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Ecommerce University Security Notification

Recently, there was an unauthorized access to the Ecommerce University database. This unauthorized access is now blocked, and changes have been made to prevent future incidents of this nature. No financial data or sensitive personal data was accessed, however, as a precaution Ecommerce University user passwords have been reset. The Ecommerce University database is a separate database from Sh...

Dec 8 2016 by Alex M
Profile Change: Hidden Emails

Hey folks! Our Forum team has just made a change to hide emails from user profiles on our Forums. Now if someone clicks on your name on a post, they will only be able to see: Your profile picture Your website (if one is listed) Your posts Any badges you might have (Shopify Staff, Experts, Partners) This should hopefully address issues that some merchants were having get...

Sep 20 2016 by Alex M
Community Rules!

At Shopify,  we feel it’s important that we follow a set of values to ensure our community works effectively and in the best interest of all users. Here are the rules of our community: Be kind to new users! Everyone was new once, and we all need a little guidance. Try to keep the threads on-topic. If you think what you're discussing might be a separate point, start a new thread...

Aug 12 2016 by Alex M
Simple Theme - Logo on Header

Hello there, I am following all the older instrctions here on how to center the logo on the simple theme but it doens't seem to work as some of the codes shown on older posts don't even show up on my current version. I have to issues any help would be appreciated. For the simple theme I wanted to center my logo, and not having it on the left, on the top of my navigation. Is this possib...

Today by Gilberto Matarenzo
recent update with print order?

When viewing an order I was always able to click print and the order would print with a typical font size, all fitting on a single page unless it was an unusually large order.  Now there is a dropdown arrow to print the order and it's printing in a very large font, where even a single item order doesn't fit on a single printed page.  How can I fix this???  

Mar 21 2017 by Stacy PRN
Suddenly stop working POST and PUT requests with basic authentication in...

Hello, I have 3 integrations with shopify, it was wroking fine before yesterday. Program can GET Orders, GET Products, POST Products and PUT Products but yesterday I don't know what happened on all Shopify Accounts only GET requests are working. when I try to post POST or PUT requests I am getting HTML in response. when I check that HTML it is Shopify Login Page. I tried new Private App a...

Mar 17 2017 by Sandeep
Need the dropdown menu to scroll

Hi there, I have seen this issue before in here, but the discussion was outdated, so I try here. Does anyone know an easy way of making a dropdown that scrolls.   I have a lot of categories on my site and the standard dropdown goes straight down out of sight to the bottom of the page. This means, that the site scroll but the dropdown does not... If this can't be done by a beginner (like...

Mar 16 2017 by Mette Jacobi
How can I change Miminal theme front page color for the prices?

I have Minimal theme and the front page have products, how can I change font and the color?

Mar 16 2017 by Ana W
Replace existing images without having to update links across site

We are struggling with how to reference persistent links and image references for assets stored in the Settings > Files section of Shopify. In this article, it is described that if you delete the original image, and upload the new image with the exact same name as the original image, that the new image should appear so long as the link or the image ref did not include the trailing numbers af...

Mar 3 2017 by Jonathan