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[New Closed Beta] - Better Canadian Taxes

Hi Accounting and Taxes! I’m Brian Donohue, a product manager here at Shopify, and I work on taxes. You’ve been passionate about giving us feedback, and I think that’s awesome - so here’s your chance to help make Shopify better! We’re looking for merchants to participate in a closed beta and give us feedback on a new potential product improvement for Shopify. There’s some requirements ...

Oct 30 2018 by Donohue
California Sellers permit questions

I am currently trying to get a California sellers permit for my dropshipping bussiness, I am going to be using Aliexpress to purchase most of my products until I know which ones are selling well enough for me to purchase them in bulk. That being said I am having an issue filling out the form for the sellers permit as I do not really have any major suppliers, If anyone has any suggestions on wha...

Jan 27 2018 by l.line
Currently dropshipping via Oberlo, how do I generate a report that shows...

Hello, Started a few weeks and now getting constant sales. Trying to create a spreadsheet to track my numbers and I cant seem to figure out a way to generate a report that shows the total amount of money that I spent to buy the products on aliexpress, unless I do it manaully. Also, how do I generate a report that shows the total revenue on shopify? So basically I need a report that sho...

Oct 4 2018 by John. S
Tax System Austria/ Europe Help

Hello everyone, I have recently moved to Austria, and I am starting my shopify store. my store will be a retail fashion store and I will sell clothes from multiple manufacturers mostlyfrom Europe and US. My question is: how to set up that taxation system on shopify? I really don't understand anything and the more I read, the more I am getting confused! I plan to ship my products worldwide...

Jan 24 2018 by Siravi Kitchen
Shopify not including municipal tax

I have "auto-retrieve local tax rates" selected.   Under settings- taxes, underr "county, municipal, and state taxes" it shows my zip code and, under "county, municipal, and other taxes" is shows "0.0% to 2.0%." The textt is a link, and when I click on it it brings up Texas and a list of zip codes. When I type in my zip code it shows "State- 6.25%, Municipal- 2.0%" This is correct, but no...

Feb 1 2018 by Siravi Kitchen
Double accounting from Shopify to QuickBooks integration

Hi everyone, I am seeing an issue with a clients accounting stemming from Shopify transactions being pushed into QuickBooks via the QuickBooks app on Shopify.  For example, let's say we have order #123. #123 is canceled to add another product to the order, and turns into #123A. When the data is sent from Shopify to QuickBooks, it will put all the sales, shipping and relevant financial inf...

Feb 1 2018 by Siravi Kitchen
2 stores, one POS

I have a grocery store and share a space with a deli. Currently we use Intuit POS, and we have each of our products in various categories (e.g. Deli or Grocery). At the end of the day, we run a report based on categories and use that to track who made what and rectify for our individual businesses. This allows a customer to shop at both businesses and get a single transaction when checking out....

Feb 1 2018 by Siravi Kitchen
Data analysis

Hi  I have a business selling leather goods. I have been operating for 18 months. I want some advice and be able to talk to someone about things such as:  - sales trends  - Impacts of discounts  - Which products have sold better than others.  - Understanding seasonality of my sales  - Potential sales growth. I'm willing to pay a little bit, but do not have the biggest budge...

Feb 1 2018 by Siravi Kitchen
Is taxes linked to shipping address or the currency used to pay?

Hi. The website i'm working on is Philippine based and I'm wondering how taxes will work inside shopify. Scenario: My aunt abroad, say US, wants to buy me tea. She wants to pay in USD but wants the product delivered to me in the Philippines, where I currently live. Our law says that when the sale is made inside the Philippines, the buyer needs to pay taxes. Just want clarification on this m...

Yesterday by Nick
Canadian dropshipper: Stripes 7-day rolling period is ridiculous; need t...

I need to create an LLC in order to obtain an EIN, so I can create a US Stripe account (payment processor gateway) so I can have a 2-day rolling period rather than a 7-day rolling period with a Canadian account (crap for cashflow). I'm starting to find success with dropshipping, but don't have the budget to hire a professional attorney/create and maintain a US corporation. Thus I have come ot t...

Yesterday by nwright
TAXES- what is this???

Here is my tax report from shopify for this year..I"m based in manitoba and i'm charging PST in BC and Sask??  also charging two rates of HST in Manitoba (manitoba doesn't have HST)...I have not changed anything in my tax settings...I'd contact support but i know it would go to second level and I will never hear from them again...This is going to be a nightmare, anyone else have a similar situa...

Dec 8 2018 by John Mathieson
I'm looking for a good UK accountant

Hi All, I'm looking for a UK accountant that has experience with ecommerce businesses. I use an accountancy firm already for a service based business, but they don't have much experience in eCommerce businesses, so I'd be interested in talking to someone who does. I'm really looking for someone who can provide a fixed monthly cost rather than keep bolting on additional fees every time ...

Dec 8 2018 by Steven Samuels
Shopify Orders Integration to Quickbooks Enterprise

Hello All! My company uses Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions hosted by Right Networks remote desktop. We are looing for a way to import/export or sync Shopify retail orders to our Quickbooks without having to manually enter each individual order. Anyone else out there encounter this same issue and possibly have a solution? Thanks!

Dec 5 2018 by Kameron Keel
Incorrect application of discounts

If this is in the wrong sub forum I oppologise, but I need some help with an issue my client is having. I've taken over maintenance of my clients store and there are pricing/discount discrepencies. Please see the following image. https://imgur.com/a/tdeYbFg There is a discount being applied by the Wholsesale Hero app of 30% on e.g. the order for 24 packs of English Breakfast tea on line 1...

Dec 5 2018 by Peter
How to deal with Shopify invoices

Hi there, i've looked over about 10 pages of this section but can't seem to find anything related to how everyone deals with Shopify invoices when it comes to tax time.    All my invoices are paid on credit card in Canadian dollars, they are invoiced in american dollars with a breakdown of how much was paid in GST, PST and HST depending on the shipping label.  I've started using quickbooks onli...

Dec 5 2018 by John Mathieson
Operating from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hey guys, I need HELP! I'm from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I'm currently opening my first Shopify Store. My goal is to start a clothing brand and to sell my products through Print on Demand. Now, I'm trying to abide by all the laws and I want every single aspect of my online store to be legit. So I've obtained my NEQ (basically means that I've registered my company) and the next step wa...

Dec 5 2018 by ruelle
Selling 2 Product Groups Together - TAX RATE PROBLEM. HELP!

Hi, I have a problem with a combined product.  The product is effectively a bundle offering two product groups Food (with 12% VAT) and Non Food (with 25% VAT). Is there anyway to be able to sell these two groups of produts together and have Shopify acknowledge the difference in VAT? Either through an app or some custom coding?   Has anyone successfully managed to resolve this issue?  I...

Dec 4 2018 by Frank265
Canada - US cross boarder taxes

I live in Quebec but would like to open a drop ship business selling to US customers and using US suppliers. From what I understand I just need to pay the sales tax due when I purchase from the supplier but I don't need to charge sales tax to my customers, is this correct? Any advise on this would be appreciated. Thanks,

Dec 1 2018 by MIke L
Wave Apps for accounting (free!) partners with Zapier

Wave Apps is a really great FREE accounting and bookkeeping app. This is the text from their FB post: Wave has partnered with Zapier, making it easier to connect Wave to all the applications that are critical to your business. With 1000s of Zapier integrations available, you can look forward to doing more by doing less. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2BEYNIm. Could be a game changer for a lot of ...

Nov 30 2018 by Kerstin K.
Confusion with taxes

Hi, i’m 18 years old and it has been a couple months since i have opened my shopifu store. I’m on an american visa in the US so i don’t have an ssn, but i have an ITIN number. I don’t have a lot of sales, probably two or three sales a month. I’m just really confused and i keep reading all these different things. I’ve done a lot of research but i’m still not sure. Do i have to charge and pay tax...

Nov 30 2018 by Nick