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Does Quickbooks Know What's Taxable?

I haven't launched my store yet and I just recently got Quickbooks online.  I'm in the process of setting it up and figuring things out and started to wonder if Quickbooks can tell what sales revenue is taxable and what isn't?  Meaning, come tax time how do I avoid paying sales tax for my total revenue even though only a portion was taxable? Also do people usually split their sales tax reven...

Today by quickbooksanuj
Tax reporting by county - help

Hi,   I'm trying to report to the BOE for Tax by county in California. Is there any way I can get a report from shopify that will do this. All mine seems to do is LA and Orange County and then rest is just CA tax, yet I need all the various cities in their counties. To do this manually is balls aching. If anyone can make this easier please let me know.

Feb 23 2018 by Jacqueline
Taxes Im so confused lpease help

Ok so I want to start my store however I have to deal with this subject that I have absolutely no idea about.  Even though I am a us citizen, I am not liviing in the US so when I go to pay my taxes do I have to consider state and local taxes of whatever us state my business is registered in?  Or is it just a one lump sum tax percentage that I have to worry about..

Feb 23 2018 by Alex
Destination Based Taxes Incorrectly Being Used (Changed Feb.2, 2018)

I've been back and forth for 2 weeks now with a Shopify Guru regarding changes made with how taxes are collected on Shopify. In the beginning this Guru told me there were no changes made recently to taxes.  After much back and forth he finally obliged and sent it to "higher ups" to find out if any changes had been made.  He was finally told that beginning Febuary 2, Shopify made changes to t...

Feb 22 2018 by Stephen Russell
Tax in Sweden. Some important question.

Hi i am new here. i am going to start my strore from sweden. I read here that sweden have 25% Tax is applied.   i want to some question   What exactly Tax percentage for sweden ? (i read in old thread that its 25%) if i start dropshiping to USA then what persentage of tax is applied. is it still 25%.  What is VAT. kindly give me some detail about it. is it charged from customer or...

Feb 22 2018 by Shahzad Rafique Raja
Shopify Invoice Calculator

So for the past few months since opening my store, it has been doing pretty well. However, I keep getting hit with massive Shopify invoices that I haven't calculated for. Since Shopify doesn't take the shipping out of your payouts, and doesn't reflect the percentage they take out in your sales overview, is there an app or something that I can get that will help me better anticipate what my Shop...

Feb 20 2018 by Tyler McFadden
Intimidated by Taxes

So, taxes worry me. Basically, I don't want to have any problems with the IRS. I know my sales tax nexus is in California. I usually market to just Californians, but if I want to expand nationwide  do I need to set up 50 different tax codes for my Sopify store?

Feb 20 2018 by Justin Wilson
Getting Paid

Hello everyone. I read the FAQ and a couple of thread regarding my isssue and couldn't find a satisfying answer. I haven't launched a store yet but I was wondering how will i receive payments if I live in Egypt? I looked through the methods of payment by country and didn't find my country at all. Is there a work-around this issue? Thanks for reading

Feb 19 2018 by Leon
Dropshipping using Aliexpress from India to US

I am starting a dropshipping store in India with aliexpress from India to US and my customers will only be in US. 1) I have found some articles which say that you have to get a US bank account, SSN & pay taxes there also even when you are doing business from abroad not from US. How far is this true? 2) I heard about a tax feature in shopify store that allows you to charge sales tax &a...

Feb 18 2018 by raj
The European way of shopifying!

Hi! My name is Federico and I live in Germany, currently working on setting up a Shopify store and catering to its needs! However, I have some questions I think a lot of Europeans new to Shopify would have:   Taxes! Because Germany's threshold for VAT is 100k, would this mean I need not worry about registering for one until I sell that much? Should I just not care about taxes at all (b...

Feb 17 2018 by Federico Parravicini
Shopify billing with virtual mastercard

Hey everyone , It's my fist post and I am new to the ecommerce industry so I'm really sorry if this is not the right section to ask about this , but I want to start my store but I don't have a credit card to pay for my shopify plan , but I have a virtual mastercard that I use online . So can I pay my shopify bills and expenses using this virtual mastercard or do I need a plastic bank cred...

Feb 15 2018 by Alex
Vat Tax in Europe

Hello, I am living in France and recently started dropshipping and working manufacturers located in different countries around the world. When I tried to arrange taxes on shopify system, it appears %0 tax for all european countries automatically. I would like to ask if I need to set all VAT taxes manually for each EU country, because If my customer is located in Germany, and the manufacturer...

Feb 15 2018 by Sufio
Need help reconciling Shopify Sales reports with 1099-K

 I need to match the 1099-k to Shopfiy sales on Quickbooks. After much searching I discovered the 1099-k matches the amount of the transfers from Shopfiy to our bank, before fees were deducted.  So far, so good. However, when I look at the Finance report for the month, the report indicates a lot more in sales than is on the 1099-k.  The Finance report breaks down the sales channels, ie, Amaz...

Feb 12 2018 by Clement
How to set up your shopify to collect taxes on items sold outside of Cal...

Hello! I have a ecommerce on shopify that was set up in California.  Californians are charged taxes when pruchasing on my website, but people who live outside of California are not charged taxes.  How do I set up my shopify account to charge taxes to people who live outside of California?  I have no nexus or connection to other states.  I am soley operating my ecommerce in California.  Any h...

Feb 9 2018 by Alexa
Do i need a firm?

Hello, i''m from Romania .I want to do droppshiping buying from China and selling in USA. I'm stuck in tax and legal things. From researching i see that i need i firm to do that. Is there a way to do without having a firm and without getting arested ?

Feb 9 2018 by Anders
Sales Tax Calculations

We have our California location correct for our business in the tax settings. Shopify is not charging county & municipal taxes for other locations in California. We have Automatic Tax Calculations set. When I look at each city, the rates are correct but they are not getting charged.  Today we got an order from Sacramento and there is no county or munipal tax charged. I know about manual ...

Feb 9 2018 by Anders
Sales Orders Not Being Exported from Shopify to Quickbooks Because of "T...

Hi. I'm in California. Our Shopify sales orders are set up to automatically export to Quickbooks on a daily basis. Sales orders that are made in the counties/cities (two) where we have a physical presence export over with no problem. Sales orders that are out of state with no sales tax charged are exported over as well  However, when we have a sale in the same state (CA) but a different county ...

Feb 8 2018 by Paula Hansen
Shopify Payments - Access to Payout Data by Finance Users

How are people who are using Shopify Payments handling the fact that only the Store Owner can access Shopify Payouts?  Shopify says this is a security issue but then suggests we share the Owners login with Finance. That's a no.If it was truly a security issue it would be buried in Admin and would be its own permission. It's not sustainable to have the store owner email a report to Finance...

Feb 8 2018 by Paula Hansen
Starting shopify dropshipping [tax/business question]

Hi all, I want to start dropshipping with my gf, she lives in usa and i live in uk. We are nearly done with our store but i have question so we legit and dont go into trouble with law. Do we need to register our store as business ? or create business ?  How do we pay taxes and do we need to? How does it work so we can dropship earn some money without getting into trouble with law ? ...

Feb 7 2018 by Morgan
Data analysis

Hi  I have a business selling leather goods. I have been operating for 18 months. I want some advice and be able to talk to someone about things such as:  - sales trends  - Impacts of discounts  - Which products have sold better than others.  - Understanding seasonality of my sales  - Potential sales growth. I'm willing to pay a little bit, but do not have the biggest budge...

Feb 1 2018 by Siravi Kitchen