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Reports based on Order number

Hi,  Is it possible to export a report by "Order Number'    ORDER NUMBER NAME QTY ORDERED STOCK CODE DESCRIPTION TOTAL PRICE VAT Product DELIVERY CHARGE VAT Post ORDER GROSS ORDER VAT Discount   So it is showing the above data based on customers, over a 1 month time period, or one week or fortnigh?   Many thanks

Mar 13 2018 by Jason
Taxes for International Shipping

I understand taxes here in the U.S., and that shipping taxes depends on where a business has nexus, but residing in the U.S. with no nexus in Canada, am I required to charge any taxes on shipments sent to Canada? Thank you.

Jul 16 2016 by William L.
Hey New York, how do you guys handle the $110 clothing tax excemption?

I'd really like to know how other apparel retailers in NY handle the $110 clothing tax exemption: what I've read, it looks like I don't need to collect the State Sales Tax, but I do need to collect the non-exempt County Sales Taxes.  How in the world would you do this in Shopify? 

Jul 17 2014 by Greg Stare
IRS Email

I received two emails today concerning tax records. To comply with tax regulations, Shopify Payments is required to report your 2014 sales figures to the IRS. In order to do this, we need the legal business name and Tax Identification Number (TIN) that you have on file with the IRS. Unfortunately, the information you have currently provided does not match IRS records. In order to avoid fi...

Mar 11 2015 by Massaad
How much did I pay shopify in transaction fees?

I feel like this should be a very easy question to answer or that this information should be listed on our monthly statement or account in general, but its not. I can't seem to get the right answer for this and I need to know how much I paid them each transaction for tax purposes. Any help would be great! And yes, I have contacted them about this but was advised to extract orders. Which I have ...

Apr 25 2014 by Massaad

Hi all, I wondering how your handling accounting? For example, if your using QuickBooks, do you simply export a CSV file?

Jan 24 2018 by Siravi Kitchen
EU / ROW VAT Issues (June 2012)

Hi, I have spent a long time reading throught the MANY topics regarding VAT and EU/Worldwide sales but can't seem to find a definitive answer. We are a VAT registered UK business wanting to sell to individuals (not b2b) in the UK, EU and Rest of World. Has a solution or work-around been found to display prices including VAT and for the VAT to be removed for Worldwide customers? This is now d...

Feb 9 2016 by Jeroen
legal Steps for creating a site

Hey guys, Just wanted to share a great link for legal advice. The other post was closed so I couldn't respond. Check out Hope it helps!

Jan 20 2012 by ecschwartz
Accounting Software

I'm wondering what software people use for accounting, and if there are any non-subscription solutions that integrate with shopify?  My store is very small ATM and $20/mos is more than I want to spend for what I need.  I downloaded the trails for QuickBooks and Simply Accounting, but it seems like a lot of retyping to get the information in and I don't need the invoicing or IM features.  Sugges...

Feb 25 2010 by dockane
Legal Steps for Setting up Retail Site

I am thinking of starting a small retail site and shopify looks like a fairly good tool to create the online store.  However, as an individual looking to start this from scratch what do I need to do from a legal stand point?  I've read different things about "S" corps and "C" corps and sole proprietorships (sp?)  Frankly I quickly get tired head.  What at a minimum do I need to do to protect my...

Jan 20 2011 by stressfree
Xero vs. LessAccounting

Has anyone here used or tried Xero using an app by Carrytheone to sync your stores with Xero, and/or the LessAccounting ? Would you share the experience? Which one do you like better?  I'm looking for an accounting system that is not Quickbooks. I want to go with Xero but the monthly fee is stopping me from it at this point...$29 for Xero PLUS $19 for Carrytheone...a bit much for just accountin...

Nov 10 2011 by
Views of Less Accounting + Shopify?

Hello there, I'm running one Shopify store, planning to add one or two more (all connected to the same business). Once that's done I'll desperately need to find some way of simplifying my accounting (at the minute I'm manually add Shopify sales to a spreadsheet along with my retail store and  'other' mail order sales). Initially I probably wouldn't use LA for my general accounting - just hop...

Mar 21 2010 by Jamie
Which accounts software do you want integrated with Shopify?

From the forums, it seems everyone wants to use QuickBooks. Is there anyone else out there using FreshBooks, Xero, KashFlow or any other online accounts providers? If you would like your accounts software integrated with Shopify then just reply letting us know what you use and we'll look into developing solutions for the most popular (because that's what we do!). If you are on QB thoug...

May 24 2010 by JBKVanguard
Accounting software?

Hey folks, Got a question. What accounting software do you use for your shopify stores? My store is just a part-time effort and revenue is pretty small. I don't need some huge package like Peachtree or QuickBooks (at least I don't think I do). Right now I'm using Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 and it's ok. Not the most intuitive and can be a pain sometimes. I use Peachtree at work so...

Jan 25 2008 by susangopher