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Federal Excise Tax

Have Shopify set up to calculate tax and add to invoice as separate item. Also generates reports so we can account for and send tax payments to various government entities. These functions need to be retained. Also want to be able to sell other items for which we must collect federal excise tax (FET). These would account for, say, 50% of our inventory, with the other 50% being non-FET items. Ca...

Aug 18 2017 by GoFish
Affect of GST in India on invoicing

Hello. This is for all the Indian stores here. Just wanted to check if anyone has an idea about how the invoicing through Shopify will change from July 1st? Do we have a facility in shopify to show the split between CGST and SGST/ IGST? How can this be done? Or is needed to be done for a B2C transaction?  P.S dont mind the silly questions. completely ignorant about tax questions. Th...

Aug 18 2017 by Tejasvi Bhat
Display items showing with Tax and without Tax product on variants

Hi  I am wanting to display items with and with out tax. I have edited the product.page as per https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/products/show-vat-prices#product This works fine for products without variants. For products with variants as soon as you click on a variant, the with and without tax disappears. I am not sure where the code is that is displaying the variant price? ...

Aug 11 2017 by Digital Takeout
Display items showing with Tax and without Tax.

Hi all, Is the above possible? I want to show all items with both UK VAT (Gross) and without UK VAT (Net). Or even better, can I show both options and then the VAT as an extra line? ----- My problem is: I use Xero as my accounting program and creater of invoices. If I have Shopify set up to display products without Tax (Net), with taxes added at cart stage, this does nto sa...

Aug 11 2017 by Digital Takeout
Include and exclude VAT to some countries

Hi! I really need your help!  Our website is based in Sweden, which is a part of the European Union (EU). What this means is that if a customer within another EU country buys from us, we have to charge swedish VAT, which is no problem. However, if a customer outside EU buys from us, say Norway for example, they should not be charged any VAT. In my tax settings, i have 0% taxes for N...

Aug 11 2017 by Digital Takeout
Non-Profit organization related issue

Hi, is anyone a Non-Profit organization or have any of you worked with a Non-Profit organization that uses a company store to sell branded swag? The one I am dealing with has an accounting problem if they purchase the merchandise from me and sell it on their store for a profit. Is there a work around? Thanks for the help.

Aug 10 2017 by Clement
Tax on shipping to match products

Hi, I've read through the help pages on taxes, but I can't find what I need to keep me compliant with UK tax law... I should be charging VAT on shipping, only when the products being purchased are subject to VAT. So if someone buys yarn from my online shop I should be charging 20% VAT on shipping because yarn is VATable at 20%. However, if someone buys a book from me, I shouldn't be charg...

Aug 9 2017 by Jen Arnall-Culliford
Selling to US while dropshipping from China: Taxes?

Hi guys, I'm just opening my store and am not too sure about this. I'm based in Canada, selling only to the US, dropshipping from China.  I know I have to pay taxes in Canada on the income that I make, but do I have to charge US customers taxes on the products they buy? Its not like I'm in the US to forward the tax bills to the respective states right? Any help on this would be appreciated

Aug 6 2017 by Goldmeadow Investments
Taxes for Minors

Hi, I have recently set up a Shopify store and have gotten a few sales. What are the tax implications? Keep in mind that I am a minor. Am I required to get a license and pay taxes?  Some people have said my parents are suppose to do this. Any help woild be greatly appreciated. 

Aug 3 2017 by Leon
Taxes in EU while Dropshipping

Hello. I've just started my dropshipping store and I'm trying to wrap my head around the taxes issue. I'm based in an EU country but my products are shipped directly from China to my customers in US and Canada. The product never passes through my home country. Do I need to declare IVA/VAT (21%) on the products I sell?  Example: I sell a product at 100$, costing me 50$ to order. Do I ne...

Aug 2 2017 by Bruno B.
Drop Shipping and Taxes Overseas

Hello My name is Nikki,                                      I have a question and i am hoping someone can help me out.I just Set up my first shopify store for dropshipping ,but i have hit a road block ''Taxes'' .My family member is in the Armed Forces so we move around europe and state side alot ,and my address is as Country united states but it is listed  FPO AP .So what type of Taxes coul...

Aug 1 2017 by Leon
How do I have my state tax always add to my orders no matter where the c...

I am selling items out of a physical location (no shipping).  when I write an order and the person does not live in my state, Shopify inserts $0 for tax but I must still collect my state's 6%.  I have clicked "No shipping" on the product description.  I have clicked "Tax this item" on the product.  I still cannot get the tax to calculate unless the customer's address is within my state.  

Aug 1 2017 by bartmann
dual citizen- US and Canadian (US Citizen, Canadian Permanent Resident) ...

I would like to sell t-shirts through Teespring online in the US.  I would upload my design and customers can order directly from them and have the shirt delivered directly. I am an American citizen living in Canada. I suppose any income would come under "World Income" and would get paid to the Canada Revenue Agency. I should not owe taxes in the US on this type of merchandise do to treaties be...

Aug 1 2017 by dn
California Sales Tax not automatically calculating on Shopify

Hi There, I have been selling wines on Shopify for 1 month now. Our physical presence is in California. I am having an issue with Shopify calculating incorrect sales tax based on destination. As per California BOE law, I must collect State sales tax rate + District sales tax rate. For example my home town's rate is 9% but if I ship to an out of district city, the rate will be different. How do ...

Jul 31 2017 by Eugene
Adding CA state county tax rates and locations

My sales orders do not match the shopify orders because county taxes are not being calculated.  It was suggested to me that I do a tax override for the shipments going to the 56 different counties we have in California.     I have looked into Shopify's instructions on how to do so and it seems that I have to add all the locations(counties) first?   The only locations that are available...

Jul 29 2017 by Savannah F
How to display prices including VAT on Facebook?

The integration with Facebook is pretty neat. However it shows prices excluding VAT, which is illegal in certain parts of the world.   How can I configure it in such way that the price includes VAT. If this means we have to write stuff in liquid or javascript, that's fine. Is it possible?

Jul 24 2017 by Anne van Rossum
Shopify Calif. Taxable sales and Shopify out-of-state sales reports

My book keeper is asking for All taxable sales in California (we are in california) and all out-of-state sales for our sales tax filings and I cannot find this information.  I used to upgrade my account from the basic to the premium for one month so I could pull this information. It doesn't appear to work this year.  Can someone please tell me where to look for all sales broken down by St...

Jul 24 2017 by Clement
Do i charge Taxes to Canadians if I'm based in the US or no?

Hi, I'm a US business based in Florida I'm trying to do business with Canada, do i charge taxes to Canadians when they buy from me or no? or do they pay taxes for those products by themselfs? i need to know because i want to sell to Canada and i do not know if to charge taxes or not.   Thank you

Jul 22 2017 by yosniel milian
How do I get a Tax ID for my business?

Hello,    I will becusing the dropshipping method and I will not have any inventory, so I will be strickly online. How do I get a Tax ID & how do I get my business name\permit please? Do I need to get a LLC? Thank you, Taylor

Jul 21 2017 by infraitshop
Quebec sales tax for sellers in Ontario

What's the best practice for a business in Ontario (Federal corporation with office and operations registered in Ontario and nowhere else) making sales by mail order to customers in Quebec?  I've been unable to get a straight answer from the Quebec government about whether I need to register for their QST; all the information I've been able to get seems to be for businesses that have actual ope...

Jul 21 2017 by Matthew Skala