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Feature Requests Here

To make a feature requesttrulycount click on the button below to create a feature request email. In the subject line use "Feature Request". The feature requests through this channel are looked at by thedevelopers. A random post in this USER forum will likely go completely unnoticed and thus be a fruitless waste of calories to type out your post.It takes only a moment. Use the big blue...

Jul 27 2011 by Jamie
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team.We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopifyin this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow store...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
How to add collection under another collection for website, and how to r...

Hello All, For better classification of category we need to add collection under some other collection so that user can access product more comfortable and logically, also this would be handable for bulf diffrent products. Second thing is , how to remove collection, product, pages keyword from URLs of category , products pages as by appending these keywords URLs do look user friendly and ...

Today by Naresh kumar
Please implement auto-save functionality in the editor

Shopify,please please please implement auto-save functionality in various areas of admin. Can't mention the number of times we & clients havelost work when working in admin... Either creating new products, pages or blog entries. It's fairly standard functionality expected from CMS's, word processors etc. I note this previous post on the same topic with no response. Tha...

Today by Ilya Nikhamin
When did unlimited plan switch from 0% transaction fees to 0.5%

I've been creating shopify website for a client for the past ~10 or so months. I've always assumed that the unlimited plan was $179 a month and 0% transaction fees. I was just informed that one of his bills for one of his Shopify~$400 a month. I didn't believe him. Today I went digging around on the pricing page to see that unlimited plans are now %0.5 additional fees. Where p...

Today by CourtneySymons
Needing fully or semi-automated inventory updates in order to use Shopify

Hi Everyone! I currently use Lightspeed for POS and online but I'm tired of the issues with Lightspeed's online offeringand I'm interested in something more SEO friendly and reliable. I need LS in store to manage suppliers, customers, PO's etc.. If Shopify offered all that functionality, I'd switch 100% over, but apparently it doesn't, therefore I want to keep LS for ...

Feb 28 2015 by Vickie Wallis
Google Apps email when transferring hosting to Shopify

Hello, I have Google Apps for Work for their Google Drive and the ability to have a custom email address. I am with Media Temple at the moment (Wordpress site)and will be moving to Shopify, which as you know, theydo the hosting for you. I've looked online for quite a while and I cant figure out how to linkGAfW to Shopify hosting. For Media Temple, it was simple as changing the...

Feb 27 2015 by IbrahimButt
Shipping error

My customers are telling me that they can't complete their orders because they are getting this message at the bottom of the screen "Unfortunately there is no Shipping Rate available for your destination and/or weight of your cart" I went in and tried to ship to myself and I got the same message? I have set-up shipping to all areas under shipping and taxes, not sure what is cau...

Feb 26 2015 by Bonsi
How to track or record search terms by user within shopify shop?

Hello Community, We are running ashop with English languagewith more than 2.000 SKUs, but most of the user are from Asia. We would like to improve the search function within shopify. 1) How can we record or track which search terms our customers used over the last four weeks? 2) Is there are option, e.g. an app or a synonym list, by which the shop operator can manually improve the r...

Feb 19 2015 by BBG
Transaction fee

Hi, I'm representing a small business i Denmark. I was wondering if my QuickPay gateway solution will overrule your transaction fee on 2%? I'm not interested in making my client pay double for every transaction - there will be very few and quite small. They need VISA/Dankort though, and the natural choice for them is QuickPay as I understand. Anna

Feb 11 2015 by Bo Herrmannsen

problem solved

Feb 9 2015 by no name for security
App for product listing on Junglee.com

Hi, do youhave app for product listing on Junglee.comjungle.com ?

Feb 8 2015 by Swati Nagda
Order Design: Payment Method Display Gone?

Anyone else notice the payment method on each order is now gone? I think it used to be right under the items customer ordered... Now I have to scroll down and click into the history to see how a customer paid to see whether or not I need to print a label off USPS or Paypal. Bummer! Bring it back!

Feb 7 2015 by Emily Benziger
How to force user login/signup only before checkout?

So, I'm building an store where I want to "force" my users to login when they try to checkout. It would work like that: User visit my store → browse and add items to cart → click checkout → if not logged ask for login or signup I couldn't find an optionto do this kind of approach at my admin panel. It even have some options in the Checkout section, but onl...

Feb 3 2015 by Claudio Junior
CSV issue

Usig the provided test.csv file from shopify i get this error message: Invalid CSV Header: Missing headers Title. I am using excel. musst be sth. csv issue!

Jan 6 2015 by Julianopie
Error uploading images

Hi, Just starting up and have opened my first Shopify shop on the Start-up package. I'm trying to upload images onto my products and I keep coming up with "Error uploading file" after the counter hits 100%. Any ideas? I know there have been previous discussions about this, but none of the answers on those fit for me. The files are JPG and 14MB or under in size. Many than...

Feb 23 2015 by Marlon J.
Location of facebook tab

For clients coming to my Facebook page, they cannot see the store tab unless they click on more (which is at the top of the page next to the photos and about tabs. I'm wondering if there is a way to make the store tab more visible to my clients when they first come to the page? Thanks!

Jan 5 2015 by Elite Sporthorses
Shopify Account Details Page Customization

Hi, Is there a way to customize the information on the "Account Details" page after a customer logs-in? I'd like to be able to add new information that I can input myself manually and on a regular basis. For example a new chart that displays other financial information or user specific information. Thanks, Kyle

Jan 1 2015 by Kyle Olsen
Estonian(Europe) Payment Gateways?

i need to add Estonian payment gateways to my shop like : Swebank,SEB Bank,Nordea Bank etc.. all Estonian is it possible ?

Dec 8 2014 by virxv
You need to pay in order to sell via Shopify and you need to pay even MO...

This is ridiculous. So you are charging people to use your service which makes absolute sense, but people need to pay even more (using some 3rd party plugin) in order to sell downloadable products ?!?! Selling products is the service we are already paying Shopify for. So why do I need to pay more to sell downloadable products? How about charging people extra if they want to sell strawb...

Dec 4 2014 by Sprouter