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I'm 16 and want to start a Drop Shipping Shopify Store. But whoes Social...

I’m 16 and I want to start a Shopify Drop Shipping store. I’ve done countless hours of research and really excited to get started but I ran into one thing I can’t find an answer on.   When setting up payments, specifically on Shopify with stripe, whose Social Security Number(SSN) should I put? Mine or my parents, since I’m only 16. And how would that affect taxes(I don’t do taxes as I don...

Today by Morgan
Integration with Netsuite Accounting Software

Hello, Is it possible to integrate Shopify with NetSuite? we currently use NetSuite and would like integration with an ecommerce platform. Thanks.

Dec 22 2016 by joseR
accounting software

Hi  Can any one recommend an accounting software that links to Shopify? I am using Quickbooks and its a nightmare!!

Sep 6 2017 by Ashley Perry
Tax Returns

I am wondering do you recieve tax returns from your shopify store or any ecommerce business

Sep 12 2017 by Jade
Double accounting from Shopify to QuickBooks integration

Hi everyone, I am seeing an issue with a clients accounting stemming from Shopify transactions being pushed into QuickBooks via the QuickBooks app on Shopify.  For example, let's say we have order #123. #123 is canceled to add another product to the order, and turns into #123A. When the data is sent from Shopify to QuickBooks, it will put all the sales, shipping and relevant financial inf...

Aug 31 2017 by Wes65
Detailed Proft reports and inventory managment

Hello,   I am currently using Vend pos and Shopify for our online but I would like to fully switch to Shopify pos so theres no issues linking Vend to Shopify.   Can anyone please tell me the best reporting and inventory app or other software that I can view detailed profit reports from dates, Vendors, employees etc.... Also is able to publish inventory to shopify so I can track item...

Sep 28 2017 by Clement
What is the best accounting software?

We are currently using Quickbooks and it is not working well. We need to our orders to export and our inventory to be adjusted. We also sell things in bundles and Quickbooks doesn't allow that feature.  Any ideas? Thanks!!

May 14 2018 by Travelbadger
Refunds not working with Quickbooks integration

Hello Everyone  I am having  an issue with the refunds, since they are not importing into quickbooks. The easy solution is to create the refunds manually in QuickBooks, but I want to know if there is a solution that didn't imply so much manual work. Any ideas?   Thank you  

Feb 27 2018 by lauram
Quickbooks and Shopify Integration

We are wondering how we could create a service that would sync into quickbooks from shopify correctly? I am assuming the service would be set up like an inventory item, but would that sync correctly into quickbooks?

Mar 13 2018 by Stratton
Handling Supreme Court Decision on State Taxes

How are you planning on handling the coming requirement to charge state sales taxes on internet sales? Does Shopify have a helpful solution to set it up?

Jun 21 2018 by MarcTaxJar
When Should I Hire A Bookkeeper?

I am debating on whether or not I should hire a bookkeeper. I started my business 15 months ago and it is really starting to pick up. I have become so busy with day to day work that I can't seem to find time to do my bookkeeping. Is a bookkeeper worth the money? Also, what is the typical rate to expect.  Thank You!

Oct 18 2016 by Tim Holley


Jun 20 2018 by TAhmed
Shopify US Tax Table Limited to Zip Code vs. Zip+4

Shopify - Can you please update your tax table to accurately calculate taxes for jurisdictions that fall within the same zip code, but have different tax rates. I have several customers that are in the same US Zip Code.  That Zip Code has 2-3 different cities that fall within the 5 Digit Zip Code, however, each city is being charged the same Tax.  In reality, each city within the Zip Code ha...

Jun 20 2018 by Craig Hoffmann
Display GST inclusive product prices for specific region only

Hi, I have an Australian client who sells predominantly overseas.  So the product prices they work with are GST exclusive.  But to comply with legal requirements in Australia it is necessary to display the GST inclusive prices within Australia. How would I go about this?   Essentially I would like to follow this tutorial, however only apply it for Australian visitors / customers.  Also...

Jun 20 2018 by VWD
Display taxes in invoices

Hello,  because of some legal requirements the sales tax-price must be shown in my order confirmation. How can I set this in my settings? In the invoices of order printer, it is shown, but only with 0,00€. Example Product price: 49,99 Tax included (19% currently in Germany) : 0,00 How do I adjust, that the 19% of the price is calculated and shown?  If should be shown as follow...

Jun 16 2018 by Lucas bott
Swiss Online Shop : how can I have the VAT subtracted at checkout for cu...

Hello,  I manage a Swiss based online shop. Most of our customers are in Switzerland, so I have the country VAT set at 7,7% and the "All taxes are included in my prices" option checked in the "Taxes"  Settings, and also the box "Charge taxes" checked for each product. 1) How can I have the 7,7% deduced from the price for our customers outside of Switzerland? I already created the Shipping...

Jun 14 2018 by MMTT
Taxes US & UK

Hi,  Setting up website and want to know what/how to deal with the taxes in US and Europe. I’m using Printful to dropship a selected range of products from their US and European locations. Printful will charge tax on sales from California and North Carolina, which is great! But what about the remainder of the states: Do I collect these taxes and then pay them when I’m sent an notice. How d...

Jun 12 2018 by DarrylF
Micro Multi National set up

Hello all helpful people! I have a US site and corresponding LLC for handmade shoes.  We do most of our manufacturing in Spain and are creating a Spanish company also to make it easier for our EU clients to buy without shipping everything to the US first. Is there a way to keep 1 website, but have US sales go to 1 business (the LLC) while EU sales go to another (SL)?   Or is there a wa...

Jun 10 2018 by Aria
Currency Displayed by location?

Hi There, We are in Australia and have set our current to Australian Dollars. Just wondered if someone in the UK viewed our website would the currency be displayed in pounds? Can they choose what location they are in and then the currency changes to reflect this?   www.wallartdownloads.com thanks so much, Linda

Jun 9 2018 by Linda
invoicing system using aliexpress dropshipping

Hello, I want to make store in shopify and use aliexpress dropshipping. I would like to know how look like invoicing system if I aliexpress dropshipping ? Can anyone help me ? I ask here from invoices from sellers from aliexpress. I know that many of them do not have companies, so how do I get an invoice?

Jun 7 2018 by tommax