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Ecommerce University Security Notification

Recently, there was an unauthorized access to the Ecommerce University database. This unauthorized access is now blocked, and changes have been made to prevent future incidents of this nature. No financial data or sensitive personal data was accessed, however, as a precaution Ecommerce University user passwords have been reset. The Ecommerce University database is a separate database from Sh...

Apr 23 2017 by jitendra8819
Profile Change: Hidden Emails

Hey folks! Our Forum team has just made a change to hide emails from user profiles on our Forums. Now if someone clicks on your name on a post, they will only be able to see: Your profile picture Your website (if one is listed) Your posts Any badges you might have (Shopify Staff, Experts, Partners) This should hopefully address issues that some merchants were having get...

Sep 20 2016 by Alex M
Community Rules!

At Shopify,  we feel it’s important that we follow a set of values to ensure our community works effectively and in the best interest of all users. Here are the rules of our community: Be kind to new users! Everyone was new once, and we all need a little guidance. Try to keep the threads on-topic. If you think what you're discussing might be a separate point, start a new thread...

Aug 12 2016 by Alex M
Payment Integration Problem PayUmoney

Hello there, I have recently started with shopify, i am facing a problem regarding Payment Gateway. I have Configured my payment gateway with PayUmoney.com. I have got all the approvals from payumoney But the problem is, when i try to checkout the payment i am getting error. i just configured the gateway with payumoney.com, but it is redirecting to payubiz.in Really i don't understand...

Yesterday by Matt

Help is needed! Need to connect s2s pixel

Yesterday by Евгений Ковалев
Feedback on my site

Hi all I have been online for a few months now. I have been getting variable amounts of traffic but no sales as yet. I would very much appreciate any feedback and suggestions. My site is www.zenteli.com  Many Thanks  Ali 

Jun 24 2017 by Altaf Shaikh
Edit the "shop now" CTA button in the Brooklyn Theme

Hello all,  it has been solved before but I guess the new theme has been updated so it does not work anymore. I'd like my CTA to have no borders, no arrows and the 'shop now' in white underlined by a white line. Can you please help ?  Many thanks !!  

Jun 21 2017 by Linda Sjokvist
NEED a Cart Expert

I have a fully functioning site www.promomotive.com but the cart is a failure due to my peculiar business model....corporate logos   I am looking hire an expert to make my cart and abandonment issues go away or get better,,:)   anyone?

Jun 9 2017 by Adele