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Change account OWNER email.

We recently bought this company and we have the login and everything is fine. We've changed all of the login info and emails but when you clcik on the top right of the screen on your Shopify account, and then click "your profile" it takes me to my profile. Everything has changed except the email, it is still the old owners email. There is no link beside it saying "change email address." What th...

Today by Trevor M
Affect of GST in India on invoicing

Hello. This is for all the Indian stores here. Just wanted to check if anyone has an idea about how the invoicing through Shopify will change from July 1st? Do we have a facility in shopify to show the split between CGST and SGST/ IGST? How can this be done? Or is needed to be done for a B2C transaction?  P.S dont mind the silly questions. completely ignorant about tax questions. Th...

Yesterday by Satish from WebPlanex
how to add state tax automatically

i live in atlanta, georgia. i do dropshipping from overseas. i do not have a physical warehouse or a store address but just my residance in georgia. in this case, do i have to add state tax, if an order is placed from the same state as where i live? i'm asking because the merchandise is manufactured overseas and shipped from overseas.  i will appreciate your help on this issue. note: s...

Dec 11 2017 by MarcTaxJar
Tax setting

Hi everyone,   UK based company Have only had a handful of orders on our site since launch and looking at one we got the other day saw that VAT 20%(included) was added as a line on the order. As we are not VAT registered I went into "settings" and un-ticked the "All taxes are included in my prices If selected, all taxes will be calculated using this formula:  tax = (tax rate * p...

Dec 9 2017 by riggsdp
California Sales Tax not automatically calculating on Shopify

Hi There, I have been selling wines on Shopify for 1 month now. Our physical presence is in California. I am having an issue with Shopify calculating incorrect sales tax based on destination. As per California BOE law, I must collect State sales tax rate + District sales tax rate. For example my home town's rate is 9% but if I ship to an out of district city, the rate will be different. How do ...

Dec 8 2017 by Abigail Gorton
Dropshipping using Aliexpress from India to US

I am starting a dropshipping store in India with aliexpress from India to US and my customers will only be in US. 1) I have found some articles which say that you have to get a US bank account, SSN & pay taxes there also even when you are doing business from abroad not from US. How far is this true? 2) I heard about a tax feature in shopify store that allows you to charge sales tax &a...

Dec 7 2017 by Ramesh
Shopify to Accounting system Integration

Hi, I am from Zilverback, We built custom integration for Shopify and for your accounting system. Making your bookkeeping process easy and hassle-free. Our integration detects payment from your payment gateways and collect those as payment invoice and marking it as paid in your accounting system. We also facilitate multicurrency, different VAT settings directly to your account codes. W...

Dec 5 2017 by Rossel
VAT rates automatically?

Hello, Where to get Shopify's pre-set tax rates automatically to my tax settings? I can only see 0% on every country and can't find Shopify's tax rates anywhere. Does this mean that I have to manually insert all rates and search for tax rates for every country where I'll ship to? I'm selling physical products from EU and ship worldwide. Taxes are included in the price. I've created the sh...

Nov 22 2017 by Airla
Display items showing with Tax and without Tax.

Hi all, Is the above possible? I want to show all items with both UK VAT (Gross) and without UK VAT (Net). Or even better, can I show both options and then the VAT as an extra line? ----- My problem is: I use Xero as my accounting program and creater of invoices. If I have Shopify set up to display products without Tax (Net), with taxes added at cart stage, this does nto sa...

Dec 5 2017 by Rossel
Accounting App

What is the best option to keep the accounts of a store in Shopify?   Thanks 

Dec 5 2017 by ion arregui
Reconciliation with Bank Deposits

Hello, One of my shops is using Stripe for our payment processor (not Shopify Payments) and Quickbooks Online for accounting. I'm leveraging an ETL tool to move Shopify Orders into Quickbooks as Sales Receipts, which works great. The probably I'm running into is finding a tool that can reconcile bank deposits with Stripe. Has anyone found one that reconciles at the Stipe deposit level? I ...

Dec 5 2017 by Rossel
getting started with shopify

i want to start my dropship journey -- seeling products to USA clients only. using Aliexpress  i am newbiew and have seen many doubts and question raised --- so i have my doubts-- can someone help on this  2--store is created --- traffic to store via adds ----  3- customer order--and pays via his credit card ?? and dropshiiper ships the  order  4 ) how do we earn ?? price of pro...

Dec 5 2017 by Rossel
Shopify UK Delivery Charges VAT Issue

Shopify does not have the facitly to differenciate products sold with or without VAT for the VAT Shipping charges. It is a legal requirement to charge UK VAT for the Shipping when the product has got VAT viceversa if the product is a food product the shipping must not have VAT charges and unfortunately according to Shopify they don't have this function which causes a lot of problems with UK ...

Dec 5 2017 by Rossel
reports for bookkeeper?

I am wondering which reports to give my bookkeeper?  Should I email the reports?  Or should I give them access to Shopify so they can find the reports they need?  What do you folks do?

Dec 5 2017 by Rossel
Tax questions for digital nomads

Hi Everyone, it is a pleasure to be part of this community I am Brazilian and i'm living in Chiang Mai Thailand a few months, I am interested in start a dropshipping business using Shopify to sell product for coutries like USA, Australia and New Zeland. For being Brazilian and having only bank account in Brazil and already set up my bank account with my paypal . My big question is : ...

Dec 2 2017 by Fabio Leite
Financial support to start a business

Hi, I am planning to start a business in partnership with my friend and I want to take a mortgage for that. Please help me know the formalities for taking a mortgage as I don't have any previous experience. And what is the least down payment on commercial mortgages? I have made all the plans for the business and my plan is to take a joint mortgage with him. So, I want to know more abou...

Dec 1 2017 by James111
Canadian eshop collection US state sales tax?

Hi there! I'm opening a eshop in Canada. I will sell product both to Canada AND United States. Will my American customers have to pay the local sales tax for their state? Is it possible for me to collect them? I want the buying process to be transparent for the customer (it should not even be able to see he is buying on a Canadian eshop).   Regards. Paul

Nov 29 2017 by MarcTaxJar
Amend payout frequency

HI I am a UK user and I would like to amend Shopify payout frequency, how can I do it? Thank you

Nov 20 2017 by Stephanie Capuano
Tax question - Europe but Non-EU to US customers

Hello, I'm starting by first droppshiping store, and I have question about Taxes. So, company is based in Europe, but my country isn't part of EU. I plan to use Aliexpress to find manufacturers which products I will be selling in my store. So I assume, all manufacturers are going to be from Chine. I will be selling products to USA and EU customers. Do I have to collect any taxes? ...

Nov 19 2017 by Gabe
Please Help with Checkout Registration

I just opened a shopify store and i am located in Warsaw,  am here with a Student Visa. After i costumized my store and added the products i wanted to accept payments from credit/debit card and i decided to register in 2Checkout. In the registration form they are asking me for Tax Identification Number but i don't know if i have one or should create one and where. Please be kind to tell me the...

Nov 19 2017 by Gabe