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July 26, 2011

Amazon Affilate with Shopify? (Repost) This post is outdated

(I posted this the other day in the "2011 Build a Business" forum and had no reply. Hopefully it's okay/more appropriate to repost here)


Hi all,

I was thinking about creating, essentially, a niche-market site built primarily around Amazon.com affiliate links to products within that niche (along with some affiliate links to some other sites).

Could I build that type of site with Shopify? (Sorry if this is a ridiculously basic question, I just couldn't find the exact answer, other than stuff about "Amazon fulfillment" [not sure if that's the same thing though]).

Basically I was thinking of designing/building the overall site with Shopify and "stocking the shelves" with niche-market-targeted Amazon links.

Would this fly?



July 26, 2011


Sorry I missed your previous post.

If you built a purely Amazon Affiliate shop, the sales would not count towards the contest because they aren't going through the Shopify cart system.

I think it would be possible to build a Shopify store with purely affiliate products, but it would require custom programming to have it push the user to the proper cart for check-out.

Mixing affiliate and other products would be tricky because you would be dealing with 2 shopping cart systems for a single order.


August 07, 2011


You could, but like cheating in Solitaire the question would be What is the point?

Something like WordPress would be perfectly suited to this, is free, and can be just as easy to setup and configure and make pretty as a Shopify Store.

If you need any help on the technical side of getting this stuff up and running please feel free to get in contact with me and we can have a chat. I run multiple Amazon Affiliate sites.

I am a full-time Internet Marketer, specialising in eCommerce & online search traffic in the Australian market | My oDesk profile: www.odesk.com/users/~01abdd736b71544216 | My eCommerce site: www.australianwoodwork.com.au
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December 01, 2011

Hi Ben,

Having recently started experimenting with having an Amazon Affiliate link on one of my Word press blogs, I'd be interested to learn some useful tips and tricks that's what works and what doesn't from your own experience promoting Amazon products.

In advance thanks.




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