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Tags for Sub-categories. Really? g5

I'm still trying to get my head around the lack of sub categories. If I sell alcohol online for example, I would havein my main menu things like Champagne, wine, whisky, beer. Presumably these would be Collections? Within these I would want subcategories e.g. red wine, white wine, rose wine etc.If I use Product Tags to set these up I don't get any SEO landing page i.e. if I essentially ...

Today by Zepia
Feature Requests Here

To make a feature requesttrulycount click on the button below to create a feature request email. In the subject line use "Feature Request". The feature requests through this channel are looked at by thedevelopers. A random post in this USER forum will likely go completely unnoticed and thus be a fruitless waste of calories to type out your post.It takes only a moment. Use the big blue...

Jul 27 2011 by Jamie
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team.We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopifyin this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow store...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
Add a link/button on product.liquid that adds a specific product to cart

I have a product that is called "In Store Pickup" with a 0.00 amount (500lb weight). This items forces a shipping method of "In Store Pickup" when added to the cart, at checkout. It disallows traditional shipping methods. I also have a jquery datepicker on this particular product page (product.instorepickup.liquid) to select an In Store Pickup date. Now on all of my other...

Today by Wade
Banned from using Payment gateway?

After bootstrapping my new store with a lot of blood, sweat and tears for 3 months, I have now been informed by a gentleman in management that I can not use the shopify payment gateway to process debit/credit cards because I am in vioation ofthe TOS. He referred me to section B5 for "Prohibited Businesses" which reads: Any product, service or activity that is deceptive, unfair, pre...

Today by Kurt S
Google Analytics Goal Paths for new Checkout

We recently upgraded to the newest checkout release from Shopify, and I believe this requires a change to our funnel steps for Google Analytics' goal tracking. When I look at checkout page viewsI'm seeing impressions on /shipping, /payment, /shipping_and_payment, /processing, etc. I followed the settings listed in Shopify's setup guide, but it doesn't appear to match the newe...

Yesterday by Iain McQueen
Need to exclude list of zip codes from shipping

Hi! First I just wanted to say that I really like how awesome Shopify is! Second, I have a list of 20 zip codes I need to prevent shipping to. How can I block these zip codes when a customer attempts to checkout and resides in one of the zip code regions? I see there are some paid apps to handle this, but I was hoping I could easily do it through code. Any help would be much appreciated. ...

Yesterday by Scott The Guru
Why does my sitemap appear in google searche results?

Hi all, could someone tell me why does my sitemap appear in google searche results? There is no HTML-hyperlinks pointing to the sitemap from anywhere on the website. No clues... Thanks.

Yesterday by Octavian Vasile
custom form with mysql connection

Hello, I have a question if its possible to create form in shopify which can connect to database elsewhere on my hosting? I moved my products to shopify, but need to do appID verification and give download link to my hosting where software is stored. Thanks

Yesterday by Trevor Ernst
Can I enter a manual order?

I had a customer wanting toplace an order over the phone today. I can enter the payment informationinto my PayPal Virtual Terminal but can I also enter it into Shopify without the payment information? I'm struggling with how to make sure the order is properly tracked and accounted for in my system. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Yesterday by Andrea M
Change style of variant

Hi community, is there a way to change the design/style of the variant. Let's say the font as an example. Where is the hardcode? I can't seem to find it. Cheers Marco

Yesterday by MGander
Items that cost $0?

Can I make a product (a software demo) that cost no money and doesnt require any payment information in my store? Thanks!

Yesterday by Scott The Guru
Maintaining Manually-Ordered Poducts

When products are exported, updated (ex. price change), then reimported, is there a way to maintain the order of products within a collection if they were manually rearranged?

Jul 3 2015 by John Zeiger
Need help implemnting code

Has anyone successfully used this tutorial for making a filter? https://docs.shopify.com/support/your-store/collections/filtering-a-collection-with-multiple-tag-drop-down

Jul 3 2015 by RANDY JAMES
Access to shipping via weight on product page

Hi Everyone, I've looked around on the net and the forums and I cant find anything out there so I thought I'd create a new thread. I want to display a shipping calculator based on the country and a standard weight of the product. So my question is how can I access the shipping rates that are set in the backend of the shop settings panel. I've seen the cart shipping estimate...

Jul 3 2015 by Scott The Guru
Localized transactional emails?

We are setting up astore intwo languages. We have looked at some solutions for doingthat, and have most of it figured out,but nothing we have seen so far seems to help us with the transactional emails. Does anyone know ofa way –either natively in Shopify or using third-party apps, plugins or scripts – to send customer-facingtransactional emailsin the language used during the chec...

Jul 2 2015 by Shawn Rudolph
Pinterest Publishing of Products Rich Pins Buyable Pins Questions

Hi all! I am so confused about what is going on with the upcoming Pinterest buyable pins. 1. Somethingcreated a Board on my Pinterest account called Products. This board only seems to be viewable when logged in. (If you are under a different account, it's not there.) Under Products are all the items from the Shopify store. There is no description, just title and image. Do we just igno...

Jul 3 2015 by Julie Crawford
Different script by location?

As I know China blocks Google apis. So I'd like to switch a script tag by location. If a customerin China visits my site,I'd like to switch fromthe below tag {{ '//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8/jquery.min.js' | script_tag }} to {{ '//lib.sinaapp.com/js/jquery/1.8/jquery.min.js' | script_tag }}

Jul 3 2015 by Shawn Rudolph
How to Embed iframe 3D model onto shopify website?

I want to put a 3D diagram on my home page, and if the user hovers over a section of the 3D diagram, a separate window appears in the webpage. Is it possible to do this, and if so, how do I go about doing so?

Jul 3 2015 by Jay.K
New Responsive Checkout leads to Abandoned Checkouts

A while ago our store trialed the new Responsive checkout, however found after a week that abandoned checkouts went up 300-400%. We did NOT experience the so called increase in conversion rates that the new checkout is supposed to produce. We revereted back to the orignal checkout and like clockwork, orders started being completed at a normal rate. Normal for us is 1-3 abandonded checkouts per ...

Jul 2 2015 by Delaney Smith