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ATTN All Shopify Stores - 2015 UPS/Fedex changes will drastically change... g5

News if you haven't read about it is both UPS & Fedex raised rates which is common, but also implemented for 2015 isdimensionalshipping calculated on ALL shipments. So for products you use to pack in small boxes, that lets say weigh less than a pound, and box size is a 10x10x8... that would now make the box a 5lb shipment! So just like how international packages were, now ground is a...

Today by Colin McTavish
Feature Requests Here

To make a feature requesttrulycount click on the button below to create a feature request email. In the subject line use "Feature Request". The feature requests through this channel are looked at by thedevelopers. A random post in this USER forum will likely go completely unnoticed and thus be a fruitless waste of calories to type out your post.It takes only a moment. Use the big blue...

Jul 27 2011 by Jamie
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team.We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopifyin this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow store...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
New Dashboard Has negatively effected the way I do business

Hello, As of a couple of days ago shopify has recently decided to "update" "their" Dashboard. now by "update" It would be more of a downgrade and I will be pointing out all the reasons for this and by "their Dashboard" I feel like they are forgetting about the people that actually use the Dashboard and how changing certain things could negativelly effe...

Apr 13 2015 by Paul Andrew
Theme for Sarees

Guys, I am building the online store for selling designer sarees online. Can you please recomemend a few good free/paid theme for a SAREE PORTAL? Thanks, Richa

Today by chandrakant gandhi
How to organize mentioned navigation / collections

Hello! I am just getting started using Shopify and loving it. I am building an webstore for back-issue comics. This means I won't have a lot of storage per item and as soon as it sells it should be of the website, I believe herefore I should have a automated collection so I can make a statement it will show only in stock. The navigation I want to show is Comics Marvel DC ...

Today by Daan Kauwenberg
How to Create 301 Redirects From Links with Queries in URL

Hi, I'm pretty new to shopify, and I'm really looking forward to completing the transfer of my old custom built site to this new platform. I already have all my products uploaded and pretty much ready to flip the switch, all I have left is to put in the 301 redirects from my old URLs. The problem is that Shopify doesn't appear to be able to handle the following type of URL struct...

Today by Carlos Rivera
POS on pc/browser

Hi an ipad are in some cases a small screen, are there anything in the works that allows the same funcunalaty in a browser or as a PC app ? Pc's are cheaper and screens bigger...

Yesterday by Glenda McDonald
Log In and Create Account Pages...

Hi there. I'm hoping to get some help with this. I would like to Put my Log In and create account forms on the same page. I actually did this by copying the code from the account register page and pasting into the login page and with some styling got them to display side by side and it looked very nice. I also hid the guest login form. But then other functions of the store stopped working s...

Apr 24 2015 by michelle
Need to Add "welcome user | logout" function to top toolbar when user is...

We are using the Minimal theme. Currently if the user is not logged in, the links at the top tool bar say...login or create an account.. Then if they login...You only see a link to "Your Account" in the top toolbar...along with the shopping cart and our wishlist link becuase we have an app. Then there is no place to logout except from the "your account" page. I feel like the...

Apr 24 2015 by michelle
Auto-Fill Discount From URL

We want to apply discounts from a link on a web page. Discount coupons do not work for all types of users.

Apr 24 2015 by rx
1GB file storage - how many products on average is this

hi, i am looking at a basic monthly package at the moment and although my clients store wont have huge amounts of products to begin with, he will want to include lots of information about products and will include lots of pictures. he will also be looking to build the inventory of products more and more in the near future.in terms of amount of products, how much will the 1gb storage package hol...

Apr 3 2015 by Donohue
Pending Sitemap?

Our new Shopify Site has been up and running now for around 8 weeks and traffic is still around 1/3 of what it was before we moved to shopify. Trying to work out how to get our traffic back I reviewed our sitemap and understand that sitemap.xml contains links to four other sitemaps; one each for blogs, pages, collections and products. My problem is that Google hasn't indexed our product sit...

Apr 24 2015 by LuAnn Caprio
moving my domain from GoDaddy to Shopify - will my domain be accesible a...

The Shopify manual https://docs.shopify.com/manual/settings/domains/third-party-domains/popular-providers/godaddy says on the bottom “After you've claimed your domain, it can take up to 48 hours for changes to take effect.” What exactly does that mean? Does that mean my existing website that is currently with GoDaddy will not be accessible for up to 48 hours? That w...

Apr 24 2015 by Dudley
Switching from Big Commerce to Shopify! Is it worth it?

Any people out there that have made the switch from Bigcommerce to Shopify? If so, are you happy with your decision. I have been with big commerce for years, but lately it seems like changes that have been promised never happen, so I am taking a serious look at making the change. Shopify seems like the up and coming platform, so it is where I am starting. So far, there are a number of things...

Apr 23 2015 by EZT.biz
Shopify / Lightspeed Integration

Hi There,I have a small brick & mortarstore with two locations. My POS vendor isLightspeed (This is the desktop version of the point of sale from Lightspeed). I would like to move forward with using Shopify as my e-commerce solution for a number of reasons (not limited to the fact that Shopify dominates in the e-commerce arena), but I am struggling to understand how I can synchronize the da...

Apr 17 2015 by Robert F. Morrow
New checkout needs to be revised

Well if you have been an online merchant as long as I have you see potential fraud on a weekly basis if not more... Many of my customers require certain information to verify before shipping a product. Can I please request this simple modification to the one page checkout... We need to be asking for the customers BILLING address first... this is what needs to be verified to process an ...

Apr 23 2015 by Cameron Harbrecht
Duplicate meta description and titel tags (webmaster tools)

Hi community, webmaster tools tells me I have duplicate meta descpription (mostly) and 2 duplicate title tags. It's only about articles in my blog. It seems like when I changed the name of the article, shopify saves both urls and therefor 2 of them exist. How can I delete one of them? Thanks in advance. Kind regards Marco

Apr 23 2015 by MGander
How to implement 404 page tracking code for shopify site ?

Hi, I want to add 404 page tracking code to my shopifysite, please anyone can help me ?

Apr 23 2015 by Cameron Harbrecht
How Easy is Shopify to build a website for a complete novice

Hi all, I'm currently looking at designing my own range of gents leather accessories and selling them online only to start with, to establish here, with the longterm view of then wholesaling the goods out. Anyways, with my experience being in retail bricks and mortar, I have absolutely no experience in building a website, my only knowledge of ecommerce is from a consumers perspective. S...

Apr 23 2015 by Michael M.