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[New Closed Beta] - Better Canadian Taxes

Hi Accounting and Taxes!

I’m Brian Donohue, a product manager here at Shopify, and I work on taxes. You’ve been passionate about giving us feedback, and I think that’s awesome - so here’s your chance to help make Shopify better!

We’re looking for merchants to participate in a closed beta and give us feedback on a new potential product improvement for Shopify.

There’s some requirements for participation:

  1. You are selling in Canada.
  2. You are registered to charge sales tax in Canada (either GST, or PST).
  3. Willing to participate and give feedback on the new potential product.
  4. You understand that this is a beta test, and that there is no guarantee on quality or performance for any beta product you may test.

We’re looking for up to 20 participants, and we’ll need to cap it there. If you’d like to participate, please email canadataxbeta@shopify.com and we’ll email you back with next steps. Please include your .myshopify.com address as well.

I’ll keep this thread open for a few days, but once we reach our cap - I’ll lock it.

Thanks for your time!

PS - let’s keep this thread for questions around beta eligibility and participation. If you have feedback or questions about some other area of taxes, please review the help docs: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/taxes or email support@shopify.com