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New: API Credential Rotation

You can now generate a second shared secret with its own associated access tokens and migrate your app to use them before the original set of credentials is revoked. This means that you can rotate all of your app's credentials with zero downtime.Why would I do that?API credentials occasionally need to be changed from time to time when security flaws are discovered and/or when internal developme...

Apr 18 2016 by Jamie D.
API Announcements Forum -- Subscribe to stay up to date about the API

In this forum we will post all official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Such as new features and endpoints, upcoming deprecations and changes or planned maintenance that might affect your app. We recommend subscribing to this forum to make sure you are always hear about the changes that might affect you apps in time. You can subscribe by clicking on the blue Subscribe button on thi...

Apr 4 2014 by Maarten van Grootel
New Pre-launch Page feature & Partner Beta access

In coming weeks Shopify will release a new feature: the Pre-launch page. This feature is a static “coming soon” style page that covers a merchant’s store and acts as an interactive placeholder while they work on their store and prepare for launch.   Similar to the password page, the Pre-launch page will operate as an alternative to a merchant’s existing themes and blocks all access to storef...

Yesterday by Thomas Borowski
Order API Address Validation Updates

Hey Shopify Developers, There are some changes today to how addresses are validated when importing Orders through the Order API. Shipping and billing addresses are now being validated to ensure the presence of the following fields: Customer last name (last_name) First address line (address1) City Country If the address validation fails, the order will still be created but...

Yesterday by Rephael
Changes to the Order API Cancel endpoint

Hi all, On March 1st, Shopify will prevent cancellations of fulfilled or partially fulfilled orders.  Post-fulfillment order cancellations are rare and can lead to confusing fulfillment states and discrepancies in reporting. Thus, attempting to cancel a fulfilled or partially fulfilled order using the Orders API cancel endpoint will return an error. If you have any questions, concerns,...

Feb 22 2018 by Ryan Alyea
Changes to the Orders API 'name' filter

Hi All,   We have made some changes to the `name` filter in the orders API.   This is an undocumented parameter and as such is not supported, but we see there are apps using this filter to emulate the admin search.   As a result of our change, it is now a fuzzier search that may return more than one result.  If your code was using a filter for `name`, and could only handle an exact ...

Feb 21 2018 by Ryan O
Upcoming improvements to Webhooks

Update Jan 12th below: The de-bounce change is now live for all shops.  Please keep leaving your questions and concerns around this new improvement in this thread.  Feel free to share some stats as well. As for other webhook related issues; feel free to keep bringing them up as well, just note that these improvements are solely based on eliminating duplicates and do not alter the conten...

Feb 20 2018 by Ryan O
Buy Button and Mobile App sales channel tokens are being migrated to pri...

Hi All, When we launched our JS Buy and Mobile Buy SDKs a couple of years ago, we designed the system so that developers would manage their access tokens and any mobile settings through the Buy Button and Mobile App sales channels. As use of these SDKs has grown, we wanted to make it easier for partners and developers to track which products were being sold through each storefront, and ha...

Feb 15 2018 by Ryan O
Important Billing API Update - Shopify Staff Pricing

Hey All, TL;DR: We’re introducing a new plan type to help you identify Shopify employees installing your apps, giving you the option to allow them to use the app for free or at a discounted fee, to help them better understand the value your app can bring to merchants. At Shopify, we encourage our employees to know our product, platform, and community inside and out. This helps us to bette...

Feb 13 2018 by Maris
New `prerequisite_customer_ids` property in the Price Rule API

Hi All, The Price Rule API has added a new property prerequisite_customer_ids that can be used to create discounts for specific customers.  See the Price Rules API reference documentation for more details on how to use it.  We look forward to seeing what you do with it!   Regards, Ryan, Developer Experience

Feb 7 2018 by Ryan O
[Checkout API] Removing web_processing_url

On Monday December 4th, we will be removing web_processing_url from the Checkout API serialization. The web_processing_url was never documented and never intended to be consumed by Shopify applications. This does not remove any functionality from the API, as the web_url parameter remains and continues to provide the same functionality. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't h...

Jan 26 2018 by Mathieu
Mini announcement: notify_customer default behaviour on fulfillments cre...

Hello everyone. Lately there has been confusion from some regarding the notify_customer parameter on fulfillment objects and the expected default value of it. I wanted to take a moment to clarify the default behaviour and pass along a recommendation. As it stands currently, notify_customer defaults to true on all orders except for orders that were originally created via the API. These API...

Jan 22 2018 by Alex Richter
Loading storefront in iFrame, X-Frame-Options

UPDATE: This change has been temporarily reverted in order to allow apps to migrate away from an iFrame-based solution. We're putting this change back into production on October 16th. Merchant security remains a top priority for all of us, and this change is an important part of that security. The solution based on frame_tokens is being retired internally in the near future, so we won't be o...

Nov 21 2017 by Ognjen Knaus
Draft Orders API - Official Launch

The Draft Orders API is officially launched and moving out of Beta! Since our initial Beta launch, we've made the following improvements: Draft orders can be completed via the API. For compatibility with Checkout, parameters added to the invoice URL are now included in the redirection to Checkout. Draft order tags now get copied over to their corresponding orders.  The Sales by...

Jan 10 2018 by MHolt
Price Rules API now supports bulk discount code creation

Hey everyone, We’re very excited to announce that as of September 28th, 2017, Shopify API supports bulk discount code creation. With the introduction of bulk discounts, we will allow a single price rule to be associated with multiple discount codes. Therefore, an app that wishes to create multiple discount codes for a single price rule can perform additional independent API calls for each di...

Jan 9 2018 by Ron Manke
Bulk Discounts App will be sunsetted on November 1, 2017

On November 1, 5pm EST, Shopify will be sunsetting the Bulk Discounts App. Shopify merchants can continue to use the app without any interruptions until then and their existing discounts will remain active within the Shopify admin. We have worked closely with Space Squirrel, a trusted app partner, to create an alternative solution with feature parity. We recommend downloading their Bulk Disc...

Jan 8 2018 by Ron Manke
Draft Orders API

Hi everyone, The Draft Orders API is now available to all merchants and partners for Beta use. This API is designed to help apps read, create, update and send invoices for orders on which shipping, taxes and all total amounts are calculated by Shopify. This API enables a wide range of use cases including the following: - Create new orders for sales made by phone, in person, via chat, or ...

Jan 5 2018 by Akki
Embedded App SDK now offers Product and Collection Pickers

Hey Shopify Developers, We've just released an update to the Embedded App SDK allowing you to spawn Product Picker and Collection Picker modals. These methods are available as ShopifyApp.Modal.productPicker() and ShopifyApp.Modal.collectionPicker() These modals allow you to create a dialog from which the merchant can select specific product and collection resources and have these resou...

Nov 26 2017 by Cesar
[Deprecated Notice] inventory_quantity and inventory_policy fields in JS...

As of Dec 5th 2017, inventory_quantity and inventory_policy fields accessed through a json Liquid filter are deprecated. The json filter will not output those fields for shops created after Dec 5th. If you want to consume inventory information about a product, you can leverage variant.inventory_quantity and variant.inventory_policy. We recommend using that information behind a setting that the ...

Nov 14 2017 by schaeken
Shopify now prevents HTTP Basic Auth POST requests that have cookies

Shopify recently pushed a change to block HTTP Basic Auth requests to the API that could be used for a CSRF attack. The change prevents any HTTP Basic Auth POST requests to the API that have cookies. It is common that HTTP clients like Postman or Paw use cookies in their outgoing requests, so please keep the above change in mind when debugging your API calls.  If you have any questions...

Oct 31 2017 by Mayank Mrug