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Once per customer discount codes - still not available? g14

Hi,I know that previous threads have asked about once per customer discount codes in the past but I just wanted to check if anything had changed in this regard recently? We would love to get such a code in place for our new email newsletter subscribers for example and it seems such a basic feature that it's kind of odd that it is missing :-(Any help?ThanksRick

Yesterday by J @ Elemental
Feature Requests Here

To make a feature requesttrulycount click on the button below to create a feature request email. In the subject line use "Feature Request". The feature requests through this channel are looked at by thedevelopers. A random post in this USER forum will likely go completely unnoticed and thus be a fruitless waste of calories to type out your post.It takes only a moment. Use the big blue...

Jul 27 2011 by Jamie
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team.We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopifyin this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow store...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
Adding a custom Email template?

Hello I want to add a cusom Email template. Some of my customers pay their orders with Bank Transfer andI'm getting a lot of Emails "did my money arrive???" "is my order paid?" I know they can check it by their ownbut I think they don't want to - haha. Can someone tell mehow I can add a custom Email template? It should be an automatical "Payment Emai...

Today by Lea
Shopify shipping calculator is not working in IE8

My shopify website is working fine for all browsers, but shipping calculator button is not working IE8. Even it is working fine IE11. Can anyone shopify expert help me to fix this. Thanks in advance.

Today by rani
How do you completely delete all options/variants for a product?

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this, or hopefully, answers it!It seems really simple, but I cannot figure out how to get rid of the options/variants on a product.Is the only way to completely start the product from scratch, again?For example....I have a product with a few variants/or options....but then I want to make it a product with no options at all.I delete each variant one at a tim...

Today by Music Tech Academy
How can I edit the words in my theme?

I am currently using the "Expo" theme and when Iput the price in with the "compare at price" the theme overlays "$xx.xx was $xx.xx." is it possible to change the word "was" to "Retail" ??? I can't seem to find the instance in any of the files, nor can Ifind any help online. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Today by Sheri Russell
Shopify Xero Integration Beta Testers (ZapStitch)

Update: At ZapStitch, we're preparing to roll out our latest Shopify-Xero integration. We are inviting Xero users for exclusive access to test the data syncing and help us refine it. Benefits of becoming our early users: Sync unlimited Orders, Inventory items, Customer records into Xero during the testing period. After app is released, you will get Exclusive 2 months of free acce...

Yesterday by Tejaswi R
How to add columns in the footer section of Minimal theme

Hi, I am using the Minimal theme to build my online store. I want to add two more columns, Contact Us and Terms and Conditions, to the footer section of my website. I am not able to figure out the way to do it. Can you please help!!

Today by Hashneet Kaur
Truncate Shopify Reviews

I have the shopify review app and was wondering if there is a way to truncate the reviews? Some of my pages are getting long. Thanks!

Today by John Nguyen
Really confused

I have created a Shopify page and added all my products. First of all, the shop has linked to an incorrect page on facebook - can I change this? Also the shop isn't visibledj-deano.myshopify.com. I would like to link it to my website www.trillionevents.co.uk but can't work out how! Can anyone help me?

Today by Adeebah
Shopify / Lightspeed Integration

Hi There,I have a small brick & mortarstore with two locations. My POS vendor isLightspeed (This is the desktop version of the point of sale from Lightspeed). I would like to move forward with using Shopify as my e-commerce solution for a number of reasons (not limited to the fact that Shopify dominates in the e-commerce arena), but I am struggling to understand how I can synchronize the da...

Yesterday by Nicholas Technology
Spam Referrals

Hi guys, I've noticed over the past few days on my analytics data, that I am getting a lot of Russian referrals from two sites. forumxxxxxxxxxx.darodar.com (xxx being a string of numbers) econom.co Clicking on these sites either redirects me to an amazon affiliate link, or aliexpress. Was hoping that there would be a way to block these referrals as spam? Thanks

Yesterday by Verity Bell
T-shirts Front & Back Images

I have searched and searched on ways to do this, so please forgive me if it has been asked before. I have t-shirt designs, which I have created variants for in color and in size. The designs are on the front and back though. I'd like to have just 2 default images (black color front and back image)but when the user changes the color, it shows the corresponding color front and back. Right now...

Yesterday by Rodney
Is Shopify a good platform for a wholesale only website?

Hi, Is Shopify a good platform for a wholesale only website? I need to have the following features... 1. No automatic account creation (need to be able to authorise account creation requests) 2. Set minimum order quantities/values for different categories 3. Prices to be hidden unless logged in Can Shopify do the above? If you have a Shopify wholesale site I would love to h...

Yesterday by Ally
adding "buy Now" button

im newbie to using shopify, how to replace the "add to cart" button with a "buy Now" button to all my products with step to step?

Yesterday by Ally
How can I sort and view SKU in the products view as administrator

How can I sort and view SKU in the products view as administrator?

Yesterday by Alex
How to remove particular country remove from the country list in shippin...

Hi everybody, In my store, particular two coutries , i had setup for free shipping, So i want to remove those countries from the country list in the shipping calculator. Is there any possibilities? Thanks :)

Yesterday by rani
Why can't we customize the checkout pages ??????

I was told that we would have the ability to customize our checkout pages, beyond the few things available withcheckout.css.I love Shopify, but this is getting ridiculous. We need a single page checkout, and more customization options for the checkout.

Yesterday by Trent
Risk Analysis not warning about fraudulent orders?

Recently our store has become the target of fraudulent orders; these have ballooned up to around half of the total incoming orders. It's not so difficult to spot these orders; anyone who's willing to pay $180 for overnight shipping to Eastern Europe of a hoodie probably isn't on the up-and-up. Most of the orders seem to be coming from people who have a long list of credit cards that...

Jun 26 2014 by SiftOutYourFraud