

UPDATE: This change has been temporarily reverted in order to allow apps to migrate away from an iFrame-based solution. We're putting this change back into production on October 16th. Merchant security remains a top priority for all of us, and this change is an important part of that security. The solution based on frame_tokens is being retired internally in the near future, so we won't be o...

Mar 9 2018 by Dan Sundy
Upcoming changes to character encoding in Shopify

Hey Shopify Developers, Starting on Monday July 24th, there will be some changes to how certain properties such as tags and handles are encoded. Currently Shopify only supports ASCII characters for these properties. Going forward, Shopify will support a full UTF-8 character set for these properties, and you can expect the values of these properties to contain non-ASCII characters. For ...

Mar 7 2018 by Jordy
New: Changing product metafields always triggers the product/update webh...

Previously, product/update webhooks were not always sent for changes to product metafields depending on how those changes were made.  The logic for sending the webooks has now been unified across all methods.  A product/update webhook will be triggered for: creating a new metafield updating an existing metafield with a new value deleting an exisitng metafield

Mar 6 2018 by Traun Leyden