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Canadian Wholesale Provincial Sales Tax Exemption

Hello, An old thread, https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/accounting-and-taxes/t/tax-exempt-customers-what-is-the-status-196459 has a question I need answered. Quoted from the thread... "This function still does not allow Canadian sellers to properly tax our wholesale b2b clients. For b2b we need to charge federal tax at 5%, but NOT provincial sales tax. This is crucial for all Canadian busin...

Feb 22 2017 by Tony Allen
Regarding invoice liquid.

Hi, I am using order printer for my orders invoice.I am customizing it so, i am having an issue , in india account department wants taxable amount for each order.Actuaaly we are charging two tax 14.5 and 5.5%. so,we need both amount of an order we are charging 14.5 and 5.5 % tax.so how can i change in my liquid. This is very urgent i am going to launch on 1 march so,please reply me ASAP!

Feb 22 2017 by Hemant Chauhan
Sale items and profit sheets

Hi! I was just wondering if when i mark something as a sale item buy changing the price (sale price) and the compare at price(RRP) if this would be altering my profits page on shopify. I ask this because when i do the profit sheet manually whilst having a sale i come up with a much larger profit loss and when the sale item is put through the shopify app it doesnt say it is a sale item onc...

Feb 22 2017 by Melissa Baker
Can't eliminate municipal tax - override not working

I am in an unincorporated area of zip code 60060, so I do not need to charge the additional 1% municipal sales tax, but the tax override is not working, and the same page link that always gets mentioned in similar questions does not solve the issue. I was on chat with support last night and they could not assist. Anybody else have this situation and know how to fix it?

Feb 20 2017 by Mike Goldstein
Reconciliation with Bank Deposits

Hello, One of my shops is using Stripe for our payment processor (not Shopify Payments) and Quickbooks Online for accounting. I'm leveraging an ETL tool to move Shopify Orders into Quickbooks as Sales Receipts, which works great. The probably I'm running into is finding a tool that can reconcile bank deposits with Stripe. Has anyone found one that reconciles at the Stipe deposit level? I ...

Feb 20 2017 by Clement
How to display prices including VAT on Facebook?

The integration with Facebook is pretty neat. However it shows prices excluding VAT, which is illegal in certain parts of the world.   How can I configure it in such way that the price includes VAT. If this means we have to write stuff in liquid or javascript, that's fine. Is it possible?

Feb 18 2017 by Anne van Rossum
Tracking Value of Stock

I currently use Stitchlabs to track the value of my current stock, but would prefer to only use Shopify and not have Stichlabs at all. Is there anyway Shopify can report of stock value and cost of goods etc?

Feb 18 2017 by Jacinta Bishop
Sales Tax Drop Shipping

Hi Everyone! I run my eCommerce business out of California. I currently only charge sales tax for customers in California. Do I have to charge sales tax for out of state customers? If so do I tax them based on their state sales tax rate? I was told by an accountant that I don't have to worry about out of state sales tax, just California sales tax, but by county and district.  I am usin...

Feb 17 2017 by Kassey S.
Accounting question UK - working part time + director of Ltd

Evening all,   I have yet to contact a local accountant, but I thought I would check here first.   Currently I work part time and get paid monthly and I'm thinking of starting an ecommerce business (drop shipping). I'm thinking I will set up the company as an Ltd rather than as a sole trader.   If I set up the company as an Ltd, and I'm the director, will I have to inform my c...

Feb 13 2017 by tgull
missing 1099-k

Hello,   Anyone else missing their 1099-k for 2016? We see our 2015 there but nothing for 2016??   thanks C

Feb 11 2017 by Jason
My shop only sells VAT-exempt goods (baby clothes) Help with Shopify set...

Hi all I'm setting up a new shop which sells baby clothes. I have checked with a few key sources and the products I will be selling are VAT-exempt. My whole business will be in this product. Thus I don't need to pay VAT to import them into the UK from China, and I also don't need to charge VAT when I sell the item to customers. The problem is,  I want to be able to show VAT on the custome...

Feb 10 2017 by Lincoln
1099-K Questions

As I understand the 1099-K form includes Gross Sales before 1) Discounts 2) Refunds 3) Fees and anything else not gross sales. I can generate a report that gives my Total Revenue, Discounts, Refunds for my shop, but doesn't distinguish by payment method.  Issue is part of my sales are Paypal, Amazon and Apple Pay   I also get a 1099-K from Paypal  for Shopify sales. Therefore I know what ...

Feb 10 2017 by Clement
Data analysis

Hi  I have a business selling leather goods. I have been operating for 18 months. I want some advice and be able to talk to someone about things such as:  - sales trends  - Impacts of discounts  - Which products have sold better than others.  - Understanding seasonality of my sales  - Potential sales growth. I'm willing to pay a little bit, but do not have the biggest budge...

Feb 7 2017 by YC
Canada - US cross boarder taxes

I live in Quebec but would like to open a drop ship business selling to US customers and using US suppliers. From what I understand I just need to pay the sales tax due when I purchase from the supplier but I don't need to charge sales tax to my customers, is this correct? Any advise on this would be appreciated. Thanks,

Feb 7 2017 by Kassey S.
Taxes in my store

Hello i opened a new store >> www.enstonse.com But. I don't know what i should to do with my taxes section. Right now it set to "Rest of the world" 0%, Israel 16%. It should be like that? Thanks.

Feb 7 2017 by Kassey S.
Inventory of food product went bad. How do we track this in Shopify?

Hi there, We recently had about $17,000 of food product go bad. We tried to just subtract it from our inventory by creating an order for the total quantity and then giving it a 100% discount. Unfortunately, this shows up as $17,000 in sales with a $17,000 discount, which skews our reports. How can we properly subtract this inventory to show them as a loss rather than sales?   Thanks. ...

Feb 6 2017 by John D
Year end shopify payments, shipping total, taxes collected, summary for...

I tried to ask a "guru" but....that was my worst guru interaction yet. Paypal gives me a very neat year end report, click the link all info needed for the accountant. I can't find anything in shopify other that downloading multiple reports and trying to compile them into one cohesive/comprehensive report for my accountant.  Any ideas? I use quickbooks online which doesn't support shopi...

Feb 3 2017 by JeffDM
What is the best version of Quickbooks to use with Shopify?

I've signed up for QB Online and I'm currenlty using Shopify's Intuit app to integrate w/ QB online but its not intergrating well. Should I be using QB desktop?

Feb 1 2017 by Kassey S.
EIN & 1099K

Hi  In 2016 July we have changed our form of business. As a result we reviced new Tax Number. I created new paypal address and also update the new address on Shopify. However I couldn't really figure out how to update Tax Number on Shopify. As a result our 1099K was issued under old business name and Tax number.   How can I fix this issue with1099K and also how can I update my ne...

Feb 1 2017 by Kassey S.


Feb 1 2017 by John Bakiko