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State tax not calculating.

Hi Shopify forum! I am having an issue with sales tax. I want to collect sales tax for Massachusetts, and I think I have it set up correctly, but whenever a customer from Massachusetts checks out through our shop, we see the line "State Tax (6.25%) but it calculates to a $0.00 value. So, we are not collecting tax on the goods, and we need to be. Any ideas on what we are doing wrong?  Than...

Aug 2 2018 by Ann
Tax codes/GST (NZ)

Hi Guys!!  I'm getting ready to launch my new store. After weeks of planning and finding products etc, I've found that I may need to register as a business for tax purposes. Does anybody know if there is a minimum profit you need to have made before doing so? can it be done after launch? I mean should I not make any sales, I don't want to be stuck with a bill and business banking accounts et...

Aug 1 2018 by Till Man
No Invoice available for payouts

Hi For the last two months I have not be able to download an invoice for my payouts, it just says no document available even though there are transactions.  I am using stripe.  Any ideas? Sorry I am not able to paste a snippet of the message here, it wont let me. Thanks Dawn  

Aug 1 2018 by Nick
Non VAT registered in UK

Hello all, Im very new to online selling but have many years in bricks and mortar selling. As a new company we have chosen not to register for VAT - not expecting to reach the VAT threshold for a long time! How do I set my shopify store to not VAT registered? and therefore no VAT due on sales?   I can set my retail prices ok - but the invoice shows VAT charged - which it is not. so I cann...

Jul 29 2018 by Nick
invoicing system using aliexpress dropshipping

Hello, I want to make store in shopify and use aliexpress dropshipping. I would like to know how look like invoicing system if I aliexpress dropshipping ? Can anyone help me ?

Jul 27 2018 by Nick
invoicing system using aliexpress dropshipping

Hello, I want to make store in shopify and use aliexpress dropshipping. I would like to know how look like invoicing system if I aliexpress dropshipping ? Can anyone help me ? I ask here from invoices from sellers from aliexpress. I know that many of them do not have companies, so how do I get an invoice?

Jul 27 2018 by Nick
Swiss Online Shop : how can I have the VAT subtracted at checkout for cu...

Hello,  I manage a Swiss based online shop. Most of our customers are in Switzerland, so I have the country VAT set at 7,7% and the "All taxes are included in my prices" option checked in the "Taxes"  Settings, and also the box "Charge taxes" checked for each product. 1) How can I have the 7,7% deduced from the price for our customers outside of Switzerland? I already created the Shipping...

Jul 27 2018 by Sabine Mohr
Shopify US Tax Table Limited to Zip Code vs. Zip+4

Shopify - Can you please update your tax table to accurately calculate taxes for jurisdictions that fall within the same zip code, but have different tax rates. I have several customers that are in the same US Zip Code.  That Zip Code has 2-3 different cities that fall within the 5 Digit Zip Code, however, each city is being charged the same Tax.  In reality, each city within the Zip Code ha...

Jul 26 2018 by Nick
Can I handle tax differently in my online store and at pos?

I plan to add sales tax separately when customers purchase from my online store, but would like to include tax in the price of each item when selling at festivals, etc.  Virginia allows you to do this as long as you clearly indicate that sales tax is included in the price.  It will save me from having to carry around a lot of change for customers who want to pay cash and give in-person customer...

Jul 26 2018 by Nick
EU VAT for second-hand goods

Hi, I'm selling second-hand goods in the EU (mostly France). As such I must apply a splecial scheme for taxing the profit margin only, where the VAT is computed on the difference between the selling price (for the customer) and my purchase price. For instance, if I purchase a product for 20€ and sell it for 50€, the profit margin is 30€, so with a 20% VAT rate, the VAT amount would be 5€ ...

Jul 25 2018 by Nick
Taxes US & UK

Hi,  Setting up website and want to know what/how to deal with the taxes in US and Europe. I’m using Printful to dropship a selected range of products from their US and European locations. Printful will charge tax on sales from California and North Carolina, which is great! But what about the remainder of the states: Do I collect these taxes and then pay them when I’m sent an notice. How d...

Jul 25 2018 by Nick
Location Tax

Hello, I run a mobile service business and would like to change the city tax on each sale instead of creating 30 different store locations in the Shopify POS - any way to do this? We must specify the city tax to be where were are doing local service. thannks

Jul 25 2018 by Nick
Tax settings for the Netherlands

  Hi all, I am experiencing problems setting up the TAX system in Shopify. Netherlands requires a 21% TAX rate and include TAX in your product prices. I currently have "All taxes are included in my prices" checked, but of course when I enter a 21% TAX rate the numbers don't make sense. Is there a way to change the formula Shopify uses tax = ( tax rate * price ) / ( 1 + tax rate ) to...

Jul 24 2018 by smartywak
I am in China, and sell to Europe/US, using 2CHECKOUT, how do I set taxes??

This has comnfused me recently.. I am using 2CO as my payment option, and i need to submit a W8 form. And on Shopify store, how should I set taxes??  I wonder do I need to pay taxes to Shopify or 2CO based on what kind of tax setting I made? As far as I know, 2CO does not charge taxes from non-US residents and also if it is under 800 dollars.  I am really confused now.. Can someone hel...

Jul 22 2018 by Somethinggreatinside
What is the best accounting software?

We are currently using Quickbooks and it is not working well. We need to our orders to export and our inventory to be adjusted. We also sell things in bundles and Quickbooks doesn't allow that feature.  Any ideas? Thanks!!

Jul 18 2018 by Auburn
Taxes Spain

I would like to explore best solutions for merchants in Spain and Europe with regards to their ecommerce business taxes. Please feel free to join the discussion and contribute.

Jul 2 2018 by Tomás | Kameleon Agency
Sales Tax Calculations

We have our California location correct for our business in the tax settings. Shopify is not charging county & municipal taxes for other locations in California. We have Automatic Tax Calculations set. When I look at each city, the rates are correct but they are not getting charged.  Today we got an order from Sacramento and there is no county or munipal tax charged. I know about manual ...

Jul 2 2018 by dave
Intimidated by Taxes

So, taxes worry me. Basically, I don't want to have any problems with the IRS. I know my sales tax nexus is in California. I usually market to just Californians, but if I want to expand nationwide  do I need to set up 50 different tax codes for my Sopify store?

Jun 28 2018 by Jan Blue
Display taxes in invoices

Hello,  because of some legal requirements the sales tax-price must be shown in my order confirmation. How can I set this in my settings? In the invoices of order printer, it is shown, but only with 0,00€. Example Product price: 49,99 Tax included (19% currently in Germany) : 0,00 How do I adjust, that the 19% of the price is calculated and shown?  If should be shown as follow...

Jun 26 2018 by Bjorn Forsberg | FORSBERG+two
I'm 16 and want to start a Drop Shipping Shopify Store. But whoes Social...

I’m 16 and I want to start a Shopify Drop Shipping store. I’ve done countless hours of research and really excited to get started but I ran into one thing I can’t find an answer on.   When setting up payments, specifically on Shopify with stripe, whose Social Security Number(SSN) should I put? Mine or my parents, since I’m only 16. And how would that affect taxes(I don’t do taxes as I don...

Jun 24 2018 by Morgan