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Once per customer discount codes - still not available? g24

Hi,I know that previous threads have asked about once per customer discount codes in the past but I just wanted to check if anything had changed in this regard recently? We would love to get such a code in place for our new email newsletter subscribers for example and it seems such a basic feature that it's kind of odd that it is missing :-(Any help?ThanksRick

Yesterday by Elliot
Feature Requests Here

To make a feature requesttrulycount click on the button below to create a feature request email. In the subject line use "Feature Request". The feature requests through this channel are looked at by thedevelopers. A random post in this USER forum will likely go completely unnoticed and thus be a fruitless waste of calories to type out your post.It takes only a moment. Use the big blue...

Jul 27 2011 by Jamie
Reporting Bugs

If you run into a bug with the system, please contact Shopify Support. They are staffed 24/7 and will be able to escalate issues to the proper team.We continue to invite you to provide your insights and feedback on how we can improve Shopifyin this forum. We listen to all of your feedback, even if we can't implement every suggestion. This forum is also a great place for you and fellow store...

Sep 4 2013 by Jonathan Snook
Newbe question

How do I find the template to the product pages to say remove the breadcrumb?

Today by FredL
Where are my Pins?

Hi, I've installed the Pinterest app, and it is showing that it has published 109 products to my Pinterest account, but I don't see them in my Pinterest account, nor do I see any kind of private board in my account. Is there a place where the pins are that I'm not looking at? My Pinterest account is still just showing pins that I manually pinned and not those pinned by the app...

Today by Mark Wilson
Developing different content

Hi, I am running a B2B2C business through my store: my customers are hotels, my users are hotel's customers. From now my store is available,http://macledargent.fr/i need to create a page, which would be the first page when my users are going on the site. Then on this page I need the users to log in, with a log in, and this log in should be different as many customers (hotels) we have....

Today by Fabien Zucchini
Store custom line item fields in a customer account and pre-populate the...

Hi All, I'm tryingto figure out the best way to collect prescription pet information from a customer so that it can be saved and applied to future prescriptions. Customers could have 5 dogs for example and not want to have to input the pet name, weight etc. for each pet on every product that they order. The same customer could have multiple prescriptions for those dogs so what would b...

Today by Preston Connors
Variant CSV advice

Tried a few different methods, but being a Shopify Newbie, can anyone tell me why this CSV doesn't import variants? https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=AE8BE3D7C8D41F51!842750&authkey=!APfJhCr5I2oYEzE&ithint=file%2ccsv

Today by Joel Bells
Getting "The connection is untrusted" message since I went to my domain ...

Hello, Friends and family that check out my website say they are getting "The connection is untrusted" warning and have to say they know the risks before my website will load. My website is bowtie-expressions.com. I have added the meta tag directly under the "head" in theme.liquid and I redirected all traffic to bowtie-expressions.com in the domain section. An older...

Yesterday by Monica Nobles
what is advanced report builder ?

Can someone please tell me the difference between reports and advanced reports tool as provided by the pro plan ? The $79 plan has reports option. How is this different from advanced reports?

Yesterday by Shawn Rudolph
CSV Product Import has been ongoing for 2+ days

I am having a problem with my most recent CSV product import. I have successfully already uploaded 300,000 products, 15,000 at a time, but the most recent one is not uploading after more than 2 days. This number of products usually takes anywhere from 6-8 hours, so this is highly unusual. The problem is I can't cancel and resubmit, I can't submit a new CSV because I constantly am gettin...

Yesterday by Shawn Rudolph
"Shopify Product Reviews" app issues in Google Search

This is a bit of a puzzle to me – I use the “Shopify Product Reviews” app. It works just fine on mywebsite – the home site shows review count and the stars, individual products list the reviews. However, in Google search, my pages do not show up with Google stars & ratings, and my competitor’s pages do. What am I missing? Thank you.

Yesterday by Shawn Rudolph
What is: Error processing _RD16999.jpg

Hi I want to replace a pic and keep on getting these errors Error processing _RD16999.jpg: The image you have uploaded has exceeded the 20 megapixel limit. How do I splve it? I think i have a lot of copies of the same pic and if i will find the place to delete it from- i will have more space...

Yesterday by Brandon Bosch
A bundle as a sku

Hi, I am selling products that consists of many sub-products.I want to track the inventory on the sub-product level. I thought ofeither sell a product as abundle/kitbut not as the upsell. I want it to appear just as a regular sku. Also I thought of finding a inventory system for shopify that tracks bill of materials. Unfortunately, I cant seem to find either. Has anyone found anythi...

Yesterday by Jamie
Automatically fill Quote form from item inside the cart. B2B custom store

Hi, I'm looking for some help to create a custom quote form that will redirect the client to a form that will fill itself out automatically based on what is inside the cart. They could also pick additionnal options afterwards ( Would be the same for all products ). I've already managed to get all the productprice hidden but I'm not the best with CSS/HTML so I need your help ! ...

Yesterday by Etienne Dupuis
offering multiple gift wrapping options in the cart

I am new to shopify. have some programming background but not in shopify. I want to offer multiple gift wrapping options to my customers when they are in the cart page. ideally, I would have them select if they want gift wrapping, and that would open a page with a link list of multiple options, each being a product. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Negin

Yesterday by Ram Ananad
Multiple domain under one account

Hi,Can we have two shopify accounts under the same email account? I would like to set up another online store with a different name, but I want to manage under my same email account for easier tracking and archiving purposes. If it's possible, how do I access the two different sites under the same account, i.e. how do I change from one to another?

Yesterday by LORENA WORLD
Free Shipping & Discount conflict

Hi, Shopify employees, I think other people must experience the same issue with me about setting multiple discounts for our products. For example, all of the orders over $69.99 in my store will receive free shipping (around $8). But when I want to add 10% further discount for customers who like my Facebook, the conflict occurs. So with an order of $69.99, they will receive 10% discount, w...

Yesterday by Alexandra Sticklen
My Website has been up for 2 months and Still no Sales!

I am on Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and still no sales. I am also selling on facebook and wanelo, but no sales from there either. Ihave tried many differnet apps for SEO, Marketing, and made discount codes but still no sales. I am getting at least 140 visitors every month but they aren't converting to customers. How can I fix this?

Aug 31 2015 by Cindy Bendel
Robots.txt Blocking Javascript Resources

I have to say I think it ridiculous that Shopify doesn't allow you to edit your own robots.txt file! Surely this is fundamental for any eCommerce platform? Everywhere I've read thus far the reply has simply been: 'why would you want to edit your robots.txt file?' - despite there obviously being a strong need for it. Pretty much all the forum discussion threads are simply clos...

Aug 31 2015 by MrPunkin