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Subtract tax from the total price of the order at checkout

Hi, I'm starting to work with shopify and I'm encountering this problem in the store that I am handling the prices of the products already include the VAT. But there are 2 cities to which no VAT is charged. I want to know if it is possible that when the user selects one of these cities the VAT can be subtracted from the total that the checkout shows and how it should be programmed. Thank you.

Oct 20 2018 by Jerome
UK seller- Confusion about tax on items?

Hi,   I signed up for shopify a couple of days ago, it seems relatively straight forward to someone who doesn't understand coding, but I've ran into some confusion. I will be dropshipping, I have found some suppliers. I have only managed to list one product before I've ran into problems, firstly I am confused by the taxes. I presumed dropshipping was as simple as selling on Ebay. In...

Oct 19 2018 by Morgan
Bookkeeping - Xero - Cost to High?

I’ve recently had my books done using Xero and the Shopify Xero App. There were around 1200 orders and this has cost £1100 to import and reconcile. The majority of orders are in the £20-40 price range meaning around 4% of every sale has to go to recording the sale, which seems madness.  Is there another way to do this? I only really want Xero for filing tax returns and end of year accounts. ...

Oct 18 2018 by Rubs
Store located in Japan but dropshipper is in US and EU - need guidance o...

Hi,   Here's a brain twister for you. Concerns: I don't want my customers to receive the product and then find out they were supposed to pay tax. I also don't want my customers to pay tax at my store's checkout if they didn't need to pay any tax.   Background: My Shopify (clothing) store is 100% online as I don't handle any inventory and don't have an office. My store is not regi...

Oct 15 2018 by Nick
tax_line not populated in json file back from Shopify...

Hi, Does someone have an idea ? That famous Charges taxes on my product checkbox is checked...  When, I look at the Shopify checkout on their site, the taxes show up.  The are in the email order as well... Below is Shopify response... {   "clone_url": "sdsadsadsadsad",   "completed_at": null,   "created_at": "2018-10-12T14:56:25-04:00",   "currency": "asdasd",   "presentment_cu...

Oct 12 2018 by do
How to remove domestic VAT from products, when client is located abroad?...

Hi everyone, Prices of my products are shown on my store inclusive of Swiss taxes (my business and main clientele are based in Switzerland and everyone appreciates seeing the final price straight away, without hidden taxes that come up at checkout). I therefore selected "All taxes are included in my prices" and updated 7.7% of VAT for Switzerland. And this is fine. Now, I am shipping a...

Oct 12 2018 by Nick
Tax Component Showing at Checkout

I'm wanting to get the tax component (10% for my region) to show up at the checkout stage so my customers can see the amount if needed. Is there any way I can do this?   many thanks, Dan

Oct 11 2018 by Bobak
Canadian startup. Can anyone recommend a good accountant?

I'm starting a shopify store, and I thought I had a good handle on things.  I've gotten the necessary permits and familiarized myself with GST remittance requirements.  The Canadian PST/HST situation was causing me some stress, but I figured I'd just start off selling in the US.  Last I read, as long as I didn't have a nexus in any state or sell over $X, I didn't have much to worry about. To...

Oct 10 2018 by Laurie Collins

Hello guys, I have recently created an online store with shopify and oberlo. I have already added some items and set up almost all the requirements except for taxes, as to be honest, I am not too sure of what should I do. My business model it is as follows. I dropship items from China to only USA customers, and I live in London. I have done some research and, If I understood correctly,...

Oct 8 2018 by Nick
I'm a little confused about taxes right now.

Hi everyone,    So I'm creating a dropshipping store in Belgium, and now I was wondering.  If I sell to the US, where I would like to try out and then conquer the world (obviously). What about taxes, do I have to charge taxes and pay them to the US? Since I have no warehouse, no staff, no office in any of the states, I just sell to them..  I found information saying that when you ha...

Aug 22 2018 by Nick
Shopify Payout times = accounting nightmare

Is anyone else experiencing accounting difficulties based on the fact that Shopify reports show sales based on the date according to your time zone, but Shopify Pay determines payouts based on UTC time zone? I'm not talking about the days in between sales and deposit. I'm talking about the actual cutoff times. For example, let's say that Shopify sales for a business day shows that $2000 tota...

Oct 6 2018 by John. S
New Online Tax Laws - a Deal Breaker?

I have purchased extended licences for my artwork, created and updated product, and have my Shopify site ready to go. I then did my tax research and have been learning about the recent update to online taxes. This seems like a deal breaker to me. How am I supposed to tracking state taxes for every state? Am I missing something? Do I only need to worry about this if my sales are over a certain n...

Oct 5 2018 by Greg Kujawa
VAT for refunds to be reported on date refund takes place and NOT at dat...

Hello, I'm looking for someone who can create a tool for reporting VAT correctly. A software / app developer who specialises in Shopify financial reporting. The standard tax report for Shopify reports incorrectly. Refunds are linked back to the original order and not treated as a separate transaction at the date when they were created. To illustrate... A customer purchases a product in...

Oct 4 2018 by John. S
Wayfair Decision Implementation?

Our companies are preparing to implement measures to account for the Wayfair decision (https://taxfoundation.org/supreme-court-decides-wayfair-online-sales-tax-case/) in terms of how it impacts our collection of sales taxes for out of state shipments.  The primary focus and impact involves our e-commerce. I assume that Shopify will implement an updated sales tax mechanism to collect sales ta...

Oct 5 2018 by Nick
Shopify deposting sales to wrong account in Quickbooks?

Hi there,   In Shopify, I have it set up to deposit Product sales into an sub-account of "Sales" called "Shopify sales," but for some reasons it's depositing into another sub-account of "Sales" I have that is called "Wholesale Sales." Any ideas on how to fix this?

Oct 5 2018 by Charles Parsow
Shopify Payouts: challenges in reconciliation

We use Shopify and SAP Business One for our ERP. Right now the way payouts are delivered is quite a cumbersome and manual process for our accounting team. I was curious if anyone uses an app or an integration to reconcile payouts in their ERP. Or what process you use in general. Any information is appreciated.

Oct 4 2018 by John. S
Sales Tax Details for Paid and Shipped Orders

Hi all If I run the Sales Tax report under Finance, I get the sales tax detail of all orders for the needed timeframe. This is incorrect and it should only show you how much actual tax has been collected. Is there a way to create a report to show tax detail on only paid / or fulfilled orders?   Thanks PD

Oct 4 2018 by John. S
Detailed Tax Report

I can easily find how much state sales tax I have collected but I would like to be able to click thru and drill down without having to export a csv of all orders. Thank you.

Oct 4 2018 by John. S
Shopify Calif. Taxable sales and Shopify out-of-state sales reports

My book keeper is asking for All taxable sales in California (we are in california) and all out-of-state sales for our sales tax filings and I cannot find this information.  I used to upgrade my account from the basic to the premium for one month so I could pull this information. It doesn't appear to work this year.  Can someone please tell me where to look for all sales broken down by St...

Oct 4 2018 by John. S
reports for bookkeeper?

I am wondering which reports to give my bookkeeper?  Should I email the reports?  Or should I give them access to Shopify so they can find the reports they need?  What do you folks do?

Oct 4 2018 by John. S