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reports for bookkeeper?

I am wondering which reports to give my bookkeeper?  Should I email the reports?  Or should I give them access to Shopify so they can find the reports they need?  What do you folks do?

Oct 4 2018 by John. S
Shopify Invoice Calculator

So for the past few months since opening my store, it has been doing pretty well. However, I keep getting hit with massive Shopify invoices that I haven't calculated for. Since Shopify doesn't take the shipping out of your payouts, and doesn't reflect the percentage they take out in your sales overview, is there an app or something that I can get that will help me better anticipate what my Shop...

Oct 3 2018 by Nick
Net Sales on Taxed Goods Only when there are both taxed and untaxed item...

I have a business where I sell items and labor. Labor is not taxed. I recently started the labor portion and I am having trouble figuring out a way to calculate my net sales only on taxable goods (i.e. not including labor sales) to report to the state. Often the labor item is in the same order as a taxable good too so I can't just manually subtract the orders with no tax. I have previously only...

Oct 26 2017 by John. S
Profit Margin & total profit (software/App)

Looking for software/ Application/ POS or basically anything at this point that could import all the products I have within my store and be able to detect all my margins and total profit off an item (potential). Many apps I've tried only had either or but never both. They also did the potential profit off the complete inventory and not a single item.    If anyone has a system, they are us...

Aug 1 2018 by John. S
Payments through PayPal--Sales tax accounting

Some of our payments are handled by PayPal. I can see the total amount of those payments in a Finances Summary Report. However, I can't figure out how to get details of those transactions, including sales tax details. If I do a detail report of all Spotify payments, the transactions are listed and the sales tax for those transactions is detailed, but the report doesn't show them as any differen...

Sep 5 2018 by John. S
How is everyone handling the new sales tax laws?

How is everyone handling the new sales tax laws that now require us to charge sales tax for online sales in many states?  And more states eveery month.  I'd like to hear from a lot of people on how they manage the tax rates, how Shopify handles the tax rates, what filing software you use if any and how you like it. What it's costing you and just basically everything you know or have to say abou...

Oct 2 2018 by Hayseed
Urgent please help.

Hi, I live in India and recently launched my store and I have checked  "all taxes are included in my price". I have read articles to know about this but have not understood. I have mentioned a virtual address of walnut CA as my origin address but I wanted to mention it to handle replacement and shipping. Do I need to pay taxes or will I be in loss after checking all taxes are included in my...

Oct 1 2018 by Don
Is it legal? Price includes tax and all the customers pay the same amount.

Hi everyone! I'm EU based company and sell products worldwide. All our product prices shown are final and include tax (VAT). So for example, if the product price is 20€, then a customer from Germany pays €16.67 for the product plus €3.33 tax (20%), whereas the customer from the US pays €20 for the product and 0% tax. The advantage of having taxes included in the price is that all customer...

Oct 1 2018 by Nick
Tax reporting by county - help

Hi,   I'm trying to report to the BOE for Tax by county in California. Is there any way I can get a report from shopify that will do this. All mine seems to do is LA and Orange County and then rest is just CA tax, yet I need all the various cities in their counties. To do this manually is balls aching. If anyone can make this easier please let me know.

Apr 24 2018 by Polaris Tax & Accounting

Is shopify going to incorperate a basic that is required in a lot of countries into setting general store address. They require your legal business name so what about an "ABN" field optional that then can be used on invoices.

Sep 20 2018 by Sufio
Detailed Proft reports and inventory managment

Hello,   I am currently using Vend pos and Shopify for our online but I would like to fully switch to Shopify pos so theres no issues linking Vend to Shopify.   Can anyone please tell me the best reporting and inventory app or other software that I can view detailed profit reports from dates, Vendors, employees etc.... Also is able to publish inventory to shopify so I can track item...

Sep 28 2017 by Clement
Sales Tax - No line items on checkout?

Hi there, I'm confused as to why my California-based buyers are not seeing state sales taxes at checkout.   I have a CA-based nexus set up in Shopify:  Shopify Admin > Taxes > Tax Rates > United States > physical presence is set to my California zip code.  State tax is set to 7.25% and "Calculate taxes automatically" is enabled. My "All taxes are included in my prices" is D...

Sep 18 2018 by Max
Help! Taxes are not included at checkout

Hi, I tested out my website and at the end of checkout, I noticed taxes are not included. How can I go about fixing this problem? I am located in California. https://gyazo.com/a349a9078d8933a5b66ec586aca9dffc Thank you!

Sep 16 2018 by span
Divide GST into 3 different tax (IGST, SGST, CGST) and HSN

Hi Shopify Team, I want to create GST functionality in our store . i have to add additional fields in admin in single product section like IGST , SGST & CGST where my client will add manually or HSN which will automatically calculate above mentioned taxes(IGST, SGST, CGST) fetch through API (if any website will provide api key for HSN). We want this three taxes which will apply for colle...

Sep 15 2018 by Ajay
Is GST Helpfull To Us?

hello to all I was Lookin at India news . that Modi ji had implimented GST in India Also. the higher slabb rate id 28%. and Lower Slab Rate Is 0% in my mine there is a question that is GST can be Succefull in India or Not . all the CAs are Facing Many Problems in India

Sep 15 2018 by Ajay
Do I have a "physical presence" if I do everything at home?

I "run" my ecommerce store in my home in NY entirely by myself as a sole proprietor. Does that count as a "physical presence" that I need to register a sales tax nexus for? I'm getting very confused :(

Sep 11 2018 by lobo Accounting, LLC
Creating pricing and tax structure for non-US stores

Hi there, Are there any plans to make the pricing and tax settings more user friendly for non-US stores? I have just moved over from BigCommerce and can't believe that I am not able to set up my store to sell both locally and internationally. The tax rates and pricing structure settings dont allow for me to do this without customisations however this affects my ability to use apps such as...

Sep 11 2018 by Annfee
Living in Australia but selling to US and France

Hi! So i'm pretty new here and there is so much information going around that i'm a bit stuck on the following: If i live in Australia and decide to create A US Shopify store tartgeting people that live in the US and also create a French Shopify store targeting people that live in France (so people would be purchasing in either US dollars or Euro), how do i go about taxes? Appreciate any info!!...

Sep 11 2018 by Patricia
Include and exclude VAT to some countries

Hi! I really need your help!  Our website is based in Sweden, which is a part of the European Union (EU). What this means is that if a customer within another EU country buys from us, we have to charge swedish VAT, which is no problem. However, if a customer outside EU buys from us, say Norway for example, they should not be charged any VAT. In my tax settings, i have 0% taxes for N...

Sep 7 2018 by Adam Čvikota
Display items showing with Tax and without Tax.

Hi all, Is the above possible? I want to show all items with both UK VAT (Gross) and without UK VAT (Net). Or even better, can I show both options and then the VAT as an extra line? ----- My problem is: I use Xero as my accounting program and creater of invoices. If I have Shopify set up to display products without Tax (Net), with taxes added at cart stage, this does nto sa...

Sep 7 2018 by Adam Čvikota