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Greetings! I will be opening my online store in few days. Excited and nervous.  I have a question about nexus.  Would the location of my dropshipping stores ( at the moment just two ) be considered nexus?  I will have products shipping from my house ( FL ). THANK YOU!

Today by Polaris Tax & Accounting
Micro Multi National set up

Hello all helpful people! I have a US site and corresponding LLC for handmade shoes.  We do most of our manufacturing in Spain and are creating a Spanish company also to make it easier for our EU clients to buy without shipping everything to the US first. Is there a way to keep 1 website, but have US sales go to 1 business (the LLC) while EU sales go to another (SL)?   Or is there a wa...

Today by Aria
Tax reporting by county - help

Hi,   I'm trying to report to the BOE for Tax by county in California. Is there any way I can get a report from shopify that will do this. All mine seems to do is LA and Orange County and then rest is just CA tax, yet I need all the various cities in their counties. To do this manually is balls aching. If anyone can make this easier please let me know.

Yesterday by Polaris Tax & Accounting
Destination based sales tax from out of state sales on NON Shopify Plus ...

So it appears there is a major hole in Shopify's tax calculations that will cause many sellers major tax collection issues and Shopify does not have a solution to solve the problem.  I'll use Arizona as an example. Arizona is an origin-based sales tax state for orders shipped from within Arizona. Meaning if you ship an order to Arizona from Arizona you collect tax based on your business loca...

Yesterday by Polaris Tax & Accounting
Bookkeeping with Shopify and Amazon FBA

I sell my products on Amazon FBA, and Shopify and I currently use Shopify/Shipstation to handle all my shipping needs. My question is: how do you guys manage your books using both Shopify and Amazon platforms? All I see is services and features that I have to get together just for it to work. Example: - Xero ($10) + Stitch Labs ($79) to connect to Shopify/Amazon - Xero ($10) + A2XAc...

Yesterday by Polaris Tax & Accounting
How not to charge VAT to non European and USA - Please help!

Hi there,    I am VAT registered and VAT is aready added to my retail prices on the eshop.  Let's say I sell a product at £120. This has already VAT included in it. (£100 + VAT = 120.00) If someone from the USA or Switzerland orders that product, how can I set it up so Shopify shows the price without VAT, ie £100.  I have tried and tried and do not seem to be able to do this.  ...

Mar 27 2018 by Athena Procopiou
Nightmare setting up taxes for each country one by one - and no Netherla...

Hi, I am registered in the Netherlands and sell physical products (mainly books) to most countries globally. This means: a) I must charge VAT to all individual customers at 21%, wherever they are in the world. b) I must charge a lower rate of VAT on book sales (6%) c) When the order just contains a book or books, VAT on the shipping is also charged at 6% (Normally it would be 21%...

Apr 23 2018 by Digital Takeout
Dropshipping - Collect the Incoming invoice from AliExpress or other sup...

Hello guys, I am starting now with dropshipping model but really there many confusing topics about the accounting theme. For the bookkeeping you should have a list of incoming and outcoming invoices. Concerning the outcoming is pretty simple there are many software to link with Shopify, the one which i do not understand is collect the  incoming invoice from AliExpress (or similar website)...

Apr 22 2018 by Unicornia8
Taxes in the Philippines

I'm a bi tnew in shopify and still learning. I would like to know how to handle taxes specific in the Philippines? Do I need to register my business and get a business permit? Do I include the taxes in the price or not? Thank you.

Apr 21 2018 by Albert Soriaga
Shopify Invoice Calculator

So for the past few months since opening my store, it has been doing pretty well. However, I keep getting hit with massive Shopify invoices that I haven't calculated for. Since Shopify doesn't take the shipping out of your payouts, and doesn't reflect the percentage they take out in your sales overview, is there an app or something that I can get that will help me better anticipate what my Shop...

Feb 20 2018 by Tyler McFadden
Sale Registration - Nexus

Greetings! If I have nexus in NC and NY ( because of my two drop shipping stores ) should I register with those states for Sale Taxes?!   Thank you!

Apr 16 2018 by MarcTaxJar
Finances summary: add filters for discounts

Hi, When I run a finances summary, I am unable to know what are the discounts for. Each month, we distribute promo codes for medias, customers refunds, etc. In the finances summary, I would like to filter discounts by promotional codes used so I would be able to know exactly what was the purpose. Is there any plug-in or solutions to do this ? Best regards

Apr 13 2018 by Marc-Andre
Taxes calculated differently despite identical orders

I just received an order from a customer that is identical to an order she placed a month ago.  For some reason Shopify automatically caluclated the taxes differently.  Specifically, the customer resides in Brooklyn, where the store is.  Shopify correctly charged the correct taxes for a Brooklyn address - 4% for State, 4.875% for Kings County.  However the most recent order was charged the 4% S...

Apr 9 2018 by Greg Rubin
Shopify Calif. Taxable sales and Shopify out-of-state sales reports

My book keeper is asking for All taxable sales in California (we are in california) and all out-of-state sales for our sales tax filings and I cannot find this information.  I used to upgrade my account from the basic to the premium for one month so I could pull this information. It doesn't appear to work this year.  Can someone please tell me where to look for all sales broken down by St...

Feb 28 2018 by JB
Inventory Valuation - POS system

Each month I have in additon to sales reports I run a report to let me know the value (based on cost) of the inventory in my store.  It appears that's impossible with Shopify.  Can anyone enlighten me?

May 25 2016 by Cheri Schappert
Business expenses

Hi, I'm wondering how the majority of people record their income and expenses for their shopify store. I am just doing it on an excel doc at the moment and struggling with how to record some things. Firstly regarding paypal and shopify fees, do you record this as an expense or do you minus these out of all your orders individually as part of your income? Is there a quick way to add up all your ...

Jan 13 2016 by Tejaswi
Stock valuation tool for Shopify

Hello everyone, Can anyone advise me on a tool for stock valuation? We are dealing with fluctuating buying prices and therefore have a lot of administrative hassle (currently in Excel). I can imagine that there is more people out there in my situation. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kars

Mar 6 2018 by Kars Nicolai
Intimidated by Taxes

So, taxes worry me. Basically, I don't want to have any problems with the IRS. I know my sales tax nexus is in California. I usually market to just Californians, but if I want to expand nationwide  do I need to set up 50 different tax codes for my Sopify store?

Product wise taxes (GST), HSN Codes and unlimited PDF Invoices for India

Hello all, Good news for Shopify users. proper GST compliant Invoice app launched. Please check https://apps.shopify.com/order-invoice-gst It has some highly useful features such as :- - Ability to manage GST taxes(percentage) & HSN codes product wise.   - Mention of IGST, SGST, CGST according to customer state automatically.  - Bulk Updation of HSN codes and GST taxes. - Mention...

Apr 5 2018 by Earl Brown
New Zealand GST (from Vend)

Hello,  We are using Vend and have set up our store with a cost price and GST of 15%. In doing this, Shopify takes the GST exclusive price and does not add GST to the displayed sales price. Legally we have to present prices including tax to customers. The only way to fix this is to increase the Vend price by the GST amount, and then turn tax to zero %. Which means customers dont get a GST re...

Apr 5 2018 by Andrew