April 03, 2014

SHopify changes tax rate when included in unit price This post is outdated

Why is it that if  you tick the box for tax to be included in the product/unit price shopify seems to change the tax rate? For example NZ GST is 15%, however if the 'include in price' box is ticked, shopify shows taxes equal to a rate 13.04%. If however you use the option of adding taxes at checkout it uses the correct tax rate. Why the difference?


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April 25, 2014

Hi Georgina,

Am answering this as I understood you issue. Seems like you have to adjust your Product base price to correctly calculate tax like you want.

Attached is a sample screenshot with two orders - one with a tax inclusive and other with exclusive. I have adjusted the price of 'exclusive tax product' to get the same calculated tax in both cases. Hope it helps. 

If this doesn't help reply with a screenshot of your order where you see the miscalculated tax. Will be glad to help.


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