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Ecommerce University Security Notification

Recently, there was an unauthorized access to the Ecommerce University database. This unauthorized access is now blocked, and changes have been made to prevent future incidents of this nature. No financial data or sensitive personal data was accessed, however, as a precaution Ecommerce University user passwords have been reset. The Ecommerce University database is a separate database from Sh...

Apr 23 2017 by jitendra8819
Profile Change: Hidden Emails

Hey folks! Our Forum team has just made a change to hide emails from user profiles on our Forums. Now if someone clicks on your name on a post, they will only be able to see: Your profile picture Your website (if one is listed) Your posts Any badges you might have (Shopify Staff, Experts, Partners) This should hopefully address issues that some merchants were having get...

Sep 20 2016 by Alex M
Community Rules!

At Shopify,  we feel it’s important that we follow a set of values to ensure our community works effectively and in the best interest of all users. Here are the rules of our community: Be kind to new users! Everyone was new once, and we all need a little guidance. Try to keep the threads on-topic. If you think what you're discussing might be a separate point, start a new thread...

Aug 12 2016 by Alex M
Slideshow Width

Hey guys, I just started with Shopify and I dont know very much about css or html. I wanted to change my slideshow border so its not filled side to side, maybe a 5% margin on the right and left.  im using the theme debut.    Thanks in advance 

Yesterday by Saad Khan
Bottom of screen (full-length) 'subscribe' popup

Hi All, A little while ago I saw a popup on a website come up from the bottom of the screen displaying a 'subscribe now' message and call-to action button.  This was a slightly different popup than you normally see as it did not come into the center of the screen, but instead, appeared from the bottom (full-screen width) and sat on the bottom untill you clicked it away. I have had a lo...

Yesterday by Alanna
Backlink exchange

Hi there, I have a website lovefurnitureuk.com that performs relatively ok but looking to take it to the next level with some quality back link exchanging with reputable sources.   My question is A: are there any good sites who would like to swap with me through blogging and B: Are there any good backlinks apart from Social Media that I haven't covered? My site is currently in the midd...

Yesterday by Neil_Hines
Paypal +1-315-567-4550 technical support number toll Free 24*7 USA/CANADA

Paypal technical support number call @@@@@@ +1-315-567-4550 toll Free 24*7 ^&*()())*&^%%$#$%^&USA/CANADA  #%$^&*(()(^%$#%^&+1-315-567-4550

Yesterday by Neil_Hines
Changing Font Color & Background in Debut Theme Navigation Bar

New to Shopify and Liquid but 4-decades of development experience. How or where to I place styling information to change the background and font color for one item in the Debut Theme navbar?

Apr 23 2017 by Carl
How to Change Country to Accept Amazon Pay?

Hi, I'd like to start accepting Amazon Pay. I have US bank accounts set up and accept payments in USD. But my original country is Canada and is listed this way in my settings section. To change my country, I apparently need to deactivate Shopify Payments in payment settings....just worried this won't work.  Anyone done this before? I only sell within USA, but head office is in Canada.  

Apr 22 2017 by Adley&CompanyInc
~~~ Roman Quickbooks Pro Technical Support Number 1-855-631-8910 ^^

For Quickbooks Pro Tech Support Reigns, it’s just another day at the office.The agile, imposing juggernaut has been told his entire life that he cannot accomplish his goals. And since day one of his arrival in QUICKBOOKS PRO TECHNICAL SUPPORT, he has proven his naysayers wrong in the language of broken bodies and shattered Superstars who thought they had his number. Whether it was finishing opp...

Apr 21 2017 by Quickbooks Pro Bro
Visits to site but no sales! Please can anyone help??

Hello I would really appreciate any feedback to help me improve my store/ marketing strategy if possible...I launched my online fashion business last Monday (10th of April) and I am seeing a decent ammount of visits to my store (I think) and had 56 people abandonding their carts and 30 abandoned checkouts (only 3 captured email addresses) but no visits converting in to sales. I've had 1 real...

Apr 21 2017 by Kirsty Rockliff
long shipping wait for customer

I am looking into starting a dropshipping biz with Shopify, One major question that sort of stops me from starting is; It sounds great and dropshiping is the way to go, but why would anyone who gets to my site, go ahead and buy whatever I'm selling and then wait three weeks for it to arrive? If that would be me I would just go to amazon or ebay where the shipping is minimal or sometimes free an...

Apr 20 2017 by MY MOST PRECIOUS ...

I am in the beginning stages of creating my website, but need some feedback pertaining to the layout and how to attract customer's attention from the get go. I have some videos up, but would like to know what others use, so I do not have the addition watermark of the video maker on my website. Any feedback is much appreciated. THE WEBSITE IS  dazzlingcandle.com

Apr 20 2017 by dazzling candle
Shopify SDK: Throwing an error "payment gateway is invalid" for checkout

Hi, My client is in New Zealand and want to sell his products in China, New Zealand & Australia. He is using PayPal Express Checkout, Payment Express PxPay & Alipay Global. But this all three leads to external checkout link on web. We are using Shopify SDK for mobile side, right now its throwing an error message on credit card checkout as "payment gateway is invalid". Its unable to p...

Apr 10 2017 by G M