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March 07, 2012

Displaying prices Inclusive and Exclusive of Vat in the UK This post is outdated

Hi all, this may have been discussed before so apologies if so, but Im struggling to find any info. We have recently launched our Shopify site and we sell to schools (so effectively trade based) this means prices are displayed on printed comms Excluding VAT. I built the Shopify site in the same way, and Shopify just adds the VAT on at the Checkout, all fine and dandy...

But we now want to explore adding product feeds to Google shop, Google requires the prices to be inclusive of VAT.

So my question is, can we easily add some code that displays the current prices both inclusive and exclusive of VAT and that Google can pull the data through with the correct prices?

Or do I manually have to go through every price on the site and alter it to include VAT, which would then mean our website wouldnt match our printed brochures (if that makes sense?)

Thanks for any help

March 06, 2014

Hi I know its two years but  - did you get an solution to this 

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