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Ecommerce University Security Notification

Recently, there was an unauthorized access to the Ecommerce University database. This unauthorized access is now blocked, and changes have been made to prevent future incidents of this nature. No financial data or sensitive personal data was accessed, however, as a precaution Ecommerce University user passwords have been reset. The Ecommerce University database is a separate database from Sh...

Dec 8 2016 by Alex M
Profile Change: Hidden Emails

Hey folks! Our Forum team has just made a change to hide emails from user profiles on our Forums. Now if someone clicks on your name on a post, they will only be able to see: Your profile picture Your website (if one is listed) Your posts Any badges you might have (Shopify Staff, Experts, Partners) This should hopefully address issues that some merchants were having get...

Sep 20 2016 by Alex M
Community Rules!

At Shopify,  we feel it’s important that we follow a set of values to ensure our community works effectively and in the best interest of all users. Here are the rules of our community: Be kind to new users! Everyone was new once, and we all need a little guidance. Try to keep the threads on-topic. If you think what you're discussing might be a separate point, start a new thread...

Aug 12 2016 by Alex M
Mega Menu

Hey  Hope you guys are doing well!!  :) I’m currently using the defult theme and hope somebody can help me with some code to create a mega menu?  I thought it would be a very easy thing to do , like in WordPress you just drag and drop, but doesn’t look like it’s so easy in Shopify, Especially in a free theme. Hope you guys can help me. 

Today by Sanjay Patel
Traffic but no sales

Hello! I opened my shopify store 3 days ago and i got some traffic to the store but no sales, i sell natural skin care made from coconut oil, and i have targeted the right traffic to the store (i think) so the only thing i can think of is that something is wrong with my store, theme, checkout, prices, shipping cost etc.. So i wonder if i can get some honest opinions from you guys, that would be...

Today by Matt
Drive Sales with Web Push Notifications

We are super excited to announce that iZooto's Shopify App is live. iZooto is a powerful web push notification tool that helps ecommerce marketers to drive user engagement and retention. Shopify Merchants are already using iZooto to push out succinct, personalized, timely and contextual web push notifications and brining them back to their store. iZooto's Shopify App, makes it  for you to in...

Yesterday by Pravya Pravin
Product variations

Product varitations not showing as dropdown. These are shoing bad layout. please see: https://www.screencast.com/t/FfiJQN9YK8f   Please help me, how can i fix this big issue?

Jan 16 2017 by Abid Hussain
I need help seo

Hi! Im new to SHOPIFY and how to get customers to find my shop. I would be very grateful for all tips and help. the is my website https://www.t-shirtprint.se/ i thought it would be easier for you to make judgement! Any help would be appreciated, thanks Best regards  Yasir

Jan 12 2017 by Yasir Kamal