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Living in Romania, selling in US

Hi there, I came across a situation and I need some help. Currently, I am living in Romania and I created a shop for importing from Ali Express and sell in the US. I have lived for a period in the UK and I have registered a company there. My question is: Is it possible to register the Shop details with the business address and all the details from my UK company even though I live in Roman...

Aug 29 2018 by clausbvv
Non us aliexpress dropshippers doesnt need to pay taxes to Usa?

I heard that the non us aliexpress dropshippers dont need to pay taxes to Usa if the aliexpress store i worked with doesnt have a depot or warehouse in Usa. I heard it from a "Wholesale Ted" video. Is that true? 

Aug 29 2018 by Ann
Customs Duty Tax - US based Web, France warehouse

Hi, My web is based in US but I have a warehouse in France. What's the tax and customs impact if there's a customer buy it in the US, Deliver the product from France, Order come from our US based website?

Aug 28 2018 by Nick
Problem with tax overrides

We have different taxes for regions in spanish ecommerce and i activated it in tax overrides. I attach screenshots. However in the ecommerce www.harmoniers.com when one user select one of these regions as destiny, the total price is the same in all the cases with the same tax. Could you help me please?    

Aug 27 2018 by Tom van der Lee
Convert Currency on Invoices

Hello there,   I am planning on selling products with USD-prices. However, I am from Germany (where we pay in EUR) and my local finance authority told me that it is crucial to convert the USD prices into EUR for EVERY invoice/income with the foreign exchange rate of the respective day. So in theory, my invoices will be created in USD and I would have to calculate the respective EUR ...

Aug 23 2018 by alanvince587
Selling in $, need invoices in €? Is this possible

I live in Belgium, but sell mostly in the US. So, my store charges in US $. But because I'm taxed in euros, my invoices should be in euros. So, I'm looking for a solution  When someone orders a product on my site, they get an order confirmation email containing the order details and $ amounts because my shopify store is set up in $.  For my accountant I need an invoice for each order in e...

Aug 23 2018 by alanvince587
Shopify store in the European Union

Hello everyone,  I am currently a resident of Bulgaria - a country in south-east Europe (part of the European Union) and plan to open a Shopify store. My idea is to have the business entity set up in Bulgaria and sell all the goods to customers from Germany (also in the European Union). I was curious if anyone has experience with selling from one country in the EU to another. I am specifical...

Aug 22 2018 by Nick
Taxes (with Printful)

Hello, everyone. I'm selling t-shirts through Printful. They are my only product. I set up my shipping to match Printful's (not automatically, I had to manipulate it based on weight as I do not have the Shopify plan that lets me override its Shipping settings with Printful's), but I'm confused about taxes. For the U.S., I assume there's nothing I need to worry about, as Shopify has already s...

Aug 19 2018 by Ann
My Printful and Shopify profit not adding up?

Hey, so i have recently made an e-commerce website with shopify and im using printful as an app to create my apparel with. In the last month ive sold $190 (aud) worth of apparel and only recieved $15 profit?, while Printful has a report saying i should of made close to $60 profit. Also when a customer purchase's a product shopify charges my linked visa card the total amount the customer h...

Aug 16 2018 by Peter
VAT relief for UK customers, prices displayed and invoicing

I set up my store earlier this year. I sell wigs and hair pieces, offering international shipping.  If a person living in the UK wears wigs/hair pieces for a medical reason they can qualify for VAT relief (zero VAT) on their purchase. I have now VAT registered so I can offer this to UK customers. Other UK based wig companies are offering the VAT relief in different ways- either using a disco...

Aug 16 2018 by Nick
Sales tax exemption US

We have certain customers who do have a sales tax exemption. Is anyone aware if we forced by law to offer an upload for the tax exemption or if an field during checkout with a tax number would be enough?

Aug 15 2018 by Nick
Reconciliation of Paypal payments

Hi, I have a question regarding paypal reconciliation. So we are using Xero as the accounting software and we have shopify integrated/ all the transactions are pulled through nicely except the part refunds, but that's not my issue. As a method of payment PayPal is one of them, and we have PayPal set up in Xero as a bank which helps also by pulling through all the transactions. Howev...

Aug 14 2018 by Nick
VAT included / excluded

Is there an option with which we can have the prices on our website include with the VAT but on the print order the overall price is split up in the product price and the VA taxes?

Aug 13 2018 by May
VAT exempt

I have trawled the forums and cannot see a solution to this. We have several disabled customers who can claim Vat Exemption on most products. Now i can tick them as tax exempt when they have registered so thats one part of the problem solved, however we have a few products which are not eligible for vat exemption. If they are marked tax exempt they get exemption on every product, so there is th...

Aug 13 2018 by Nick
How Do I Share Tshirt Profits With Design Owners and Handle Income Tax?

Hi, Brand new to this site. Also, this will be my first time using Shopify, though I've built several Wordpress sites and I know something about internet marketing. I'm working on a site where I'll be selling my own Tshirt/merch designs, ones where I'll own the copyright or have the license for, and I'd also like to sell the designs of other people I know.  And when I say other people, I'...

Aug 11 2018 by Nick
Taxes in the Philippines

I'm a bi tnew in shopify and still learning. I would like to know how to handle taxes specific in the Philippines? Do I need to register my business and get a business permit? Do I include the taxes in the price or not? Thank you.

Aug 8 2018 by Nick
is it possible to know DURING CHECKOUT if a promo applies to a product a...

a discount code is reflected as its own line after subtotal, then showing the total order amount. but if the order is 3 items and only 1 is qualifies for the promo code, is there a way to know BEFORE CHECKOUT what the price of that 1 item is (with the applied promo)?  we can pull it after checkout of course, for partial order returns, but want to see if it's possible to calculate at the chec...

Aug 8 2018 by Nick
Accounting app/software linked to Shopify, Amazon, banks, Paypal...

Hi! I am looking for a bookkeeping app/software to replace my good old free Excel, that could synchronize automatically with Shopify and Amazon sales, and that can download automatically bank data (especially Carver Bank) and PayPal..?   Thanks!

Aug 7 2018 by Nick
Refunds not working with Quickbooks integration

Hello Everyone  I am having  an issue with the refunds, since they are not importing into quickbooks. The easy solution is to create the refunds manually in QuickBooks, but I want to know if there is a solution that didn't imply so much manual work. Any ideas?   Thank you  

Jul 18 2018 by Auburn
State tax not calculating.

Hi Shopify forum! I am having an issue with sales tax. I want to collect sales tax for Massachusetts, and I think I have it set up correctly, but whenever a customer from Massachusetts checks out through our shop, we see the line "State Tax (6.25%) but it calculates to a $0.00 value. So, we are not collecting tax on the goods, and we need to be. Any ideas on what we are doing wrong?  Than...

Aug 2 2018 by Ann