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Confusion with taxes

Hi, i’m 18 years old and it has been a couple months since i have opened my shopifu store. I’m on an american visa in the US so i don’t have an ssn, but i have an ITIN number. I don’t have a lot of sales, probably two or three sales a month. I’m just really confused and i keep reading all these different things. I’ve done a lot of research but i’m still not sure. Do i have to charge and pay tax...

Nov 30 2018 by Nick
Questions about California Sales Tax Permit

I am applying online with the California Dept of Tax and Fee Administration for a California Sales Tax Permit. I am being asked for the following: Merchant Card Processor Name Merchant Card Processor Account My shopify store is setup to accept credit cards through Shopify. What are the correct answers for the above??   Thank You in advance for any help   Joe    ...

Nov 27 2018 by Dave
Is shopify really not usabe for EU and Switzerland?

Is shopify really not usabe for EU and Switzerland? Simple example: A product is sold for 20 Euro end customer price in the EU. It has to be including tax in the shopify backend to that the correct tax can be shown by country like: 20 € incl. 19% tax in Germany 20 € incl. 20% tax in Austria But for Switzerland 16,81 € without tax. Not 119% like Germany but only 100% in Switzerland. T...

Nov 27 2018 by Nick
Is there any costs associated with worldwide shipping other then ali exp...

I was looking into doing worldwide orders with my shop and was just wondering if there were any additional costs associated with worldwide shipping other then those specified with ali express

Nov 22 2018 by Peter
Tax settings dependent on shipping settings with no warning

Just learned a lesson the hard way. If you delete a country from shipping page, then re-add it, the tax rate for that country will be reset to 0. This is because if you delete a country from shipping, it deletes the tax rate. Tax rates are dependent on shipping to the country. This is a pretty dangerous workflow and would strongly suggest that Shopify include a warning 'When you delete...

Nov 20 2018 by Nick
Based in UK, selling in the US - Tax Help Required

Hi there Guys :) We have just recently launched our first Dropshipping store. We are based in the UK, However we will be targeting and making sales Primarily in the USA. That said, how do we go about setting up Store Taxes? For example, Joe buys a Hoodie from us. Joe lives in Austin,TX. Since we dropship, Joe's product goes directly from the alixexpress/oberlo supplier to Joe himself. So ...

Nov 17 2018 by Nick
Shopify incorrectly charging PST on Canada Post postage shipping to Brit...

I'm a Canadian Shopify store owner located in Winnipeg. Beginning in late February, Shopify started charging adding PST on postage on Canada Post shipments to BC in the checkout page. Anyone else notice this? Shopify charging pst on Canada Post shipping assumes that I and all other Shopify shop owners are going to create a Canada Post shipping label through Shopify. If I create a shipping la...

Nov 16 2018 by chcsep
Shopify Calculating California Sales Tax Incorrectly?

It looks to me as though Shopify is incorrectly calculating taxes when "Calculate taxes automatically is clicked." TaxJar says: "If you only have one location in California, then you’ll charge two sales tax rates. You’ll charge your district rate to buyers located in your district, and the California state rate (7.25% in 2018) to buyers outside your district." https://www.taxjar.com/states/c...

Nov 14 2018 by gone wild
Managing accountancy?

I have a store I aim to setup, I have everything planned out yet accountancy is eluding me.. The store will sell gift boxes. Each box will be made up of several items. I want to reconcile the purchase of the gift box with my bank through xero/quickbooks. For accountancy do I need the individual items to be updated in an accountancy software, to show what they sold for? Do I need ...

Nov 9 2018 by Todd
Accountant **QBO required**

Hi All, I am an accountant that just left the corporate world. I worked for 5 years at a Fortune 500 Retailer. I loved the people but the work was not fulfilling. I want to help people run efficient and profitable business. I am willing to help in any way I can. Some services I know I can provide are below. Feel free to contact me if you have something else you want help with. Bookk...

Nov 9 2018 by Nick
Canadian Store selling internationally

Can someone please advise what, if any taxes I need to include for USA, Australia, NZ, and Europe. I was informed that I only charge GST (PST/HST when applicable) to Canadian buyers and nothing to International buyers is this correct?

Nov 7 2018 by Morgan
Nomad and taxes. EU or australia

Hi guys, We are just starting with out shopify store but we are getting a bit lost in taxes etc. Hope you can help us. So we have the Dutch nationality, but both of us are not registered anymore in the Netherlands. We are on a temporary working visa in Australia and also have an Australian bank account. Our shopify store will target the countries of the EU, however shopify will pay us on ...

Nov 6 2018 by Nick
Opening a USA based store in the UK, EU, Australia etc.

We are based in Los Angeles, but we are quickly expanding to the rest of the world, and we need to set up stores in those places.    Can you give us some insight on what that would look like? Do we need to use all seperate stores and then also set up tax IDs, and bank accounts in our business name?

Nov 6 2018 by Nick
How to add taxes for my state only

I wanted to add taxes for the state of texas only. How do I do that? I went to settings and clicked on taxes but i do not have the section that says "country, municipal, state taxes"

Nov 5 2018 by Peter
How to not charge VAT on shipping for certain (used) products?

Hi folks   First post! We have a store selling new and used products. We don't charge VAT on used products (being sold on commission by customers, so not our stock) and we don't want to charge VAT on the shipping as well. Is this possible? We still want to charge VAT on shipping for new products. Added complication is that there an additional category which shouldn't have VAT added....

Oct 30 2018 by Max

I have a German based shop, for switzerland I don't want to add tax, I activated this:   All taxes are included in my prices YES If selected, all taxes will be calculated using this formula:  tax = (tax rate * price) / (1 + tax rate). For example: £1.00 at 20% VAT will be £0.17 (rounded). Charge taxes on shipping rates (US shipping taxes automatically calculated) YES   WHEN C...

Oct 26 2018 by Nick
Show incl. VAT on product page.

Hey there, i need to place the amount of my VAT in the cart. How and where i can do it? Thanks in advance

Oct 26 2018 by Nick
Does Quickbooks Know What's Taxable?

I haven't launched my store yet and I just recently got Quickbooks online.  I'm in the process of setting it up and figuring things out and started to wonder if Quickbooks can tell what sales revenue is taxable and what isn't?  Meaning, come tax time how do I avoid paying sales tax for my total revenue even though only a portion was taxable? Also do people usually split their sales tax reven...

Feb 25 2018 by quickbooksanuj
Update the taxlines at the time of checkout (urgent)

Hi there! I'm having a hard time in trying to find a way by which I can update the taxlines of the lineitems at the time of checkout. Actually I'm trying to use a third party api to fetch the tax amount from there and replace the tax calculated by shopify. Please if someone can suggest me any way. Please its urgent. Thanks

Oct 24 2018 by Vibhuti Choubey
Discrepancies in the way Tax/VAT is calculated

Hi, We have noticed some issues in the way shopify calculates the Tax/VAT of an order due to Tax calculations are on the subtotal of the cart, not on each individual item. For example... We have a product which is £1.66 ex VAT - £1.99 inc VAT. If I add 25 to my cart the total is £49.80, however 25 x £1.99 = £49.75. The customer is paying 5p more than they should be.  The reason f...

Oct 22 2018 by Jerome