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Business expenses

Hi, I'm wondering how the majority of people record their income and expenses for their shopify store. I am just doing it on an excel doc at the moment and struggling with how to record some things. Firstly regarding paypal and shopify fees, do you record this as an expense or do you minus these out of all your orders individually as part of your income? Is there a quick way to add up all your ...

Mar 23 2017 by Wowpos
Drop shipping business plan !

Hello, I'm new to shopify and I have a webstore, the webstore is still not fully published online as I still have not done any adv. on goodle ads and facebook and also because I'm still testing it for delivery and payments and some other issues, at the moment I'm trying to set up my iDeal payment via pay.nl, my third party for  payment on my webstore m everything went OK but after two weeks fro...

Mar 22 2017 by Martha
2 stores, one POS

I have a grocery store and share a space with a deli. Currently we use Intuit POS, and we have each of our products in various categories (e.g. Deli or Grocery). At the end of the day, we run a report based on categories and use that to track who made what and rectify for our individual businesses. This allows a customer to shop at both businesses and get a single transaction when checking out....

Mar 16 2017 by Wowpos
Shopify from Australia

Hello everyone, I am planning to open a shopify store from australia. I am a bit confused about the tax section. How can I find the right tax rates from australia? can anyone help me with all these tax stuffs that is related to australia?   Thank you

Mar 14 2017 by Lakshmi Balachandran
What is the best version of Quickbooks to use with Shopify?

I've signed up for QB Online and I'm currenlty using Shopify's Intuit app to integrate w/ QB online but its not intergrating well. Should I be using QB desktop?

Mar 7 2017 by MyStore Accounting
How do I combine State and Municipal Tax on order confirmation email?

Hello, I'm using the minimal theme and want to combine the state and municipal tax so it appears as a single line in the order confirmation email. I saw other posts related to this topic and tried copying the code but couldn't get it to display correctly. Here is the default tax code that is in my template. Any assistance would be much appreciated.  {% for line in tax_lines %}           ...

Mar 6 2017 by Ali Fadel
1099-K Questions

As I understand the 1099-K form includes Gross Sales before 1) Discounts 2) Refunds 3) Fees and anything else not gross sales. I can generate a report that gives my Total Revenue, Discounts, Refunds for my shop, but doesn't distinguish by payment method.  Issue is part of my sales are Paypal, Amazon and Apple Pay   I also get a 1099-K from Paypal  for Shopify sales. Therefore I know what ...

Mar 5 2017 by Clement
Reconciliation with Bank Deposits

Hello, One of my shops is using Stripe for our payment processor (not Shopify Payments) and Quickbooks Online for accounting. I'm leveraging an ETL tool to move Shopify Orders into Quickbooks as Sales Receipts, which works great. The probably I'm running into is finding a tool that can reconcile bank deposits with Stripe. Has anyone found one that reconciles at the Stipe deposit level? I ...

Feb 20 2017 by Clement
Inventory of food product went bad. How do we track this in Shopify?

Hi there, We recently had about $17,000 of food product go bad. We tried to just subtract it from our inventory by creating an order for the total quantity and then giving it a 100% discount. Unfortunately, this shows up as $17,000 in sales with a $17,000 discount, which skews our reports. How can we properly subtract this inventory to show them as a loss rather than sales?   Thanks. ...

Feb 6 2017 by John D
Wrong gross sales and discount figure when order has discount (+Xero inc...

I've been investigating how Sales Tax / VAT / GST is handled by Shopify and I found several pretty problems! In tax settings I have set up "All taxes are included in my prices". Then I create a manual order with 2 items. Item 1: Product: Some t shirt Variant: M Qty: 1 Price: $10 Discount: $2   Item 2: Product: Some t shirt Variant: S Qty: 1 Price: $10 ...

Jan 27 2017 by Clement
Year end shopify payments, shipping total, taxes collected, summary for...

I tried to ask a "guru" but....that was my worst guru interaction yet. Paypal gives me a very neat year end report, click the link all info needed for the accountant. I can't find anything in shopify other that downloading multiple reports and trying to compile them into one cohesive/comprehensive report for my accountant.  Any ideas? I use quickbooks online which doesn't support shopi...

Feb 3 2017 by JeffDM
Discrepancies in the way Tax/VAT is calculated

Hi, We have noticed some issues in the way shopify calculates the Tax/VAT of an order due to Tax calculations are on the subtotal of the cart, not on each individual item. For example... We have a product which is £1.66 ex VAT - £1.99 inc VAT. If I add 25 to my cart the total is £49.80, however 25 x £1.99 = £49.75. The customer is paying 5p more than they should be.  The reason f...

Jan 24 2017 by Clement
Differents taxes per article in combination

Hi! I need to know how configure a 4% VAT for books and 21% VAT for clothes, I'm selling a pack with this two article, and I need this. Thanks

Jan 24 2017 by Clement
Seperate different VAT %'s in combination product.

Hello there, I'm looking into the capabilities for my new webshop and I have run into a possible issue a friend of mine already has with his shopify hosted webshop. I'm looking to sell both 6% and 21% VAT products and in my country these need to be specified seperately on the invoice. I want to sell combination packs however where people can buy a combination of 6% and 21% VAT products...

Jan 24 2017 by Clement
Tax on discount package.

In Holland food related products have a 6% VAT. Non-food related products have 21% VAT. I have made a discount package with food items and non-food accesories. The only way I have found to get the correct VAT calculated for the package is to manually calculate the total VAT over all these seperate items which comes down to something like 13,6% and the create a TAX override which I link...

Jan 24 2017 by Clement
Data analysis

Hi  I have a business selling leather goods. I have been operating for 18 months. I want some advice and be able to talk to someone about things such as:  - sales trends  - Impacts of discounts  - Which products have sold better than others.  - Understanding seasonality of my sales  - Potential sales growth. I'm willing to pay a little bit, but do not have the biggest budge...

Feb 7 2017 by YC
VAT Relief For Disabled Customers

Hello. I seem to have came up against a major stumbling point of Shopify... (However, I might be wrong) Our customers who are disabled or have specific health conditions who are wanting to buy from us have the right to not pay tax on any orders they make. This means that the price they are paying on the store is the VAT relief price. However, when going through the checkout process the pr...

Feb 28 2017 by Anna James
Why set up taxes when I pay local taxes?

Hi, I have my webshop almost in order but I just do not get the taxes right. I have a clothing company that will sell garments in EU countries, my company is based in Sweden. I will pay 25% taxes in Sweden, so my questions is: Do I really need to declare tax rates for all eu countries as I pay taxes in Sweden? Best regards, Osvaldo

Feb 28 2017 by iVirtual
Sale items and profit sheets

Hi! I was just wondering if when i mark something as a sale item buy changing the price (sale price) and the compare at price(RRP) if this would be altering my profits page on shopify. I ask this because when i do the profit sheet manually whilst having a sale i come up with a much larger profit loss and when the sale item is put through the shopify app it doesnt say it is a sale item onc...

Feb 27 2017 by Kassey S.
Register dropshipping business in India?

I am from India and this forms are asked by Razorpay for payment setup.  Do I need to register my business for running a website ?  And is dropshipping a legal business so that I would get permission to run this business ? Whom I should contact to get all these 4 business documents. 1. Business Registration Proof  2. Business pan 3.company's bank statement with address 4.authoris...

Feb 26 2017 by Shailesh Puthran