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No tax should be added when valid VAT ID for EU customers g6

Hi guys, I did search through the Shopify forums, but still could not find an answer to this question. We are building a B2B website based in the EU and will be selling digital goods in EU and outside EU. The issue we are facing and have not found a solution to it yet, is the following. We have enabled the "Charge EU Digital Goods VAT Taxes" option and it is working as expected - adds the...

Jan 8 2017 by Stijn Deschacht
Differents taxes per article in combination

Hi! I need to know how configure a 4% VAT for books and 21% VAT for clothes, I'm selling a pack with this two article, and I need this. Thanks

Today by Clement
Seperate different VAT %'s in combination product.

Hello there, I'm looking into the capabilities for my new webshop and I have run into a possible issue a friend of mine already has with his shopify hosted webshop. I'm looking to sell both 6% and 21% VAT products and in my country these need to be specified seperately on the invoice. I want to sell combination packs however where people can buy a combination of 6% and 21% VAT products...

Today by Clement
Tax on discount package.

In Holland food related products have a 6% VAT. Non-food related products have 21% VAT. I have made a discount package with food items and non-food accesories. The only way I have found to get the correct VAT calculated for the package is to manually calculate the total VAT over all these seperate items which comes down to something like 13,6% and the create a TAX override which I link...

Today by Clement
Discrepancies in the way Tax/VAT is calculated

Hi, We have noticed some issues in the way shopify calculates the Tax/VAT of an order due to Tax calculations are on the subtotal of the cart, not on each individual item. For example... We have a product which is £1.66 ex VAT - £1.99 inc VAT. If I add 25 to my cart the total is £49.80, however 25 x £1.99 = £49.75. The customer is paying 5p more than they should be.  The reason f...

Today by Clement
VAT ID - EU customers

Hi to all, What's the best way to add a VAT ID field to the customer account in order to have that automatically available at check-out or/and to enable a customer without an account to enter the VAT ID and forward that information to support invoicing.

Yesterday by Sufio
Identity number or company number for invoice. Custom Field in Checkout ...

Hi! In Colombia, we are required to ask for the personal identity number or the company number to be able to invoice them. How could we include a custom field in the checkout process?

Yesterday by William L.
Manual sync with Wave

So, I am new to all this.  How do people manualy enter the deposit into Wave?  Do you make an invoice?  Do you only use the transaction list?  If you are using an invoice, do you enter the product names before hand or just enter them as you go?  Just looking to see how others do it.  Thanks

Jan 20 2017 by Outdoorstockroom
VAT Relief For Disabled Customers

Hello. I seem to have came up against a major stumbling point of Shopify... (However, I might be wrong) Our customers who are disabled or have specific health conditions who are wanting to buy from us have the right to not pay tax on any orders they make. This means that the price they are paying on the store is the VAT relief price. However, when going through the checkout process the pr...

Jan 19 2017 by Sufio
Sales Orders Not Being Exported from Shopify to Quickbooks Because of "T...

Hi. I'm in California. Our Shopify sales orders are set up to automatically export to Quickbooks on a daily basis. Sales orders that are made in the counties/cities (two) where we have a physical presence export over with no problem. Sales orders that are out of state with no sales tax charged are exported over as well  However, when we have a sale in the same state (CA) but a different county ...

Jan 18 2017 by Andrew Gutterman
Colombia Differencial Tax values

Hi! I appreciate to know if Shopify would include the option for countries where we have a differencial in taxes by product. Thanks!

Jan 14 2017 by Daryoush Shabahang
2 stores, one POS

I have a grocery store and share a space with a deli. Currently we use Intuit POS, and we have each of our products in various categories (e.g. Deli or Grocery). At the end of the day, we run a report based on categories and use that to track who made what and rectify for our individual businesses. This allows a customer to shop at both businesses and get a single transaction when checking out....

Jan 12 2017 by Clement
What is the best version of Quickbooks to use with Shopify?

I've signed up for QB Online and I'm currenlty using Shopify's Intuit app to integrate w/ QB online but its not intergrating well. Should I be using QB desktop?

Jan 11 2017 by Jihan Shareef
Quickbooks / Bold Apps Product Options

Hi Shopify Community We have been looking for a solution to integrate our store with our desktop Quickbooks. But we seem to be stumbling in that most of these apps create items for unknonw products in the Quickbooks system. Thus, we get a series of products that we don't sell and in the description of the items we have jibberish text listing out all of the options for each product. Wondering...

Jan 11 2017 by Lauren @WigsForPigs
Does Quickbooks Know What's Taxable?

I haven't launched my store yet and I just recently got Quickbooks online.  I'm in the process of setting it up and figuring things out and started to wonder if Quickbooks can tell what sales revenue is taxable and what isn't?  Meaning, come tax time how do I avoid paying sales tax for my total revenue even though only a portion was taxable? Also do people usually split their sales tax reven...

Jan 10 2017 by Jimmy Ledoux

Any one know how to easily access GROSS QUANTITY SOLD in reports? I see NET QUANTITY and GROSS SALES but I'm looking specifically for GROSS QUANTITY SOLD. Thanks for your help! Stephen

Jan 10 2017 by Jimmy Ledoux
UK (and more than likely EU) VAT receipts - a legal requirement

Hi, have found a few previous posts on the subject from years ago, and Shopify support teams have stated they cannot (will not) amend the web templates. How does anyone in the UK/EU satisfy legal requirements with regards to VAT receipts? https://www.gov.uk/vat-record-keeping/vat-invoices Are all UK/EU shopify customers trading illegally? Advice desperately sought if anyone has a wo...

Jan 4 2017 by Andrew Roberts
Google partner account !

  Run video ads through channel google ?? You are need for Google ads account running advertisement(Google adwords, google GDN)? You want to increase sales, but your advertising account is limited? Your advertising account can't spend money? Your advesting account trust is limited? You meet account problems or need technical supports but you don't know who or how to contact wi...

Jan 1 2017 by eriklehnsher10
A few weaknesses with Shopify

Has anyone come up with a report or alternative way to reconcile the daily sales to the amount ultimately received from Shopify? Our auditor is concerned that the two numbers never match and there is no way to get from one to the other. We have no idea whether we are collecting all of the funds or if we may be shipping orders to someone who never actually paid us. How do you calculate your s...

Dec 30 2016 by YC
Will Shopify accurately collect sales per County if I check the apply ta...

I am located in Wisconsin and am required to collect a diifferent rate of sales tax from buyers of each wisconsin county. If I check the option, apply tax, while adding a product, will shopify calculate the tax accordingly? I had to manually enter all the zip codes in my Etsy shop, so I want to make sure I am setting up Shopify right. 

Dec 29 2016 by Kerstin K.