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Looking For An Accountant To Partner With

Looking for someone who is proficient in accounting and knowledgable about taxes, and would be interested in becoming a partner of my business!

Yesterday by iAris
How Do You Tie Bank Deposit to Orders?

Hi, I am new to Shopify.  In my old system, I downloaded orders and sorted them by payment type and directly tied to my daily deposits.  What do people use in Shopify?  The Shopify Payments Payout section would be perfect and logical if it broke down shipping and sales tax but it doesn't.  I just need to know on each payout Product Sales + Shipping + Sales Tax - Merchant Fees = Total Payout

Jun 26 2017 by Jeff
Affect of GST in India on invoicing

Hello. This is for all the Indian stores here. Just wanted to check if anyone has an idea about how the invoicing through Shopify will change from July 1st? Do we have a facility in shopify to show the split between CGST and SGST/ IGST? How can this be done? Or is needed to be done for a B2C transaction?  P.S dont mind the silly questions. completely ignorant about tax questions. Th...

Jun 24 2017 by Satya Bhan
Gmail password support number +1-888-787-9274 Voice of Client for Global...

Voice of Client for Global Tech and for our Gmail service along with resonse time of Gmail password support number +1-888-787-9274 1. Client Name: Mr. Richrad Smith        Age    :    40  Account Type : Individual   Problem      :  Facing issue on login Gmail account by typing password it shows wrong. Not able to resolve the issues. ........... After dialling a number: +1-888-787-9274...

Jun 24 2017 by johnson001
How to ensure local tax is charges as well as state tax on "pickup" orders

We need to allow customers to choose "pickup/local pickup" as a shipping method while also ensuring the local tax rate is collected. Currently, we have a "free shipping coupon code" called "pickup" which is basically a free shipping code. While it does collect state tax (7.25%) it does not collect the required local tax (0.25%) on top of that.  I chatted with Support and they're digging b...

Jun 23 2017 by Adam Spiker
VAT for refunds to be reported on date refund takes place and NOT at dat...

Hello, I'm looking for someone who can create a tool for reporting VAT correctly. A software / app developer who specialises in Shopify financial reporting. The standard tax report for Shopify reports incorrectly. Refunds are linked back to the original order and not treated as a separate transaction at the date when they were created. To illustrate... A customer purchases a product in...

Jun 22 2017 by Clement
Inventory Valuation - POS system

Each month I have in additon to sales reports I run a report to let me know the value (based on cost) of the inventory in my store.  It appears that's impossible with Shopify.  Can anyone enlighten me?

Jun 20 2017 by Clement
California Sales Tax not automatically calculating on Shopify

Hi There, I have been selling wines on Shopify for 1 month now. Our physical presence is in California. I am having an issue with Shopify calculating incorrect sales tax based on destination. As per California BOE law, I must collect State sales tax rate + District sales tax rate. For example my home town's rate is 9% but if I ship to an out of district city, the rate will be different. How do ...

Jun 20 2017 by Eugene
Quickbooks Sync messes up invoice numbers

Hey there! We want to sync our orders with our Quickbooks, but when orders import from shopify using the app, it messes up the numbering system that we have for our invoices. What we use our shopify store for, and what we use our quickbooks invoices for, are not really related so we would like to some how keep the shopify app from hikacking our invoice numberings, keeping the sales receipt numb...

Jun 19 2017 by Kristen Bonkoski
VAT and Google Shopping

Hello, I am a U.S. based business. I want to set up a Google Shopping feed to sell my products (non-digital) in the UK, or any other country that requires I show the VAT included price on my landing pages, cart and checkout.  My question is, how do I get my product pages/cart to display the product price with VAT included but ONLY for those countries that require it so I can satisfy Googl...

Jun 18 2017 by Ikumi Schuckert
Shopify and QBO not syncing products correctly

Hello,  I have been using the Shopify created app for quickbooks for about 3 months now. At the end of each month, when I sync sales, I notice that my COGS number is way off. It seems to be because Shopify is adding the sales receipt but not removing the item from Quickbooks inventory. This sometimes happens correctly for one product on an invoice but not others. I have also noticed that ...

Jun 16 2017 by Theodoros Constantinides
Question about VAT

Hello, I plan to set up shop for shopify and sell digital products. I have a question about VAT and its settlement. When I get a customer who lives in eg Canada where VAT is at 5% how to account for such a tax? I know that there is MOSS in the European Union and just make a declaration. Problems also do not come when VAT is 0% as in the United States. Does anyone know how to settle for count...

Jun 16 2017 by Leticia
Display items showing with Tax and without Tax product on variants

Hi  I am wanting to display items with and with out tax. I have edited the product.page as per https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/products/show-vat-prices#product This works fine for products without variants. For products with variants as soon as you click on a variant, the with and without tax disappears. I am not sure where the code is that is displaying the variant price? ...

Jun 14 2017 by Don Renwick
Tax rates by county

I'm using an out-of-state print fulfillment company and I need to charge Use Tax for sales in that state and the Use Tax Rate varies by county. Shopify doesn't let you create tax rates on a county level. Can I just add physical presences in those counties (with zip codes) and then just create overrides by county? It seems like it should work but I'm not sure if that would create any is...

Jun 12 2017 by jp337
Multiple Shopify Quickbooks Sync

We run about 4-5 Shopify stores. We love the Quickbooks Sync feature. Unfortunately, I just realized that only 1 Shopify store can sync with Quickbooks at a time. Does anyone have a solution for this? How do we get the transactions from each store into Quickbooks? Is there a 3rd party app that we can go through to accomplish this?

Jun 9 2017 by Kristen Bonkoski
Subtract tax from the total price of the order at checkout

Hi, I'm starting to work with shopify and I'm encountering this problem in the store that I am handling the prices of the products already include the VAT. But there are 2 cities to which no VAT is charged. I want to know if it is possible that when the user selects one of these cities the VAT can be subtracted from the total that the checkout shows and how it should be programmed. Thank you.

Jun 9 2017 by Jason
No idea about tax settings.

I've, literally, spent three days now trying to figure out how to set up the taxes. It's completely holding me back from launching ... I'm in Toronto and using Teescape, who are in Iowa, do I really need to consult a tax expert like Shopify support suggested? So after I'm paying my monthly fees, I have to spend even more time and money for something that seems pretty straight forward.... Can an...

Jun 8 2017 by Peter
Display items showing with Tax and without Tax.

Hi all, Is the above possible? I want to show all items with both UK VAT (Gross) and without UK VAT (Net). Or even better, can I show both options and then the VAT as an extra line? ----- My problem is: I use Xero as my accounting program and creater of invoices. If I have Shopify set up to display products without Tax (Net), with taxes added at cart stage, this does nto sa...

Jun 8 2017 by Kohei Tokumasu
Tax settings...help!

Hello all, I'm in the process of setting up my shop. I'm a UK based non-VAT registered seller and I'd like a little advice on the correct settings for my shop. As I'm non-VAT registered I do not need to charge VAT on my products. On the product page for each item I have unchecked the 'Charge Taxes on this Product' button. In the SETTING > TAXES  section I have checked the box which ...

Jun 7 2017 by JJL
Help! Taxes are not included at checkout

Hi, I tested out my website and at the end of checkout, I noticed taxes are not included. How can I go about fixing this problem? I am located in California. https://gyazo.com/a349a9078d8933a5b66ec586aca9dffc Thank you!

Jun 7 2017 by Krispeas