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New: API Credential Rotation

You can now generate a second shared secret with its own associated access tokens and migrate your app to use them before the original set of credentials is revoked. This means that you can rotate all of your app's credentials with zero downtime.Why would I do that?API credentials occasionally need to be changed from time to time when security flaws are discovered and/or when internal developme...

Apr 18 2016 by Jamie D.
API Announcements Forum -- Subscribe to stay up to date about the API

In this forum we will post all official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Such as new features and endpoints, upcoming deprecations and changes or planned maintenance that might affect your app. We recommend subscribing to this forum to make sure you are always hear about the changes that might affect you apps in time. You can subscribe by clicking on the blue Subscribe button on thi...

Apr 4 2014 by Maarten van Grootel
Newly enforced transaction limit per order

Hey Shopify Developers, As of today, we are enforcing a limit on transactions created by apps. There is now a limit of 100 Transacations per API client per Order. If you attempt to create more than 100 transactions for a particular order, you will now receive an error response from the API: id=123456 has reached limit of 100 externally created transactions If you feel that this ...

Feb 14 2017 by Jamie D.
Draft Orders API

Hi everyone, The Draft Orders API is now available to all merchants and partners for Beta use. This API is designed to help apps read, create, update and send invoices for orders on which shipping, taxes and all total amounts are calculated by Shopify. This API enables a wide range of use cases including the following: - Create new orders for sales made by phone, in person, via chat, or ...

Feb 9 2017 by Leumas Digital
We've made some changes to our API documentation

Hi all, We've made some changes to our API documentation today. You can view the changes here. The changes include a new landing page as well as some new content. We'd love to hear your feedback on these changes – feel free to reply to this thread and let us know what you think.

Feb 8 2017 by Jamie D.
vendor and fulfillment_service now set implicitly on Order create

Team, Today we deployed a fix to the Orders API that ensures a more intuitive experience around vendor and fulfillment_service. Prior to this fix, when creating an Order with a product variant id, the vendor and fulfillment_service had to be set explcitly in the request. If not set explicitly, vendor would default to NULL ignoring any existing vendor for the Product and fulfillment_servic...

Jan 20 2017 by Jordan
New API To Retrieve Customer Account Activation URLs

Today we disabled the bulk customer invite functionality in Shopify admin. You can still send customer invites individually through the admin; however if you need to invite customers in bulk then you must send the account emails yourself. The newly introduced API allows an app to retrieve the account activation URL for a customer. Using this URL customers can enable their accounts on a shop. On...

Jan 11 2017 by Nathan A Brewer
Upcoming changes to the "created_at" value on Orders

On November 30th, we'll be changing the way that processed_at and created_at interact with one another during order creation. Currently documented created_at property : By default, this auto-generated property is the date and time when the order was created in Shopify, in ISO 8601 format. If you are importing orders to the Shopify platform from another system, the writable processed_at pr...

Jan 11 2017 by rickydazla
Callback_url is now exposed for CarrierSerivces

Hey all, The callback_url parameter is now exposed in the JSON representation of a CarrierService, but only for the app that originally created the CarrierService. This should help audit installations across shops and make sure the callback_url is pointing to the correct address.  There has also been another small change to how CarrierServices can be interacted with via the API: an app...

Dec 9 2016 by HunkyBill
New: Changing collection properties triggers the collections/update webh...

Previously, collections/update webhooks were sent only when the contents of the collection changed.  They will now fire for any collections update including: changing the title changing the image changing the rules for a smart collection (even if that does not result in a change in which products are included in the collection)

Dec 2 2016 by Lisa Ugray
Upcoming changes to the Order Status page

On November 1st, Shopify will be making some changes to the Order Status page (also known as the Thank You page). The previous URL format of https://checkout.shopify.com/#{shop_id}/checkouts/#{checkout_token}/thank_you will be changing to https://checkout.shopify.com/#{shop_id}/orders/#{order_token} for orders processed via Shopify’s web checkout. If your app uses ScriptTags to execute co...

Nov 30 2016 by Wilson Lee
Inventory levels will no longer be available through the public product....

In 30 days, inventory levels will no longer be returned by the public product.json that's available on the storefront of newly created shops. If you want to consume inventory information about a product, you'll have to auth with the store first. This is a part of our effort to eliminate bots and crawlers from knowing inventory levels of products from stores that they haven't explicitly been gra...

Nov 18 2016 by Marius from SuppleApps
ApplicationCredit API Launch

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of another small improvement to Shopify’s app billing system: the Application Credit API. This new API allows you to credit merchants for charges they incur while using your Shopify app. We made this API so that developers can solve customer service challenges, or give credit to a merchant with an active recurring application charge. It means that ...

Nov 11 2016 by Ivy
Shopify now offers two types of API access tokens

As of October 20th, 2016, in an effort to improve our app authentication process, Shopify now offers two types of access tokens: online access and offline access.  Online Access  We refer to online access when the access token is linked to an individual user on a store, because the access token's lifespan matches the lifespan of the user's web session. This type of access token is meant to ...

Oct 28 2016 by Jamie D.
Upcoming changes to Customers error response

Hi all, On November 29th, we'll be introducing a small change to the error response generated on an unsuccessful attempt to create a Customer object in Shopify. Currently, we return a JSON object containing a customer object as well as an error object. See below for an example: HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity { "customer": { "id": null, "email": null, "accepts_ma...

Oct 28 2016 by Jamie D.
New: Changing product metafields always triggers the product/update webh...

Previously, product/update webhooks were not always sent for changes to product metafields depending on how those changes were made.  The logic for sending the webooks has now been unified across all methods.  A product/update webhook will be triggered for: creating a new metafield updating an existing metafield with a new value deleting an exisitng metafield

Oct 17 2016 by Julien Heller
Change to Carrier Service API rate requests for addresses in the U.K. an...

In support of Shopify's new Apple Pay feature we have made a change to the Carrier Service API. If you have an app that provides real-time shipping rates to merchants, read on for more info. :) In the past, shipping rate requests included the full postal code of the customer. You may now see some rate requests from Canadian and U.K. addresses with unusual postal codes. The first part of t...

Oct 3 2016 by Thomas
New: App links support customer pages

App links can now be created for the following pages: Customers Overview Customers Action Drop Down Customer Details These can be added as for all other app links by editing your app in the partners dashboard.

Sep 18 2016 by Kasimir
New webhook provides a way for apps to know when a shop changes the publ...

We now provide a way for apps to know when a shop changes the published theme! Register a webhook for the 'themes/publish' event, and it will trigger whenever a theme has its role changed to 'main' or 'mobile'.  If your application requires theme customization, for instance the inclusion of a custom snippet, you may want to take advantage of this webhook to verify that newly published themes...

Sep 2 2016 by Lalithr95
Reminder: OAuth callback no longer provide `signature` parameter after J...

This is a reminder of an upcoming feature deprecation that was announced back in December 2013, the feature is due to be removed Wednesday, June 1st 2016. We're removing the deprecated `signature` parameter from our OAuth callback (described here https://help.shopify.com/api/guides/authentication/oauth#verification). For security reasons, all apps should use the `hmac` parameter to verify OAuth...

May 30 2016 by Francois Chagnon