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A few questions about Shopify

Hello, I have a few questions about selling on Shopify. I want to set up a store and sell products from http://aliexpress.com/. 1. I was able to determine that Shopify will issue an invoice but with the seller's details that is mine. It is legal for a foreign company to issue invoices on my behalf ? 2. Another question concerns these invoices whether they are actually invoices for acco...

Mar 16 2018 by tommax
Invoicing system in Shopify

Hello, I want to set up a shop for shopify and sell products from http://aliexpress.com/ by dropshiping. Who will issue a sales invoice in this situation? I would also like to add that I want to use Oberlo. A few days ago one of shopify employees wrote to me that Oberlo can generate the final invoice for the customer. Does this invoice contain shopify data ? I would like to hear your o...

Mar 14 2018 by tommax
Sole proprietorship or Corporation

Hi All, I live in Alberta, Canada. I want to start shopify drop shipping store. I have few questions before I get started. Any help will be highly appreciated. What kind of business I should register for  sole or corporation in Canada?  Can I easily incorporate the business from sole to corporation later? Do I have to get business bank account right away or can I use my personal che...

Mar 13 2018 by Jade
California Nexus - I need to charge sales tax only based on Billling add...

For our business model I need to charge sales tax even if the shipping address is out of California California, The state, county, and city taxes are origin-based, but any district taxes are destination based. The key point is that we must charge State and County taxes based on the billing addres, even if the shipping address is out of state.  The solution I have looked at, Avalara...

Mar 12 2018 by SDeshpande
Reconciliation with Bank Deposits

Hello, One of my shops is using Stripe for our payment processor (not Shopify Payments) and Quickbooks Online for accounting. I'm leveraging an ETL tool to move Shopify Orders into Quickbooks as Sales Receipts, which works great. The probably I'm running into is finding a tool that can reconcile bank deposits with Stripe. Has anyone found one that reconciles at the Stipe deposit level? I ...

Nov 29 2017 by Clement
Destination based tax reporting - Shopify fail?

I am at a complete loss. I need to report my sales taxes in Minnesota, which has destination-based reporting. In order to report, I need my taxable sales number for each jurisdiction in which I collected taxes. I can get the total of tax I collected, but NOT my taxable sales number. I have looked at the Shopify tax reports, which only tells me the tax collected and the percent tax in each ju...

Jan 25 2018 by Clement
Taxes not getting updated on Checkout Page

Hello, I have properly Configured my tax settings but the settings are not being displayed in the Checkout Page. It has been working properly for the last two weeks.   Greetings  Film Patients

Mar 10 2018 by Trevor M
My automatic tax rates in Shopify are all wrong!

My nexus is 6.75% bit it is showing and calculating 6.25%. When I look at the drop down, it shows: Frio County (TX)  State 6.25% County 0.5% Municipal 1.5% I added a TEST item to my cart, selected shipping to my address and get this: Subtotal $30.00 Shipping $3.05 Taxes $0.26 Total $33.31 The taxes are wrong! Someone help please!

Mar 7 2018 by Alex
VAT Relief For Disabled Customers

Hello. I seem to have came up against a major stumbling point of Shopify... (However, I might be wrong) Our customers who are disabled or have specific health conditions who are wanting to buy from us have the right to not pay tax on any orders they make. This means that the price they are paying on the store is the VAT relief price. However, when going through the checkout process the pr...

Mar 7 2018 by Gaz Rowntree
Is this real life or is it just fantasy?

Hiya folks, New to Shopify coming from Godaddy (spit) and looking for some help please.  Launching new website on Shopify in next 2-3weeks and wonder if anyone can tell me if there is anything out there that will do the following please?  I have never used an accountancy or Inventory package and do it all the hard and long way, especially using GoDaddy. 1. Comprehensive Inventory Manageme...

Mar 6 2018 by ANTHONY STUART
Going VAT Registered in the UK & Prices

Hi all,     I've been using Shopify since last year! I'm not at the moment VAT registered but it looks like that's about to change. As I'm in the UK, UK customer will pay the VAT but customers outside won't so how does Shopify handle this? Is it straight forward to implement so that my customer outside the UK will have the VAT deducted from what they pay?   My prices already are the...

Mar 6 2018 by UKRACE
Taxes and Dropshipping, of course.

Tax Scenario There doesn't seem to be a tax professional who agrees on one answer, so I would like hear what the general consensus is on our Tax scenario. We are a new drop shipping company headquartered in Alpharetta, GA.  We only have Nexus in the State of Georgia. We resell through several manufacturers and distributors who are all located in the US.  These states include Georgia, N...

Mar 5 2018 by Craig Hoffmann
Quickbooks and Xero Sync Apps by Shopify - No Longer Free?!

My client just forwarded me an email from the CEO of BOLD saying they have taken ownership of the Quickbooks sync and now want to charge him $20 a month. https://help.shopify.com/manual/apps/xero I can't hate on BOLD for charging for their apps - this same client uses Quantity Breaks, Product Options, and Marketplace. I am miffed that Shopify would outsource a business critical piece o...

Mar 2 2018 by Kevin Ennis

Hi there,  We currently have our shopify site connected to our Quickbooks accounting software. We've been running the two together for almost a year now and still find it very labour intensive, with the data coming through from shopify often being out by £0.01 which, although slight, involves editing and rematching over two thirds of our transactions when reconciling the account.  We've j...

Mar 1 2018 by Oliver Grogan
Question Regarding Manual Export From Shopify To Quickbooks

Hello,  I am working with a client who has a shopify store and who uses Quickbooks Online. I set up the integration app successfully, and did a test manual export for a date range. It worked, except that I overlooked setting up the sales tax agency setting and there were many errors. So, I fixed the sales tax agency bit, and then just deleted the sales receipts that had been imported. After ...

Mar 1 2018 by Christopher Rager
Tax in Sweden. Some important question.

Hi i am new here. i am going to start my strore from sweden. I read here that sweden have 25% Tax is applied.   i want to some question   What exactly Tax percentage for sweden ? (i read in old thread that its 25%) if i start dropshiping to USA then what persentage of tax is applied. is it still 25%.  What is VAT. kindly give me some detail about it. is it charged from customer or...

Feb 27 2018 by Ann
Taxes Im so confused lpease help

Ok so I want to start my store however I have to deal with this subject that I have absolutely no idea about.  Even though I am a us citizen, I am not liviing in the US so when I go to pay my taxes do I have to consider state and local taxes of whatever us state my business is registered in?  Or is it just a one lump sum tax percentage that I have to worry about..

Feb 23 2018 by Alex
Destination Based Taxes Incorrectly Being Used (Changed Feb.2, 2018)

I've been back and forth for 2 weeks now with a Shopify Guru regarding changes made with how taxes are collected on Shopify. In the beginning this Guru told me there were no changes made recently to taxes.  After much back and forth he finally obliged and sent it to "higher ups" to find out if any changes had been made.  He was finally told that beginning Febuary 2, Shopify made changes to t...

Feb 22 2018 by Stephen Russell
Getting Paid

Hello everyone. I read the FAQ and a couple of thread regarding my isssue and couldn't find a satisfying answer. I haven't launched a store yet but I was wondering how will i receive payments if I live in Egypt? I looked through the methods of payment by country and didn't find my country at all. Is there a work-around this issue? Thanks for reading

Feb 19 2018 by Leon
Dropshipping using Aliexpress from India to US

I am starting a dropshipping store in India with aliexpress from India to US and my customers will only be in US. 1) I have found some articles which say that you have to get a US bank account, SSN & pay taxes there also even when you are doing business from abroad not from US. How far is this true? 2) I heard about a tax feature in shopify store that allows you to charge sales tax &a...

Feb 18 2018 by raj