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accounting software

Hi  Can any one recommend an accounting software that links to Shopify? I am using Quickbooks and its a nightmare!!

Sep 6 2017 by Ashley Perry
Tax Returns

I am wondering do you recieve tax returns from your shopify store or any ecommerce business

Sep 12 2017 by Jade
Quickbooks and Shopify Integration

We are wondering how we could create a service that would sync into quickbooks from shopify correctly? I am assuming the service would be set up like an inventory item, but would that sync correctly into quickbooks?

Mar 13 2018 by Stratton
Handling Supreme Court Decision on State Taxes

How are you planning on handling the coming requirement to charge state sales taxes on internet sales? Does Shopify have a helpful solution to set it up?

Jun 21 2018 by MarcTaxJar
When Should I Hire A Bookkeeper?

I am debating on whether or not I should hire a bookkeeper. I started my business 15 months ago and it is really starting to pick up. I have become so busy with day to day work that I can't seem to find time to do my bookkeeping. Is a bookkeeper worth the money? Also, what is the typical rate to expect.  Thank You!

Oct 18 2016 by Tim Holley


Jun 20 2018 by TAhmed
Display GST inclusive product prices for specific region only

Hi, I have an Australian client who sells predominantly overseas.  So the product prices they work with are GST exclusive.  But to comply with legal requirements in Australia it is necessary to display the GST inclusive prices within Australia. How would I go about this?   Essentially I would like to follow this tutorial, however only apply it for Australian visitors / customers.  Also...

Jun 20 2018 by VWD
Micro Multi National set up

Hello all helpful people! I have a US site and corresponding LLC for handmade shoes.  We do most of our manufacturing in Spain and are creating a Spanish company also to make it easier for our EU clients to buy without shipping everything to the US first. Is there a way to keep 1 website, but have US sales go to 1 business (the LLC) while EU sales go to another (SL)?   Or is there a wa...

Jun 10 2018 by Aria
Currency Displayed by location?

Hi There, We are in Australia and have set our current to Australian Dollars. Just wondered if someone in the UK viewed our website would the currency be displayed in pounds? Can they choose what location they are in and then the currency changes to reflect this?   www.wallartdownloads.com thanks so much, Linda

Jun 9 2018 by Linda
deduct 6% GST tax (Malaysia)

Hi, I found that Shopify cant put negetive (-6%) for tax override. I need this function for my online selling system then i dont need to change each product price one by one especially one item have few variants.... Anyone can guide here? Thanks

Jun 7 2018 by MML
Change account OWNER email.

We recently bought this company and we have the login and everything is fine. We've changed all of the login info and emails but when you clcik on the top right of the screen on your Shopify account, and then click "your profile" it takes me to my profile. Everything has changed except the email, it is still the old owners email. There is no link beside it saying "change email address." What th...

Jun 3 2018 by Peter
US citizen living overseas

I am a US citizen but I live in the UAE.  Of course I have a SSN, I also have a US bank account that I would like to use for Shopify payments.  My question is, can I legally start my Shopify business with a US address, shipping to US customers,  and pay US taxes if I don't actually live there and I have no plans on visiting this year? My husband and I already file jointly as expats, would this ...

May 29 2018 by Alex
US Taxes for Shopify

I'm living in California and wanted to ask if I make a shopify dropshipping store do I have to file for annual income taxes? Do I have to apply to the gov. to get my business approved? I've been wondering if shops on shopify count as a business and that every user has to file in income tax reports or not. 

May 27 2018 by Alex
Inventory Valuation - POS system

Each month I have in additon to sales reports I run a report to let me know the value (based on cost) of the inventory in my store.  It appears that's impossible with Shopify.  Can anyone enlighten me?

May 24 2018 by The Prosperous Shop
Calculating profits?

So business starts picking up and I have to determine profits on my products and how much I am paying my distributor. How owuld I manage to figure this out? At the first of the month I supposed to pay the balance due to my supplier for products sold, this is a unique type of deal that one typically wouldn't have. My current method I would print out all of that months goods sold and have to c...

May 24 2018 by The Prosperous Shop
Affect of GST in India on invoicing

Hello. This is for all the Indian stores here. Just wanted to check if anyone has an idea about how the invoicing through Shopify will change from July 1st? Do we have a facility in shopify to show the split between CGST and SGST/ IGST? How can this be done? Or is needed to be done for a B2C transaction?  P.S dont mind the silly questions. completely ignorant about tax questions. Th...

May 23 2018 by Satish from WebPlanex
VAT Conflict on Digital and Physical Products

I’m a new startup based in the UK selling both Digital and Physical products and have a low expected annual turnover (below the UK VAT threshold). I understand all sales of digital products to EU customers must collect VAT and make a submission. I intend to do this through the MOSS scheme in the UK. To join the MOSS scheme, I had to voluntarily register for VAT. It now appears that because of t...

May 22 2018 by Robin Whalley
E-Commerce in Germany: Few doubts

Hi Everyone, I am an Italian professional currently working and living in Germany and wondering about opening an E-Commerce here. I'd like to point out that my shop would only sell and deliver to the USA. So no purchasing among the UE would be possible. With that being said, my questions are: 1. Do I need to necessarly register my business in Germany or is there like (as in many other ...

May 21 2018 by Simon
The European way of shopifying!

Hi! My name is Federico and I live in Germany, currently working on setting up a Shopify store and catering to its needs! However, I have some questions I think a lot of Europeans new to Shopify would have:   Taxes! Because Germany's threshold for VAT is 100k, would this mean I need not worry about registering for one until I sell that much? Should I just not care about taxes at all (b...

May 21 2018 by Simon
Taxes Mexico

I would like to explore the topic of ecommerce business taxes in Mexico in order to better help merchants develop their online stores. As you all know this country has very specific needs with regards to electronic invoices and CFDIS as they are called. Please feel free to contribute and join the discussion.

May 15 2018 by Tomás | Kameleon ...