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In this forum we will post all official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Such as new features and endpoints, upcoming deprecations and changes or planned maintenance that might affect your app. We recommend subscribing to this forum to make sure you are always hear about the changes that might affect you apps in time. You can subscribe by clicking on the blue Subscribe button on thi...

Apr 4 2014 by Maarten van Grootel
New: API Credential Rotation

You can now generate a second shared secret with its own associated access tokens and migrate your app to use them before the original set of credentials is revoked. This means that you can rotate all of your app's credentials with zero downtime.Why would I do that?API credentials occasionally need to be changed from time to time when security flaws are discovered and/or when internal developme...

Apr 18 2016 by Jamie D.
New 'json_string' value type for Liquid Metafield object

The Metafield object in Liquid has been updated with a new 'json_string' value type. This makes it easy to store arbitrary structured data within the Shopify platform and access it inside Liquid templates. Notably, when accessing the value of 'json_string' value type metafields, the data is deserialized to an iterable hash or array.   See more examples: https://help.shopify.com/en/themes/...

Today by Clement
Breaking change to Safari — ITP 2.0

Safari is expected to release a new version of its Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) 2.0 in Safari on September 24th with macOS 10.14 Mojave. Unlike earlier versions, ITP 2.0 immediately partitions cookies after a user interaction occurs on the top level domain (TLD). The previous general cookie access window of 24 hours after user interaction has been removed. This means that if your Sh...

Yesterday by Clement
New parameter in the PriceRule API: Allocation Limit

Hi Devs! We’re adding a highly requested new parameter to the PriceRule API - allocation_limit. This new parameter represents the number of times the discount can be applied to the cart, if eligible. This additional parameter will only be available for Buy X Get Y discount types.   For example: a “Buy 1 Hat Get 1 Hat For Free” discount can be applied 2 times on a cart having more than 4 h...

Sep 17 2018 by ryantimalbert
New Dynamic Checkout feature.

Update 18/04/2018: Thanks for all the questions and comments, I will pass them along to the Checkout team! Hey All, On April 3rd 2018, we are releasing a new Dynamic Checkout feature.  This feature will be available to all merchants when they upgrade to the latest version of their theme. Dynamic Checkout adds a liquid filter to the product form tag to render a payment button on the...

Sep 15 2018 by Ian Rowe
[Updated Deadline] Breaking changes to Product/Variant, Fulfillment, and...

UPDATE SEP 14 Hey Devs! We've recently shipped a new change to help with identifying calls that we consider deprecated.  We've added a new header to return on these calls: X-Shopify-API-Deprecated-Reason If you receive one of these headers in your response, this means Shopify considers that a deprecated call.  This is an effort to allow these calls to be machine readable, and logg...

Sep 14 2018 by Ryan O
Updated Deadline: Aug 1st -- [Deprecation] Important changes to ProductV...

UPDATE SEP 14  Hey Devs! We've recently shipped a new change to help with identifying calls that we consider deprecated.  We've added a new header to return on these calls: X-Shopify-API-Deprecated-Reason If you receive one of these headers in your response, this means Shopify considers that a deprecated call.  This is an effort to allow these calls to be machine readable, and log...

Sep 14 2018 by Ryan O
Discount Applications exposes line level discounts on the Order API

Hi! If you missed it at Unite this year, we've exposed line level discount information on the Order API with a new readable property: discount_applications.  Take a look at the updated Order API reference for all of the details.  This feature will enable more accurate accounting when discounts are involved in orders. We look forward to seeing what features this enables, as always please l...

Sep 13 2018 by Chris
Changes to discount_codes on the Orders API

The discount_codes property in the Orders API has been traditionally used for creating manual discounts. The specified amount is not inherently calculated for line items or shipping lines, rather it is applied at the order level. The  code property is used as the discount description without any expected discount code lookup being performed. Hence, the actual discount code.usage_count does not ...

Sep 13 2018 by Chris
Storefront Checkout API, error messages localized for shop locale

Hey Shopify Developers, Error messages returned by the Storefront Checkout API will now be localized to the shop’s locale. For example, if the shop locale is set to ES-MX, error messages will now be presented in Spanish.  The value for code will remain the same, so you can continue to use this attribute for error recovery in your business logic. Cheers!

Sep 12 2018 by Jamie D.
[UPDATED] Upcoming changes to the Shopify Order Risks API

IMPORTANT UPDATE AUGUST 3, 2018:  These changes will go live for all shops on September 17, 2018.    On October 16th 2017, we'll be changing how we display fraud risk information on the order page in the Shopify admin. This will also impact how risk information is exposed in the Order Risks API. Today, all order risks for an order are grouped together on the order page regardle...

Sep 12 2018 by Allan
Loading storefront in iFrame, X-Frame-Options

UPDATE: This change has been temporarily reverted in order to allow apps to migrate away from an iFrame-based solution. We're putting this change back into production on October 16th. Merchant security remains a top priority for all of us, and this change is an important part of that security. The solution based on frame_tokens is being retired internally in the near future, so we won't be o...

Sep 10 2018 by Tyler
Storefront API: Inventory validation removed from checkoutCreate

Hey All, We've recently shipped a change that removes inventory validation from the `checkoutCreate` mutation in the Storefront API. This is part of our effort to eliminate the risk of bots and crawlers from getting access to inventory information on stores that they haven't explicitly been granted access to. As always, please respond with any questions or concerns. Happy Coding! Sh...

Sep 10 2018 by Ryan O
Mandatory GDPR webhooks for all apps

Hi Shopify Devs,   In response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we've introduced some important changes to our platform to help you properly handle the privacy and security of customers’ personal information.   New mandatory webhooks Two new mandatory webhooks are available to every public app: customers/redact: When a buyer requests deletion of thei...

Sep 10 2018 by Ryan O
Inventory levels will no longer be available through the public product....

In 30 days, inventory levels will no longer be returned by the public product.json that's available on the storefront of newly created shops. If you want to consume inventory information about a product, you'll have to auth with the store first. This is a part of our effort to eliminate bots and crawlers from knowing inventory levels of products from stores that they haven't explicitly been gra...

Sep 6 2018 by Mike
[GDPR] - Receiving a Customer Redaction Request

Hey All, just wanted to share a quick update from the team.   In May, we shared communications regarding the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and what it means for merchants and developers on our platform. One key aspect of the GDPR is that individuals now have the right to request access to their personal data and/or have their personal data deleted. To...

Aug 31 2018 by qikify
[GraphQL] New Mutation for bulk inventory adjustment at a single location

Hey Devs,   To allow apps to sync inventory changes faster, we have just released a new inventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation GraphQL mutation. This mutation has a cost of 10, and allows to adjust the inventory of up to 100 inventory items at a specific location. With the GraphQL bucket refill of 50 this allows adjusting inventory of up to 500 inventory items per second. mutation ...

Aug 30 2018 by Poul Poulsen
Upcoming change to API response status code for locked stores

Currently Admin API requests to locked stores return a 420 status code. As of Thursday August 30th this response will change to 423. We're pushing this change in order to reduce ambiguity around the 420 response code and ensure our responses are as accurate as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reply in the thread below.

Aug 24 2018 by Kieran
[Upcoming Launch] Shopify Tips

In the coming weeks, Shopify will be releasing tipping as a feature to Shopify POS to solve a common merchant pain point, work better with service based businesses, and allow partners to build service based extensions (e.g. appointment bookings). In anticipation of this launch, we wanted to share some details around the expected changes to our Orders API as a result of tipping. Orders A...

Aug 20 2018 by Ashlin Cook