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UK (and more than likely EU) VAT receipts - a legal requirement

Hi, have found a few previous posts on the subject from years ago, and Shopify support teams have stated they cannot (will not) amend the web templates. How does anyone in the UK/EU satisfy legal requirements with regards to VAT receipts? https://www.gov.uk/vat-record-keeping/vat-invoices Are all UK/EU shopify customers trading illegally? Advice desperately sought if anyone has a wo...

May 23 2017 by Leticia
Linking GoDaddy bookkeeping with Shopify

I have been using GoDaddy bookkeeping (formerly Outright) for five years. It links up beautifully with the other online accounts I use, but unfortunately does not link with Shopify. I am having to manually enter every single transaction into my accounting program which undoes all the good of having a bookkeeping program.  The most recent information I can find on the forums about linking the...

May 19 2017 by Giselle Massey
Helppp, Italian address but only american clients, what about the sales ...

I’m opening a shopify store, it's quite finished,  my problem are the taxes, I'm confused about taxes because my address is italian. My shop is selling t-shirts just for American clients, Printful produces, prints and drop ships my t-shirt. My address is italian, but I'll sell just for american clients Have I to choose “All the taxes are included in my final prices”? Or I have to do...

May 19 2017 by barbara
Canadian Wholesale Provincial Sales Tax Exemption

Hello, An old thread, https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/accounting-and-taxes/t/tax-exempt-customers-what-is-the-status-196459 has a question I need answered. Quoted from the thread... "This function still does not allow Canadian sellers to properly tax our wholesale b2b clients. For b2b we need to charge federal tax at 5%, but NOT provincial sales tax. This is crucial for all Canadian busin...

May 17 2017 by Myron Arndt
Simple Tax Set Up Question

I'm confused about something.  If I have an online store and it is fulfilled by a warehouse in another state, What state(s) do I charge taxes to?  Where my store is based, the warehouse location, both?  Thank you in advance for any feedback you are able to provide.  

May 11 2017 by Tim Hendrix
Omni Pos | Simple Point Of Sale

Omni POS provides everything you need to run your hospitality business whether its selling to customers or managing your restaurant from 1-100 tills. Effortlessly execute a sale with custom categorized hot keys for your business type and continue to choose the best way to accept payments from leading merchant providers around the world.

Mar 31 2017 by Wowpos
Rules for VAT?

Hi, I'm ordering products from Aliexpress and having them sent to customers in Norway. I know there's a general VAT rule of 25%, but when and how is it paid? I just don't want the customers to recieve the package at the post office and then realise they have to pay 25% there. 

May 3 2017 by Magnus Rolstad
Tax Issues Exporting Sales to Quickbooks

Hello, I am new to Quickbooks and trying to export my sales from Shopify to Quickbooks. I have not set up sales taxes in Quickbooks, and am looking for help on how to do so? I am located in NYC, and cannot find any information about how to properly set up tax rates in Quickbooks. Do I need to manually enter every single county in NYC with the appropriate tax rates? There must be an easier wa...

Apr 24 2017 by Frenchbulldoglove
Tax Component Showing at Checkout

I'm wanting to get the tax component (10% for my region) to show up at the checkout stage so my customers can see the amount if needed. Is there any way I can do this?   many thanks, Dan

Apr 24 2017 by Savannah F
Multi-Currency Acctg Software

What is the best Small Business Accounting Software to integrate with Shopify that will accept Multi-Currency Payments etc. USD and CDN?  I have heard that Quickbooks Online does not manage multi-currency requirements, is that correct? Thank you, John

Apr 24 2017 by Lauren @WigsForPigs
Calculating profits?

So business starts picking up and I have to determine profits on my products and how much I am paying my distributor. How owuld I manage to figure this out? At the first of the month I supposed to pay the balance due to my supplier for products sold, this is a unique type of deal that one typically wouldn't have. My current method I would print out all of that months goods sold and have to c...

Apr 24 2017 by evenpixel
Tax Issues

I have been setting my products to collect taxes here in Texas. Shopify says they were saved but when I go back and check via edit variants there is no tax column. Is anyone else having this issue of Shopify not saving the tax info? This is a huge issue.

Apr 22 2017 by Johnny Boyd
Do I need to charge sales tax when selling a product to a different coun...

Hi, iam starting an ecommerce shop and im trying to understand how exactly is the sales tax charged. when selling a product over seas ( not the country i am living in) who is responseble to charge the sells tax and transfer it to the local goverment, me? the costums of the destined country?  thank you Max

Apr 19 2017 by Matt
Convert Currency on Invoices

Hello there,   I am planning on selling products with USD-prices. However, I am from Germany (where we pay in EUR) and my local finance authority told me that it is crucial to convert the USD prices into EUR for EVERY invoice/income with the foreign exchange rate of the respective day. So in theory, my invoices will be created in USD and I would have to calculate the respective EUR ...

Apr 18 2017 by PKS Media
Does Quickbooks Know What's Taxable?

I haven't launched my store yet and I just recently got Quickbooks online.  I'm in the process of setting it up and figuring things out and started to wonder if Quickbooks can tell what sales revenue is taxable and what isn't?  Meaning, come tax time how do I avoid paying sales tax for my total revenue even though only a portion was taxable? Also do people usually split their sales tax reven...

Apr 18 2017 by Elly
Need to know total of non-tax sales and why

I need a more detail report on non-tax sales such as classes, services, resale and tax exempt customers. In order to maintain a reliable inventory and breakout the product sales on the financial reports. Thanks

Apr 18 2017 by Clement

I am only going to sell physical goods. My company is based in the USA. Am I still required to charge VAT tax if I sell goods to Europe or rest of the world for that matter?

Apr 17 2017 by Melissa
Facing Issues While Printing Commercial Invoices

I am currently using latest 2017 version of QuickBooks. It won’t let me print my commercial invoices. Can I print these invoices from regular ones? Is calling QuickBooks support will help? Help me! Thanks In advance!

Apr 15 2017 by Elina
Tax Calculations

Hello - I am new to Shopify.  We currently have a brick and mortor location and we drop ship all over, but this is our first online venture.  We have Nexus in all 50 States due to our current business structure. We don't have physical presence in all States, however due to our drop shipping and different States rules we do have Nexus.  For the tax calculations within Shopify, since it requires ...

Apr 13 2017 by Melissa
How To Determine Which States To Charge Sales Tax?

While setting up the tax settings for my store, I'm a little confused to set which States that will be charged sales tax for customer orders. My business is physically located in TX but we plan to only sell our products online through our web store. We have our products stored at a warehouse located in another State (NY) where shipments of orders will also be shipped out here to the customer. ...

Apr 11 2017 by Malika Bourne